DIY Room Decor Makeover | Extreme Living Room Makeover | Rental Friendly Makeover in Budget

Hello Friends,I am Komal and Welcome Back to House of Kalakruti. Finally Rented Living Room Makeover is here. Extreamly sorry for too late. Currently I am Living In Rented House Want to Decorate the Rented House. Many Times we are confused, How To Give Makeover to Rented House? Where we Start ?That is the big Problem In front of Us. Same Things Happen with me.How to do n all. Thats why I am decided take one by one wall first and Decorate the complete Living room. Big wall in my Living room I decide to make Gallery wall in the big wall I want to make DIY-Gallery wall Everything should be DIY in this Gallry wall. Before look candle Holder purchase from Home center Here I Hang them using Thread to give hanging look . I want to creat Wall piece for this wall Easiest DIY is the Paper Craft So I used her Paper craft Wall piece Sofa color is Brown.It look monotonous from long time So I wanted to buy sofa throw But throw prices in maket between the range of 1000-2000 I think Lets make DIY-Sofa Throw. I made this Sofa throw At Home. One More DIY Wall Hanging I bought miniature Terraotta pot from Nursery. Hang them using Thread Recently I purchase Bamboo Basket from Handicraft exhibition As a Tray we will use on Dinning table for surviving too. I used as a wall piece for wall Decoration This is the Bamboo Planter. Easily Available On any shopping Sites I purchased From same Exhibition. To create BOHO look For this corner I used Bamboo products here. Fairy Light is available at Home to create Lighting look I put it on the corner of wall. This look amazing . This is also Bamboo Basket Generally used in our Kitchen I decided to use for wall Decoration first I decorate simple basket using Mirror and ribbon. we used as a Wall piece Here I made Seating Arrangement Put Beautiful Cushions on chair. Currently we are not using cooler I put my old Dupatta (cloth) on cooler I used cooler as a Side Table. Tutorial of DIY wall Hanging using cardboard already share on my channel I Want to Hide Hanger so I add leaves creeper Put beautiful Easy Welcome Board here. Before their is TV space. I want to hide the Holes on wall Using 2 brackets and Plywood piece create Wall Shelf Easy and Low cost Wall shelf . Their is Gas Cylinder. I don’t have space ,So I put cylinder in Living room how I used cylinder? Cover the cylinder using bed sheet and Used as a stand . Plant stand looks beautiful. Here I put Frame but still it not look good To create Zen corner look I made DIY -Lotus paper craft Put Motti Mala which is available at Home Already 2 DIY Shared on Channel If you want any DIY Tutorial ,comment down below I will share with You Do you like this Living room makeover? what you like Most? Please tell me. Also LIKE ,SHARE and SUBSCRIBE To the channel Stay Stunned For next video.. Bye…LIVE THE DREAMS

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