Decorative Concrete Quick Tip: Stain Choices

Hey guys are you confused about all your
choices in concrete stain? Well in this video i’m going to break it down for you. RAC or reactive acid chemical stain
physically changes the color of the concrete creating natural highs and lows
of color no two RAC staining projects will ever color exactly the same giving
each project a true artistic flair WRC or water reducible concentrate is a
water-based stain that bonds to the pores of the concrete the more water you add
the more translucent the color will be you can mix and match to create a custom
color WRC is ideal for faux finishing TSC or 10 second color is an acetone
based stain that dries superfast the coloring can be solid or mottled TSC is
perfect when time is in short supply ok guys I hope this video cleared up a
few things for you if you have any specific questions be sure to ask in the
comments below and if you found this video helpful be sure to like share and
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yourself and be kind to each other

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