Distressing Furniture Makeover – Trash to Treasure – Rustic Furniture Home Decor!

in this video I’m going to show you how
to take an old outdated Norton Med Center that I had and take it to the
whole new kind of she rustic e5 thing that super ends if you want to learn how
to do that well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the midnight
crafter and today is kind of a craft project but a lot of people these days
are kind of redoing some furniture or fines or trash to treasure things that
they’re finding and I’m an entertainment center at our cabin that I just did not
like for the decor that I had and so my husband and I went out looking for a new
piece of furniture Oh everything that we liked was about $1,200 and so we were
thinking about trying to figure out which piece we liked the best and went
home to take measurements and then I thought you know what
I’m gonna get rid of this thing anyway so I’m gonna try painting it and see if
it doesn’t work then that’s okay we’ll give it away throw it away whatever but
I was actually pleasantly surprised and the funny thing is every step of the way
he kept telling me okay it’s good now right we’re done and I said no no no it
went one more coat and then he says okay so now it looks good we’re done right
and I said no we’re not done yet one more different color so I kept going
through that four different times and I finally I just said to him before the
fourth time I said every step you’ve told me that we just trust me and let me
do my thing okay so by the time it was finished he actually said you know I
underestimated you this looks pretty good so I was really happy about that I
told him since I saved him $1,200 because it only cost me like I think $10
to redo everything but since I saved him all that money I told him that now I was
gonna have to spend it on stuff to redecorate so that’s what I did that
will be another video to follow this one just to kind of nothing big just a
little redecorating can see my before and after so stay tuned for that video
too in the meantime if you enjoy my videos all I ask
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you’re good to go so all righty we got it all covered and
I think right now I’m gonna show you what I did to that entertainment center
let’s do it so now is the fun part you see this and
you just beat the heck out of it to make it look rustic and you can take pliers to it anything
chain old anything that you can beat this up with something strangely
satisfying about this okay so now what I’m doing is painting part and how I’m
doing that is painting on with a really rough brush not worrying so much about
how it goes on we sanded we distressed we banged it up so on and now putting
that on and you’re taking a rag and wiping wiping it off so you can wipe as
much or as little if you want to add more in places you can and you can
almost like sand it make it should be looking with your with your towel see I’ll try and show you a little bit
closer so this is kind of the effect that we’re
getting here on the top and I’ll show you how that works having to hold the
camera so sorry about that but we’re putting paint and still you do want to
go with the grain of the wood you can see my distressing with my hammer so it
go with the grain of the wood whoops sorry guys and then take your rag
and wipe as much or as little as you want so if you want a really chippy look
you can do that you can let it dry a little more if you
don’t want it that much and there’s always you can always kind of lightly go
over things so it’s a little hard to record and paint so that’s kind of gonna
give you the idea of how to do it and I’m gonna keep going and then I’ll show
you how it’s coming along and as I get a little more done so it’s a little easier
to show you on a flat surface over here so your paint you put a good amount of
paint on but don’t worry about it covering super super well because you’re
going to be going in there and wiping it off and you only want to let it sit on
there for a very short time because once it dries too much it’s really hard to
rub off and you’re just going to be very tired so you can see there’s a lot of
streaks I have a one of these really cheap Oh brushes and then I’m taking my
rag and just going through and wiping trying really hard to keep this in the
screen for you and if you use like a lot of pressure with one finger you can get
certain areas to be a little more distressed like over here and try also
make sure that your rag is staying my rag is probably too big for this job so
it’s sort of messing up the parts behind the hardest trickiest part is up here
around this at this top edge so you got to kind of get in there with your
fingers but look the thing with this is don’t be afraid of it because you can
always add more paint clean off more paint you know it’s nothing you have to
be set and stuck with if you don’t like the way something is looking so you don’t want to put a ton of paint
as I said because otherwise it stays wet too long and then it just smears which
gives a different look which is fine also but if you’re really going for that
chippy kind of a look like you’re seeing over in here and you do want to sort of
go with a little less paint on your brush medium amount of paint now the
other thing I wanted to note is that up here on the inside on the top because
it’s not something people are gonna see I pretty much just did like dry brushing
so it because it’s really hard to rub when it’s up above your head like that
so there’s a couple spots say like back here where I feel like it’s a little too
much so I’m just gonna lightly go over it with my paintbrush so this is
something to just play with don’t be as I said don’t be afraid of it just go for
it I’m gonna carry on but I thought I’d give you a little update there so here
it is so far this is the first layer I should say of color
well white anyway and I’m liking the way it’s looking so far I’m excited so the
next thing that I’ll be doing is I will be using probably a little bit of this
color here which is kind of a turquoisey color and then I also have the sample
one and it’s kind of a dark green color to try some of that and then I don’t
know I’m just finding paints that I had I had this mustardy color that might be
a bit obnoxious so I may not do that but definitely gonna try this one and see
how it goes but I will see you guys tomorrow look my
hands I’m having fun my husband was making fun of me because he says my feet
look like bobbitt feet and they’re really dirty so bobbitt feet meaning
swollen and dirty and lovely anyway alright guys I’ll catch you on
the next layer okay here we are day two I have an old house paint that we well
it’s not but it’s actually the color of our cabin
and so that’s this one here and then this one here is actually one of the
bedroom walls that I painted in there I’m trying a few different things to see
what I like and then they also had this green so kind of I think I’m going for
that which what I did is rubbed put put the brown paint on and rubbed it the
same way we did the the whole cabinet piece and then I went over it with some
of the blue and then a little bit of green in there as well so anyway that’s
what I’m going to be working on and here is the piece today ready to go so I’ll
keep you posted so these are the shelf pieces right here
and I’m going to start with that just to see how that goes
how it looks I figure if I don’t like it this would be the place to figure that
out the shelves so I’m putting just a normal amount of
paint as if I’m painting the piece and then try rubbing that off oh yeah so I
think I think that’s going to be the plan but I need both hands to do it but
that’s what I’ll do I’ll show you the next step so here’s the three shelves
using that method this is the brown how it’s coming along
working and wiping so what we’re doing for the door to change it up this had
glass in it originally here we took out the glass and now we are putting in
these a little what are they called I don’t know they’re called what does it
say furniture nails and we’re putting them all the way around this edge here
and then we’re going to continue and get this painted too so what we did is we
put the corner ones in first to sort of line up with the corners and once we did
each of the corners we put a measuring tape across measured out how many it was
going to be spaced out and then drew a very very thin pencil line that’s not
going to show because it’s going to get covered with brown paint that way we’re
sure that we have all of these lined up like we want them okay so the next thing I’m going to do is go
with a little bit of this darker green and then I’m going to rub it with a wet
cloth and see how I like that and if I do and we’ll carry on if not then we
Plan B oh I’m kind of liking that I don’t know how well you can see that but
it looks kind of cool so it looks like that’s the next step okay so the way I’m
doing this is dabbing a little bit lightly into the lid you can see there’s
not much and then just randomly very haphazardly
putting it on and wherever and not even that much just very very lightly and
then I’ve got my wet rag here and just going through and wiping it off that way
it’s adding just a bit of green hint in there but not leaving actual brush
strokes or anything like that or any definite green just some hints of it
through there not sure if it even shows up on camera but it’s there so here it
is with the green on there it’s a very dark green that’s kind of and it’s a
little hard to tell here with the shade and stuff but you can see some variation
going on there and the next thing I’m gonna do is put on this nice turquoise a
light blue color the same method so I ended up putting like kind of globs of
light blue and then with a wet rag wiping it on there and we decided to do
just the doors and kind of leave that frame part as it was except for the
sides I did add they were looking a little plain to me so I did add a little
bit to the sides too and the top and this is what we got so my next
project at this point is going to be to look to find a piece of wrought iron
some decorative piece to put in here where the glass was because I don’t want
to put the glass back in I feel like we’re going for more of a rustic look
you can actually look with my deck thing it almost looks like those are the bars
are in there but that’s it for now I’ll show you it in the room we’re gonna be
putting it in there actually what I am gonna do is just distress a little bit
with some sandpaper on some of the edges and I think that will be my last step
it’s definitely a work in progress so give me a thumbs up if you’re enjoying
this video and hey leave me a comment to let me know if what you would have done
I am totally an amateur at this this was totally winging it so if you know how to
do some of these techniques in a different way that’s a little easier I
kind of tried all different kinds to complete dry brushing dry rag wet rag I
did a little bit of everything on this piece so anyway I hope you guys are
enjoying it don’t forget the thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel and join the gluto family alright so I’m using a fine grit sanding
paper and just sanding along all of any edges anything that has an edge to it
and that gives it just a more you know rustic finished unfinished I guess or
all old look finished unfinished I don’t know whatever but you know but look we
want first thing I’m going to be doing on
these is cutting off these little stick pieces and these extra little hinge
whatever attachments whatever they’re called and I’m gonna actually try using
my hot knife to cut these off but they do cut with scissors quite well and
everything I don’t know what possessed me to want to use my hot knife but I’m
gonna give that a shot and see how it goes I may end up liking the way
scissors look better but we’ll see I’ll keep you posted
that actually cut off really cleanly so I think I’m just gonna carry on and do
the rest that way too I with my husband’s making fun of me in the
background so I’m gonna it’s really hard to do this record and watch at the same
time what I’m doing this is all I did as I cut and the line first and kind of let
it work its way through and then we just bent it a little bit
like that and cut off the excess and that’s that that one’s not quite as
straight as my other one was but that’s because I’m holding the camera too but
anyway you get the idea and do the rest of them like that then
I’ll show you what’s next so I got all the little ends cut off and the little
things here cut off now what I’m working on for for
the project that I need it for I’m going to take out every other one of these on
one and on the other one I’m going to take out the opposing one so I’ll be
taking out this one and this one and then for me what I’m going to be doing
is overlapping them like this and they’re going to be going in the window
of the entertainment center so I’m gonna get those done sorry guys I don’t have a
tripod so I’m having to do this all with my hands so I’ll have to show you it
after I get it done but the way I cut these pieces out was I did flip it to
the backside and I used the hot knife and went in right down to there and went
into there and it turns out beautifully from the front you can hardly even tell
that I cut anything out so I really like the way that it came out from that
aspect okay so I’ll show you as soon as I get
those done so the next step I’m going to be doing is gluing these together with
my hot glue gun and this is kind of the the way I’m going to glue them together
because I kind of like the way that looks and it fits perfectly in the
window of the entertainment center and there it is I put it in place I just
kind of squeezed it in there what I’m going to be doing is gluing along the
edge the two side edges because right now it’s just pressed right into the
wood area and it fits and I’m lovin the way this piece transformed what do you
guys think if you like my videos give me a big
thumbs up and leave me a comment and best of all subscribe to my channel we
love having you join the glue top family alright guys hope you liked it and I’ll
be transforming this room because my next job is to paint everything I’m such
a dork anyway I’ll be painting all that and hopefully that’s today’s project so
we’ll take it from there and I’ll show you when I’m done I hope you guys liked
that it was a little hard to film and that and apologize about the sound and
the direction everything but it was kind of an impromptu last minute thought to
tape it for you anyway keep your eyes peeled because my next
video coming out will be a really short quick one showing the before and after
of the room alright thanks for watching bye


Hello from NE Ohio. Looking good. I liked the iron look on the glass. Maybe try to film using the landscape view. I think it would look better. TFS.

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Elaine I love it!! the entertainment center turned out beautiful!! and the subscribed button is on your left corner and our right.. lol

Gorgeous! You did a fabulous job. I love the colors you used & that fancy faux iron scroll work is awesome! The glass behind it gives a classy & expensive look.
Looking forward to seeing what color you use in your living room❣️

Hi Elaine love it you did a awesome job on this it's beautiful πŸ‘ thanks for sharing have a wonderful night my friend 😘 I will see you in your next video

Thank you! Thank you! For sharing this! I've been wanting to do something like this to my entertainment center and now I know how 😊 I am also removing the glass but will be replacing it with chicken wire. Thanks again!


I have been watching you "Midnight Crafting" episodes for a quite awhile and been called a "Glue Dot", but tonight, I am specially in the "Glue Dot Family". I entered my Email address for an owl key chain.
I normally don't give out my Email address.
🎼🎹I Am In The Glue Dot Family.🎹🎼

I love what you did to this piece! I too have a Entertainment center I’ve been thinking of redoing but so afraid. Your right, I was going to get rid of it anyway so no harm done. Thanks so much for the inspiration! 🌸

I love redoing furniture. Looks great!! I hate the pressed wood things are made of now. I buy real wood pieces cheap then refinish to my rustic decor. I also have an entertainment center to refinish. I've had it for about 30 years. My cousin made it for me. I just want to take out shelves and make it one across length so I can put galvanized containers across for storage. Since new tv's sit on top I don't need the space inside where a tv once was. The bottom doors have hearts on. Since they aren't as in style now I'm hoping to be able to pop out the center of door and replace with some tin corrugated pieces I have laying around.

I also use old paints I have here. It a great way to use them up. Some tecniques I've use are using an old brush that has dried paint that won't clean out. They are good for dry brushing. Another trick I found was using Vaseline where you want a wine look. Along edges etc. Paint over it. When completely dry rub over project with scotch brite. It takes paint off those areas because the paint won't stick. It shows of course color under. There is no right or wrong way. That's what makes it fun. Its preference. Thanks for sharing.

OMG Elaine, this project turn out beautiful!! Trash to Treasure SUCCESS!
I love your color choices.This video was fun "Cinderella" lol!! I always enjoy watching you, you'e too funny!! πŸ˜‰
I hate it when that happens to a good pair of flip flops.

Heyyyyy CuteNess….I've missed ya but this is soooooo timely…I'm working on trying to cute'n up an old apartment and can't afford to deal with the structural issues…but cosmetic good (said in mah cave-woman voice…hehehehe). My quandary is probably similar to your hubby's: is more too much??? Maybe I'll just go slowly cuz I have a bad habit of going ALL IN and then changing my mind. We will see and thanks for the tutorial. It turned out beautifully! Have a great weekend!!!

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Wow! It turned out gorgeous! I liked it after you painted it. But then with the wrought iron in it I LOVE IT! Well done…thanks for sharing.

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