DIY Last Minute Easy Halloween Ghost Decoration

Let’s keep making some last minute DIY Halloween decorations, shall we Hey, you got a chair Nick, how are you today? I am the glorious right trainwreck mom this your first time here What go for trainwreck glad to have you here. This channel is a safe space for all train wrecks except here We don’t give you a copy in the left a we give you sarcasm and humor If you saw the last video You know that we made some friends to hang out around the house or in your yard By making some packing tape ghosts today. We’re making some more ghosts Do you tell Ok, so apparently Jeremy here needs a dependence Wow Maybe it’s ectoplasm. Yes. This is ectoplasm Because we got him from the great beyond yeah, you know, we dug them up so ya know so we’re gonna make some ghosts with Plastic skull you can get these at the dollar store you get at Walmart didn’t bite have them on clearance now save yo some money and with cheese cloth and Glue dude, I’m not kidding when I say I’m cheap. Ok, so It’s really super easy. What you do is hand glue over To your nearest offspring and tell her to throw it all over the ghost that all over the skull there Yeah, seriously, just pour it all over Make sure you get like the eyes inside You’re not really gonna have to worry about the lower jaw per se but like The head the back of itch or not to get onion on the towel And I mean how long you want to make this thing is completely Up to you I’m a big fan of like arms spin kind of thing But I mean, it’s up to you You want to make something longer that’s like, you know nine foot and hanging from like the ceiling and stuff like that That’s up to you. You give a new design Okay, cool now the good thing about the cheesecloth Some of that glue is gonna come through the cheesecloth. I’m your first layer. That’s cool. You know, that’s really cool What’s not cool is not being able to pull the cheesecloth apart Because it makes me feel like that. You really can’t talk You feel great and it really makes me wonder why I’m such a train wreck that I can’t even polish Like it so, yeah, you’re gonna keep pulling and Tight are you kidding me? What is? What is going on? Okay. So here we go area. So we’re gonna pull this apart area Okay, so we’re gonna take it and this is where the awesome factor comes in because it doesn’t have to be precise you get to literally just drop it on top and You’re gonna squish it down. You’re getting these eyeballs. I’ll be scared Scared. Okay. I’m scared too, cuz I got this Okay, so you’re gonna get it down And that’s the leg so it doesn’t have to be perfect to beauty of this does not have to be perfect. So now We’re gonna do this all over again But we’re gonna lay it across the other way, okay so now we get to do what we always did in school and Add the glue off your hands And if you didn’t do this, you’re a liar cat scratch. Yeah Surrender is over. Hey, we’re sisters How does my husband deal with make No compromises. Yeah, we’re pretty terrible kilos. So Okay, so we’re gonna cut that again And again, this is one of those things it’s up to you do you want to make it really like Transparent or do you want to make it fairly hard to see the actual skull portion of this program? That’s really up to you You know That’s the beauty of doing like a DIY thing. There’s really, you know, unless you’re dealing with Like the mechanical parts and things like that, and I’ve got friends of mine to do where they have like Windshield wipers and you know touch pads and sensors and stuff like that and that’s cool, you know We’re gonna take it like this now We’re gonna lip course and we’re gonna add it down again you just get it Like that it doesn’t have to be precise it don’t have the exact you can try to get it and I mean I’m a fan of people being able to see that. It’s actually a skull You can light it underneath with a or up top Underneath tends to work better because it gets that really creepy ethereal thing going on, but it’s like yeah Sure thing it’s whatever Blue light and green light works perfectly for this kind of thing If you want to do a different kind of light red is good, you know If you got like a creepy evil hell scene going on it again. It’s your thing Do what you want to do then but blue and green are Traditional ghost colors kind of thing. I guess if you know my family would stay here. You guys don’t look right? Just ask them. What was last time you saw one Did you say just but that’s I mean you want to talk about super easy What’s gonna happen in we’re gonna take this guy out. See that’s And that’s what you got So that’s what you got. Okay, and Where we’ve got like this then you’ve got all of this down here, and we’re probably going to shred that up I mean, it’s up to you. I obviously don’t think it needs to be shredded. I think it looks great. I’m gonna string some Thread he would sleeping on me dang, man, incontinence not joke we’re gonna I’m gonna string some thread or some fishing line through the top so that I can hang it and Yeah, that’s it. I mean, that’s how simple this is. So get yourself to the dollar store go get you a skull go to Walmart Another one you can use if you can’t find the plastic skull if you can find like the foam heads. Those are pretty cheap, too You can get those. I think we got mine for like five bucks either at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby So you can totally get these do these up real good and cheap After that, it’s up to you how much you want to play with it with the cheesecloth and everything that’s totally up to you That’s all I’ve got for tonight train wrecks Like I said, if this is your first time here, welcome aboard train wreck glad to have you here Like I said, this channel is a safe space for all train wrecks except here we don’t give you a puppy and a latte we give you sarcasm and humor and Really cool tips on how to make your house look really cool. Okay, so My books platitudes of gratitude all your fault, mr. Christmas, and now the teachers ghost, which is perfect for Halloween It’s a short read. It’s $2.99 on Amazon It’s really not that long to read you can sit down The kids are going to take a nap after the candy waste and steal the rest of their candy and eat this on Halloween. I Mean Put the candy up in the freezer so that it’s there in the morning so that you can put it in your kids lunches I would never Take my children’s candy ever You’re me If you like the channel go ahead hit the like hit the subscribe button and as always So you get to see you all the trainwreck goodness on a regular basis That’s all I got for today trainwreck. So all aboard


So, tell me. What's your favorite part about Halloween? Do you believe in ghosts? Share your stories with me.

I totally eat my kids candy!! But not all of it. 😆😆 Cool Halloween decoration. Hopefully Jeremy’s incontinence can be corrected before tonight. 😱

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