amazing tutorial…..as usual! it's like every time i receive a notification of a new tutorial u uploaded i know for sure i'm in for an awesome treat… thank you joe

Tis the season….
Cut small Xmas tree holes in some card that fits your filter holder. Then photograph wide open.

Just small holes.

Very good Tutorial. I do this for years with wooden Gobos! Thumbs up!
Glasses with colored water are also an option!

Dear Joe,

Here are a lot of good and cheap ideas to improve our knowledge about photography. I love it. That will help me to make some very creative portraits. I started with photography about ten years ago. At the begining, I was not interested in portraits. Thanks to this video, I hope to shoot soon! Thank you for sharing!

Your DIY approach is like myself when it comes to airbrush painting. If I need interesting textures my first stop is the hardware store and not the art store, lol. BTW a cheap snoot for speedlights is a Pringles can. I cut off the bottom, rinse it out of course, and the lipped end will just fit over most speedlights when bent in a oval, from there a little gaff tape to seal off light leaks and you have a snoot with a reflective surface to provide as much light as possible.

Fantastic effects! A couple of thoughts from personal experience with cutting foam board (and also mat board): I use a single-edge razor blade and find it easier to control and more precise than an X-acto Knife (YMMV). For a cutting surface a poly kitchen cutting board from Walmart is a cheap solution.

Thanks again for the tips Joe. I was recently looking into the light blaster, but noticed Magmod (which I already have), is coming out with a Magbeam kit that includes gobo slides. Now I'm thinking I can make my own slides and use with my existing gels.

Just out of curiosity, can I use an overhead projector instead? I can draw these shapes on Powerpoint and even adjust them during the shot.

I recently replaced my ten year old projector with a nice new one. After seeing this video I know what to do with it. Along with an old laptop I can put up any background image I can dream up. Thanks for nudging my brain.

I started using gobos after watching a tutorial on old style Hollywood glamour lighting, house plants are my favourite look, never tried foamboard yet though, but it sure beats a plain coloured wall as a backdrop!

When you use the gels on the flash for the backgrounds, is the flashes power lower than the main light or is it higher? I seem to have issues doing this and the color of the gels seem to get overpowered from the main light. Any tips you can provide? Thanks!

Joe you can't imagine how helpful this has been!! I spent the last week doing some experiments with gobos and this tutorial came just in time to broaden my imagination.. What are your thoughts when it comes to speedlites Vs. continuous lights in this kind of experiment? * Pardon my english, I'm from Brazil..

Another great video and the TP Challenge will be the S#!* ;). Got some ideas and just need some subjects willing to help me wipe out this challenge.

wow I'm amazed with the quality of your videos. can you share what camera and conpression for youtube you used? also the scene looks well lit. nice job!

GREAT video but have an IMPORTANT and UNRELATED Q about the dog shot 🙂
How do you get a good catch light in a pet's eyes while avoiding that dreaded "zombie" eye effect ????
i do a LOT of studio pet photography and have NEVER seen a youtube video on how to get catch lights ONLY …. it's been even harder for cats who reflect even more lights than dogs' eye catch
…or you just doing it in post with faking it like i have done //LOL//

even harder when outdoors and in low light situations

any advice would be GREATLY appreciated !!!!
……rick in Japan

Joe, thank you for the inspiration to be *creative and a rules breaker! 😉 As a new photographer at the age of 53, those pinned up creative juices from the teen years are coming alive again. Thank you! New subscriber

Hi Joe! Thanks for the great video. Awesome tips. I have a question about custom white balance. Does setting the custom white balance using a grey card work for all skin tones? Is it the same for photos and video? Thanks!

Brilliant as always Joe! I planning something projecting red hearts with valentines coming up this video has really helped with ideas for that. Absolutely loved the Dog toy disclaimer as well, genius 🙂

Hi Joe. Just joined your channel and loving your simplistic approach to lighting etc….but…….and its a big but!!!! lol Loving that shirt your wearing…where did you get that? What!!! I like the shirt!!! So shoot me already……( with a camera of course)….

Joe, this video just inspired me with unlimited possibilities. So much appreciated, and you are an amazing mentor in a lot of ways regarding to photography

I think these would technically be considered cucoloris 's not gobos, which are "Go Before Optical Lens". Love the different creative approaches though, gave me some good ideas.

I bought one of the 6 in 1 cheap modifier kits for speedlights which come with a snoot that has a fine grid, I’ve been cutting out cardboard disks out of mounting card to make some gobos. I’ve learnt 2 things, 1) It works, especially if you colour them black, and 2) I’m not good with a pair of scissors, modelling blade or even a pencil come that!

I gotta say , I always go back to your Videos for new inspiration and Ideas. Thank you for thinking outside the box and making your videos so simple.

Joe, I love this! I have a set of window blinds I'm not using that i was going to toss. Not anymore! What do you use to secure the blinds to the stand?

I always carry a few sheets of blackwrap foil on shoots. Useful for shaping light and blocking glares and flares. I've made an instant gobo from time to time by poking random holes thru the black foil with a bic pen, and enlarging some of them with a fingertip. Makes a lovely stars or "clouds" pattern,depending on placement, and when I used a blue gel on one of two such gobos, I got a blue sky with puffy white clouds where the patterns overlapped. The foil is so tough, I can fold it up into a pocket square size for storage, unfold it numerous times, and it will hold shape. Pricey by the roll, but cheap by the sheet, and reusable.

Thanks Joe, those are some really great ideas. I will try some different GOBOS with what I can find around the house.

Years ago when I went to photography school, the first day the head of the school told us… ''You are not photographers, you are a problem solver's'' That was the best advice I ever got from that school and have kept that with me every day in my over 30 years as a professional photographer.

You are just awesome Joe. Each time when I see your video I learn something new and also get inspired to do something different from my normal works and enjoy a lot doing so.From the bottom of my heart I thank you for such lovely videos. Love from India.


Great ideas Joe. My first maternity photoshoot is coming and I am planning to experiment for an out of the usual result

I had a Newton moment when I was breaking my head on how to get sharp shadow edges with gobos. Playing with the sun as my free light source.

Mister Joe, parabéns muito obrigado por compartilhar conhecimento e ajudar a sair da zona de conforto, assistindo em 2019, no Brasil sensacional!

As a newbie to photography, your videos continue to inspire me to learn and take creativity to the max, you've made it very clear, to be a success always try new stuff. I admire your work and appreciate all your videos, thank you.

This guy is a more hipper version of JP Morgan from the Slanted Lens I never heard of a Gobo I saw on the C47 some light that it looks like a Camera lens on it what is that?

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