DIY: Cannula Decorations

[Upbeat Music] So to make the adjustable bow look you’re going to need some bows I chose to use paper scrap-booking bows rather than fabric bows because I find that
they tend to retain their shape a little better
and don’t get as dirty but feel free to use what ever you prefer Then you’ll need cannula (I’m using curved) and a glue gun Then you’re going to make sure that your cannula is facing the right way so that the bow is facing outward at the adjusting
strap Now all you need to do is glue on your bow so just take some hot glue and put it in the
middle of your bow if you’re using paper bows I find it stays
on better if you first remove the tape So just hold it down for about 20 seconds
and then you’re done! For the lace cannula look you’re going to
need: some lace, preferably lace that has scallops
or decoration on both ends some scissors, and a glue gun! once you’ve made sure that your cannula is
adjusted to the length that you like to wear it at you’re going to take your lace and measure
it down the length of your cannula and once you have it at the
length you want just cut it to that size Now this step is optional depending on the
type of lace you’re using But once you’ve cut your lace to size, you’re
just going to make a cut down the middle of it so that you have
2 pieces Now that your lace has been measured and cut
we’re going to start folding and gluing our lace So starting at the end of you nasal prongs,
you’re going to Take your lace and wrap it so that half of
it is wrapped around the cannula whereas the other half is poking
out Once you have it wrapped the way you want
it you’re going to start gluing and wrapping Wrap and then glue, and keep going down until
you reach the end (be careful not to get tangled) Once you’ve reached the end I would recommend
making a diagonal cut on your lace before gluing it
so that it fits more cleanly And there you go! Lace decorated cannula! To make the mustache cannula you’re going
to need some felt mustaches, I found these felt mustaches
on clothespins for 40 cents at Michael’s You’ll need a hot glue gun And exacto knife (or just the blade) to remove
the mustache And cannula Now just take your hot glue gun and put some
glue in the middle of your mustache Make sure it’s enough to cover the area of
the mustache and the cannula completely, then hold for about
20 seconds That’s it! You have a mustache cannula! So to make the roses cannula you’re going
to need fabric roses, floral tape or I ended up using
scotch tape so either one is fine. Floral wire I used it in silver but you can
choose any colour Some wire cutters, mine came along with pliers a glue gun, and a cannula either straight
or curved So after cutting the wire to about 10cm you’re going to take your roses and at the
point where the “leaves” meet the flower you’re going to insert
the wire and then slide it down to the end of the wire. Once you’ve done the same thing with all your
flowers (I used about 11) You’re going to take a hot glue gun and then
once all the flowers are facing the same direction you’re
going to glue down where the flower meets the wire all you’re going to do now is take the wire and starting at the point of the cannula which
you use to adjust the length start wrapping the wire in a circular motion adjusting the flowers as you go so that they
look the way you want them to. I wanted them all to face
mainly the front. You’ll want to wrap the wire tightly around
the cannula, not so much that it “strangles” it but just enough
that it’ll stay on Once you have your wire wrapped around your
cannula You’re gonna take some tape, originally I
was going to use floral tape but I realized I preferred the clear look
so I switched to scotch tape I took a single piece of scotch tape and cut
it down the middle to make two smaller pieces I used these smaller pieces to wrap around
the end of the wire on both ends So that the wire wasn’t poking out, and you
know stab me. And that’s it! There’s your flower cannula! So for the deco tape look, you’re going to
need any sort of deco tape, I used scrap-booking
glitter tape and glitter on a roll tape cut into a fluer
de lis pattern you’ll also need scissors So starting with the white glitter tape, I
cut it to about 10cm Because I’m only taping the part below the
adjusting strap I’m just going to start wrapping at the base
of the adjusting strap, keeping it as tight as possible and
wrapping in a circular motion I found that if if you turn your cannula as
you wrap your tape it’s a bit easier. Be careful not to overlap
your tape or go outside you cannula because it can create a bubble effect that
isn’t very cute. Moving on to the glitter on a roll tape, you’re
going to do the exact same thing that you did with
the white glitter tape. The only thing I did differently
was wrap the tape in larger circular motions so that
the tape did not overlap so you could still see the pattern. Now I’m just going to show you what deco tape
looks like on the actual tubing for an oxygen converter
or oxygen tank I find this to be very useful because it helps
make the tubing more visible so that you don’t trip on it and that anyone
else doesn’t step or trip on it as well. Here I’m just using some pink Japanese deco
tape I got from a stationary set, but you can use any
tape you like so long as it’s coloured and can be seen easily.
And there you go! Hi everyone! Thanks soo much for watching! I hope that this video gave you some ideas
on different ways to jazz up your cannula! And make using
your oxygen a bit more fun and fashionable. Let me know
down in the comments below what you thought of the video and if
there’s anything else you’d like to see me do. Thanks again
to Angie for doing an amazing job editing my video!


Thank you for sharing, I recently started wearing oxygen. I just got off the phone with my sister, I told her that I was going to bling out mine, So I came across your video. I was thinking to add some diamond's on mine. God bless

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