Décoration et cerclage en chocolat coloré [TUTO] (English subtitles available) chocolate decoration

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re doing well I often heard that a cake has to taste good before being beautiful but when it’s good and beautiful, it’s way better ! That’s why I decided in this new tutorial to teach you how to realize colored chocolate decoration and a chocolate hooping to put around your pastries Let’s have a look at the ingredients list and the recipe workthrough The ingredients for the hooping and the colored chocolate decoration you’ll need 300 g of white chocolate I put the reference of the chocolate I use in info bar liposoluble edible coloring powder cocoa butter It deepens of how many colors you want to use You’ll need 5-10 g of cocoa butter of each color I chose orange and yellow, So 2 times 5-10 g of cocoa butter the equipment you’ll need 2 large dipping papers of 40 by 60 cm a rolling pin cookie cutters of your choice to give the chocolate the shape you want and a pastry bag tip smaller in diameter a spatula a brush once again, it depends the drawing you want to give to the decoration You’ll also need an inlay foil cut at the size of your pastry inox circle 2 cm large approximately the workthrough first you’re going to realize our colored patterns with the help of our coca butter and the liposoluble coloring powder melt the cocoa butter and add the coloring powder and draw patterns on the first dipping paper So I melt the coca butter with micro wave when the cocoa butter is liquid add the coloring powder with a spoon you can see that I also taped the inlay foil so it doesn’t move I add the coloring powred and in the other one the yellow once the colors are done, draw the patterns you want on the dipping paper I now draw the yellow I put also some on the inlay foil if the cocoa butter thickens, melt it again As I do not have enough colored cocoa butter, I reo the previous steps same steps, nothing new 🙂 draw again once your patterns are drawn melt the white chocolate and pour it over the colored coca butter Melt now the chocolate slowly with defrost mode or 500 W max 1 min by 1 min So 1 min and I mix with the spatula 1 min and I mix with the spatula until half of the chocolate pieces remains unmelted they will continue to melt in the chocolate that is already hot So first 1 min after 1 min, we can still see a lot of chocolate pieces mix with the spatula and melt the chocolate pieces in the end, only 1 min was enough once all the chocolate pieces are melted let it cool at 30-31°C before pouring it on the colored cocoa butter it’s now at 31°C I start with the hooping pour the chocolate on the inlay foil spread it with a spatula I add a little more unstick the ends unstick the inlay foil from the dipping paper and place it aside to crystallize until it becomes a littel more harder then pour the rest on the patterns cover with the second dipping paper spread out with a rolling pin try to have regular and thin layer We can see that the hooping is harder Place it outside the circle you’ll use for your pastry let it crystallize until assembly now, before the chocolate is completely hard It start to be hard but still a little soft cut the forms with cookie cutters by pressing with palms do it quite fast because the chocolate must still be a little soft so, we’re done place something heavy on top so the chocolate remains flat big books or example let it crystallize 1 hour before unsticking the dipping foils after 1h, remove the dipping foil on top then, remove the forms carefully once all is removed, keep it until assembly As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities of colors, of shapes let’s have fun making your own chocolate decoration I hope you enjoyed, do not hesitate to leave comments to share my video and subscribe to my channel see you very soon for another tutorial, CIAO

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