DIY Model de Sticla cu Sclipici | DIY BOTTLE DECORATION IDEA

Hi I am Adrian, and in this video I will decorate a bottle using glitter, nice visualization. I use this model of glass, you can use other models. I use glue, PVA, which on drying becomes transparent A brush and glitter. I will start applying the glue, in a suitable layer. Then I use glitter that I will spray on the surface with glue. Then I will let it dry very well. I will start applying the pattern after the glue has hardened. I’ll do the same. The model should be applied on a thicker layer of glue. Attention !!!!! do not rush the drying process. The same is allowed to dry, after drying, mix 1/1 water with glue and spray all the glass, so do not take the gloss on the hand. Thanks for viewing! If you like SUBSCRIBE and distribute.


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