Decoration Candle | Attractive Art | 5 min. art | Home made stuff | Sajawat | Sahi hai boss

Small wine glass This is candle gel Oil colour sea shells small shiny starts for dacoration Plastic Fish (for decoration) Cotton wick thread Now take the candle gel, and warm up to melt it. This candle gel is easily available in arts and craft shops. Precaution: Please do not warm up candle gel too much and shake it time by time. Because on high temperature it can catch fire also. So be careful ! Also don’t inhale the smoke ! Meanwhile add some sea shells into the wine glass. Shake the vessel so that candle gel gets melt while staying on low temperature. As soon as candle gel melts, pour some into the wine glass. Just sink the shells in wine glass. Now mix 1 or 2 drop of oil color into the candle gel. candle gel changes its state from liquid to semi-solid as soon as temperature gets down. So you need to warm it a little bit again further. Now put the fish in wine glass. Now fill wind glass with some colored candle gel until fish is half sink. Put some sea shells into the wine glass Now pour candle gel again. It will get semi-solid. Now place the wink thread in semi-solid gel. Pour all the melted candle gel into the wine glass and give support to wink thread until candle gel cool down and gets semi-solid. You can place sea shell to support wink thread. Now put all the stars to decorate candle. Like the video & share with your near & dear ones. Please subscribe & hit notification icon to stay updated. Your support motivates me to create more such videos.


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