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home holiday event in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make Florida
miracle numbers for any birthday celebration here we go before I get started I have to tell you
this story yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and the whole store has a 50% off
discount not 40% 50% so this girl right here putting crazy behind things and one
of the things I made into my bad words is paper in American numbers that I
thought it would be very very cute to make a floral in America numbers for
birthday celebrations and I can’t show it to you guys right here on the channel
but we’re going to Michael’s on my way back to put the things in my trunk
dr. tree is right next to Michael’s and then well I was looking at the numbers
in my trap I was like what are you doing you can make this I’ve made letters so
when I make the numbers and if you know what this was not a bet a bad deal
each of these were $9.99 and half of that is five dollars each so 10 bucks
for that but I can easily make it for two bucks and I’m going to show you just
how to make that so let’s get started I’m going to show you how to make two
floral numbers the number one because it’s straight and the number six because
it curves and the first thing you’re going to need our number stencils and I
do not have stencils this size so I’m going to use these two numbers I got
from Hobby Lobby that’s my stencil so if you do have
stencils this size you only have to do is just grab your phone board place your
numbers right on top and trace as you can see stencils this size fit in one
phone work so that’s great if you do not have stencil this size you are going to
have to make your home so you’re going to grab some packing paper drop the
numbers to the best of your ability and then you are going to cut and then
place on top of the foam board and then trace now I’m going to use my craft
knife to cut I’m going to work on my number one and I’m going to make these
sides of the number and I’m going to use post-award to do that and I’m going to
make it one and a half inches wide went to measure with my ruler the length that
I’m going to be needing all around and I’m going to start with this side so the
length for this side right here is 13 inches and I’m going to make it one and
a half inches wide right here perfect now I’m going to go
ahead and do all sizes as you can see I’ve cut all the sides of the number one
here except for this part that curves so what I’m going to do is show you how I’m
going to do that and I’m going to move these out of the way so I cut a strip of
the poster board one and a half inches wide and I’m going to place it over the
curve right here and I’m going to measure how much I need so make sure to
shape it to that curve and then you want to grab your pencil and make a mark
which is going to tell you where to cut and that’s it and then you’re just going
to cut and that’s gonna go there perfectly now
I’m going to start going to size together with my hot glue gun I’m going to add glue to all the cracks
where these strips meet so I can seal it and I’m going to do it in the inside to
make the number six you are going to need four strips of the poster board and
actually making the number six is way easier than making it number one not
like the number one was hard to make at all but this one is great easier because
you’re going to need less strips of the poster board and to make this you are
going to use these two longer ones and you are going to use that to use our
other borders here and the shorter one is going to make this circle and this
little one is going to finish it up and here’s my number six now all I have
to do is secure all the cracks and then I’m going to get started with the
arrangement before I start the arrangement I have to literally butcher
this floral foam to make it fit inside the number one so I’m going to measure
one and a half inches and I’m going to cut it there I like the way the foam is sitting on
these two spots because I feel that once you place the flowers on here is going
to sit perfectly and on here is going to be too high these two forms are one and
a half inches wide so I’m going to cut them half an inch to make it one inch
wide and I think that’s going to be perfect now I’m going to secure the
phone with hot glue all of the flowers I’m using today and
greenery are leftover items from other projects and I’m very excited to finally
get to use them today because I am accumulating a whole bunch of everything
in my basement so I am very excited to use this today the type of flower you
are going to use for this project is totally up to you but I feel that roses
should be the predominant flower for this type of projects because it just
looks better but like I said is totally up to you these two flowers right here I
got from Michaels and they were one was 50% off and the other almost 70% off and
these three are from Dollar Tree all right let’s get started I’m going to
start my arrangement with these beautiful flowers from Michaels and I’m
going to cut them half an inch long I’m going to add a few more of the white
flowers to fill in the gaps and here it is now I’m going to go ahead
and do the same with the number six and I’m going to show you the finished
product okay guys this is it these are my
numerical floral flowers and they are beautiful and now they’re very sparkly
because I add a song theater to this side of the numbers and it was the extra
touch in needed and now it’s perfect and the number one does stand on its own
and you move it you stand on its own but I just put in this powder back here
because I’m gonna fall and glitter is already all over the place in my house
and you’re number six doesn’t stand on its own but I don’t feel so bad because
the one about from Hobby Lobby doesn’t eat their self yeah so I have my number
one my number six number 16 and 61 so this is adorable
I love it and I hope you do too and one more thing feel free to move around your
flowers to get them the way you want to and don’t be afraid to over poke the
door phone and if that happens go ahead and add some hot glue to the back of
your flower and then push it back into the floral foam and that’s it
okay guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a
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