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(fun instrumental music) – Hi everyone, today we’re going to make a cruelty-free cowhide rug for
your home or for your space, so if you want to learn how to make this keep on watching. To do this you’re going
to need a few things. First, I have upholstery fabric. I ordered this online, and it looks so much like the real thing. It looks like cow leather, but
it’s not, it’s cruelty-free. Next, you’re going to need rug liner, and you want enough that
covers under your fabric. Then, you’re going to need extra
strength double-sided tape. Lastly, I have some markers. This will help me trace out my design. All right, so the first thing
I’m going to do is lay down my fabric, and I want the
wrong side facing upward. And then I’m going to layer
the lining on top of it. I have been trying to work on
this project for, like, ever. I have tried to attempt to
do this three times already, and I’ve been having issues with adhering the lining to the fabric. We’ve tried all sorts of glue, and I almost gave up on this project. You guys have no idea. All right so after spreading
the lining onto the fabric, I’m going to fold this
in half the long way. Okay, so after I folded out everything, everything is laid down nice and flat, I’m going to draw on my cowhide a pattern. Now, the great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Now you guys know that
cowhide is like kind of squiggly and wiggly. So you know the less perfect it is the more realistic it will look. I recommend for you, if you
feel a little bit nervous about you know the drawing part, look up a picture online and
use that as your reference. So, let’s go ahead and do this. I’m gonna freestyle this. I try to make the most use of my fabric, so that way I don’t
have to cut out so much. And I think it looks pretty good. I’m ready to cut along the tracing line, and as you’re doing this
if you change your mind, you know, it’s okay. You don’t have to cut
exactly what you traced out. You know, before cutting
you could actually lay down your double-sided tape, so that way this doesn’t have to move. I wish I’d thought of that first, but since I’m already cutting, I’m gonna go ahead and
just cut around this. I cut out everything already. Now it’s time to lay down
some double-sided tape. I’m going to take a strip of this, and I’m going to lay it between
my fabric and my lining. And it stays on; it sticks perfectly. Wish I’d thought of this long before. Actually, I did suggested this, but Eric didn’t believe me, so guess who’s right you guys. Me, the professional DIYer. So, I’m gonna add on little strips where I made the curvy lines like this, and just repeat this throughout the rug. All right guys, we are officially done. What do you think? I love it! I love it so much. It’s very eclectic, and
it adds like a nice, like I don’t know, it
adds a nice artistic feel into this space. I’m really happy with this, and if you guys like this video, and like the fact that
this is cruelty-free, give this video a thumbs up
and share it with your friends or anybody you know that would
love to make this as well. Thank you all so much for watching. I make weekly videos every Saturday. I make lots of how-tos
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