DIY How to make Christmas grave decoration, wreath (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #427

Hi. Today I will show you
how to make Christmas grave decoration. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. First, attach the artificial flowers to a wreath base by wrapping their stalks around it. Move a piece of floral wire through a hole in ornament cap… …and twist it a few times. Attach the Christmas balls to the wreath. Now, cut about 30cm of wire and attach it to the bottom part of pine cone. Attach the pine cones to the wreath. Cut a rectangle out of decorative mesh. 40cm x 10cm. Fold both sides to the center. Make a bow. Tie it in a middle. Twist the ends of the ribbon. Attach a piece of wire to the back of the bow… …and tie it to the wreath. And it’s done. This wreath will be a perfect grave decoration. If you don’t have a wreath base you can make it out of artificial or real twigs. Please give a like to this video and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching. Bye bye.


Super! 😉 Ja bym się bała, że mi to wiatr zdmuchnie… ale jakby zrobić z żywego igliwia, albo wstawić w środek znicz to może by nie zdmuchło:P

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