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Hi, this is Jill with Apostrophe S and today
we are going to show you how to make the Ruffled Felt Wreath. So first of all, let’s take a look at everything
that comes in our kit. We’ve got fabric and some interfacing. We have all of the circles
of felt cut in both grey and in white. We’ve got pins. We’ve got tacky glue. We’ve got
a small piece of ribbon to hang the wreath with and we have a pattern here to make the
bow. Now in terms of what you’re going to need
from home, you’re going to need a good pair fabric scissors. You’re going to need a hot
glue gun. And you’re going to need just your standard iron. So, let’s get started. First of all, I’ll
pull out the Styrofoam form and all of the pins. And what I’ll do with the circles is
I will put a white circle over a gray. Or sometimes I might put the gray over the white
like this. And I’ll alternate back and forth. And what I do is I fold them in half this
way and than again, I fold them in half that way. And I secure them with a pin like this
and then I put a little bit of tacky glue on the pin. That will anchor it permanently,
or at least much more firmly into the Styrofoam. And then once it’s got glue on it I just simply
push that down into the Styrofoam. And I set them just like that, randomly as I go along
the wreath. So that when I’m done with that process, again, it looks like this. And you
can see that’s just all of the circles folded in half and folded again. Now let me show
you how I make the bow. First of all I lay the fabric out like so,
with the right side down. And then I use the interfacing that’s got the bumpy sticky side
that I put down on the wrong side of the fabric. And then I have the paper side facing up.
Now I take my iron on a warm setting and I put it only about two seconds across the whole
thing. And then that adhered the interfacing to the fabric so that when I’m done it looks
like this. And you can see that it’s stuck to the fabric. So once I’ve done that, I take
my pattern, these pieces and I cut them out like so. You’re going to need two of the bow
so that they can, because they may show on both sides. And then this piece, I’ll show
you what we do with that. After I’ve cut them out, I lay them right on here and trace them
and then cut them out again so that I actually have the pieces like this. Now you can see
that I peel it off so it’s a little shiny and it’s a little bit tacky and I just peel
all of it off, all of the paper off. When I do that with these, because it’s tacky,
those pieces will stick together, so that that bow, excuse me, the ribbon pieces will
be a little bit stronger and not so flimsy. Then this piece, what I do, is I accordion
pleat it, just in the center, like this. Then I kind of just work with it with my fingers
and then bring those ends around like this. And then this piece, once I’ve peeled that
off, goes around the front like that. And I secure the whole thing on the back with
some hot glue from my glue gun so that eventually it looks like this. It doesn’t really matter
what the back looks like. You won’t see that. But you can see I’ve glued it and then I’ve
just…these two pieces again I’ve pressed together with the sticky sides at the interfacing
and then hot glued it to the base. And then all I’ve done to adhere that to the wreath
is I’ve used pins and a little bit of hot glue and that adheres it. So that’s all I
do. The very, very last step is to take the ribbon and attach it again with glued pins
and there you have it. It’s all done. The Ruffled Felt Wreath. I’m glad that you
could come with me today and learn how to do this. Apostrophe S…make it yours.

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