DIY photography equipment: Shower Curtain Softbox Part 2

Hey photography friend, Its me again Michael Zelbel. In my little video I have shown you how I am using the cutter with shower curtain in order to simulate soft box which enable me to shoot body scapes of my friend Lincy, if you haven’t seen the video, go back to my website, watch it, click the video and its worth watching. And I want to shoot one additional film, one additional set with little twit to the scene . I want to shoot this area of her body and I want to have some back light coming between her legs just enough light to give some lineation to give some idea about how to shape over there and for back light using this little thing, of course I got it standing over her from another shoot and so I am just going to use it. It’s a speed light as well so I will set it to slave and it’s got a little soft box on top, since the light is coming from behind and should shoot the lineation so I don’t need to fix soft box over there, you know it would be good but I will just have to put it over here. We will just attach it like this so it comes from low angle using a multi climp so put this thing over here to multi climp. So I am going to put it some where over there so its coming between her legs and hope that’s a good effect Let’s see, let’s try it out. [Musical interlude] Okay, this ends our quick little video on art on the body scaping shooting. I hope you find it useful and I wish you a lot of fun and a good light and I hope to see you soon. and I hope to see you soon. Subtitles by the community


Thank you once again for sharing this! I enjoy your videos and I wish you all the best!

I am writing down these tips because I need it! LOL!!!

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