Bailey should totally try gymnastics she'd be great!!!!!😄 and it's lots of fun! I practice 3 nights a week and l❤️ve IT!!!

I think this video needs to be titled Bailey's (Second) Diva Melthdown. Except now her "divaness" is channeled into legitimate points; she is growing up so fast! I love your family, and all 4 kids are absolutely amazing!

I love to play my ukulele in my free time, its so much fun! And hey! Maybe bailey, Jacob, parker or even Duncan when he grows up would probably like to play music 🙂

I’m so happy that you signed the kids up for gymnastics. I’m a gymnastic coach myself and I knew Parker would be pulled up to the advanced class. He is so talented for a four year old! Also as long as you are at a USA Gymnastics certified gym then Parker is in good hands.

Our hobby is DANCE EVERY DAY and today is DAY 1065! #Dance365! And Oh my goodness, those eyes are BLUE! 😀 Gorgeous. Can't believe you have your tree up and are into Vlogmas already. Want to come over to Scotland and bring some of the festive cheer? 😀 Sending happy wishes from the Wee Clan!

My family's tree/ ornament situation is the same, mish mash of new/ old/homemade, and our tree was my late grandma's…. it's a little sparce/ Charlie Brown-ish but i love it😄

my family decorates just like your and my mom has a really scary elf from a food box and my grandma​ put in in the pack and now my mom says it always gets to be in the front

I actually coach gymnastics to kids in preschool and in rec classes! parker was doing so awesome! ive been doing gymnastics since i was 5!

Jessica you are so silly your husband is a hottie of course his eyes are pretty! And wow those kids, so cute, you are a lucky woman

I used to skateboard my whole life.. I live 1 minute away from an amazing skatepark called Ramp 48 that's part of a church.  On tuesday night there was a bible study and it was what I looked forward to all week.  Sadly, now I can't skate or do anything of the sorts because I have a really bad spine and had to have a neck fusion surgery.  But I still hope that one day I'll gain enough strength to  skate again, even if it's just once.  My best friend also did gymnastics her whole life and now she coaches little kids like Parker!! Love you guys, you really are the cutest family and you give me a hope and a motivation sorta so I can have that one day so thank you..💜🤗

I’ve been doing parkour since I was like, 10. I’m almost 19 now, and I love it so much. Ninja warrior training is awesome too.

I love how you guys support your children in their hobbies 🙂 It's fun to see them explore what they like. As a child I was never really encouraged to do much because we couldn't afford it. When I turned 12 however I was allowed to get a guitar and practise playing that. Now I'm 20 and I'm very passionate about music. I still play the guitar and I've also learned how to play the piano and ukulele. I hope to learn how to play the violin and perhaps some time of flute in the future aswell.

I loved this video. And thru out the days at my childhood home that we were decorating. My Mom then eventually us kids would do the same thing sing IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS. Then I started that same custom at my own home with my family. I don't do it now the kids are grown up. Because it it usually just me doing it alone. But I break it out after my husband gets home. And then of course as each of the kids come by the house. This year we are looking at getting one of those projectors that gives a slide show of different holiday pictures. Hopefully they have a whole bunch of different holidays you can use it for. And not only Christmas and Halloween on them.

Christopher: « what is that? »
Parker: « me »
Christopher: « where did you get that? »
Parker: « me »

Have you ever thought of getting Bailey a singing tutor? She seems to have a real talent and i think lessons or tutoring would really help!!

growing up my family has always had a large variety of ornaments, my parents bought us a new ornament each year usually relating to something we did or accomplished that year and none of the ornaments matched except the glass balls, my mom put all those crafty ornaments we made in elementary school up too, so our was very similar to yours, my cousisn had a very different tree, my aunt like it to all be matched and all white and gold and my cousins never go to decorate the main tree they had a small tree in the basement to put all the "less pretty" ornaments

My family does it the same way as you guys. We use nothing but sentimental ornaments. Mostly from when my brothers and I were kids. A few my mom made when she was younger too. Love it!

That is SO AWESOME Parker has gymnastics!! He needed somewhere he can expend energy in a creativity promoting way. Wish him luck and huge success! ☺💚
Edit: posted this before I heard of him going into the advance class..
WELL DONE, PARKER!! 🎉👍👑💄😅 ☺💚

I have A LOT of your vlogs to catch up on! Complaining? NOOOO WAYYY! Just that I had to wait this looong! ☺💚 I'm into cooking for a hobbie, Christopher. Big foodie, like Jacob. Haha

When I was young (age 9 to age 27) my "hobby" was dancing classical ballet! Now that I am 61 years old, my hobby is knitting and crochet! This Christmas I crocheted a blanket for my son and daughter in law that took FOUR MILES of yarn to make! FOUR MILES!!!!! My other hobby is figuring out how many feet, yards or miles of yarn I used in my projects!

I'm a competitive gymnast I think the kids should get serious and go to practices and join a competitive gymnast team especially bailey

This might sound wierd but I have been WAITING for someone to talk about Duncan and Chris' eyes. Genes are awesome.

I love your vlogs so much!!! Parker is doing amazing in gymnastics! My favorite hobbies are dancing and playing piano 🙂

At 6 months old, Duncan already has his final eye color so he is definitely going to have bright blue eyes 🙂 it’s probably because both of you carry the blue gene without expressing it, and he got them both ! (Sorry for the bad English)

i definitely haven't watched this vlog over 15 times. i promise .
i watch your vlogs every day , all day .
shows i have a life .

O.O "How dare you" hahahaha Parker is so funny. Each child has his or her own wonderful personality, Bailey is such a smart and graceful lady, Parker will never let a day go without making you laugh and smile, Duncan has such an old soul, he will be wise. Jacob is kind and loving and will show his talent when he's ready. I am still new here and don't know enough about Jacob but I can't wait to see what he has to share. I am loving watching them all grow. Have an awesome day everyone!!

When the ballingers tell there kids there going to unviersal studios :Yayyyyyyy! When my parents tell me were going to universal studios : (flips out) OMG OMG ARE WE TAKING A PLANE?ARE WE GOING TO BUY STUFF? HOW LONG ARE WE STAYING?

My family doesn’t have a theme for our Christmas tree! E have some baby’s first Christmas my dads my moms crafts but it looks nice!,

Our ornaments are like yours too. A bunch of different things and random from years of collecting full of memories 🙂 when I have my own place I want the real tree to be the family tree then a fake one with matchy matchy stuff

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