DIY Old Pastic Bottle into Lamp l Home Decor l Reallife Realhome

As Diwali is coming very soon so its better to start the preparations now. In today’s video I will be showing you how you can make Illuminated Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi lamp from plastic bottles Firstly take 2 print outs on A4 paper of the picture that you want . The picture should be black and white. Next you will need a thick white sheet. Canvas sheet or drawing sheet will work well. Now take one print out and staple it to the sheet. You have to cut all the black portions in the picture. Discard the paper ( print out )after cutting and use the sheet cut outs. Here you can see the first piece We will cut all the pieces and then we will paste them on the second print out After pasting all the pieces leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry Now similarly do the same process for Goddess lakshmi Now here i have 1 gallon plastic bottle. cut the upper part and trim the edges. Now paste the Ganesha picture with the help of tape Similary take another bottle for lakshmi ji. After cutting the upper portion make a rectangular small window at the back of the bottle. This will later help to pass the cable/ wire of the led lights Paste the picture of lakshmi ji with the help of tape Now here i have some burlap ribbon that I will use to cover the tape and the plastic Now both the lamps are ready. I will be using 2 types of light string light- battery operated and led lights. Please use led lights if you are using plastic containers. Now I will show you how they look Turn off the lights and now see the magic…. its looking so beautiful

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