What would anyone call this style? I love this asthetic and would love to do it in my house but not sure what to call it when referencing it at stores

in 4 months ,James has got 10 million subscribers and up to 16 million went down to 14 million and went back up to 15 million

In intro, joey looked so depressed saying “hey sisters” He probably, thought what is my life being here with him

My phone went down to 20% watching this vid so I had to put it on the charger wile watching so get a charger ready if your battery is low 😃😃😃

I hate your talking style. Looks like your mouth is full, nose is blocked and added super speed without any full stops or commas. Can’t stand you. Please shut up

Kate: you all have small butts
James:Excuse me! sticks out butt
Kate:Sorry I meant THICK THICK!

Lol I’m dead☠️🤣❤️

Who else couldn't afford this house? Never mind in LA. I mean, it's probably 1 million in Texas or some other state where not everything is $300.

I see it 👀
I like it 👌🏼
I want it 😀
Jeffree star got it 👜( Gucci )
I want it 👌🏼
The Kardashian’s got it 💸💸💸

Do you tell him you’re a TikTok are you I see my cousin very love you Ayla I don’t know if she does but that’s my question she was do you look so different that you make other

James I love you but ….

You thought I was going to say a hate comment bc that is how people are these days I LOVE SISTER JAMES

ok serious decorating question here. If you decorate your shelves and fill them up with deco, where do you store stuff? Like seriously where do you put your stuff??

The result is " Cluttered minimalism" = too many random "giant" things-decors blended together without any concept
This is what happens when your are lucky enough to have friend Lone Fox and you don't let him design the entire house.

Also, piano tip! It's generally recommended not to put anything on top of a piano, because it can rattle and affect the resonance. Much love!

I’m half way in the vid so is this just their planning? I have no clue or idea lol 😝 so I will just watch it all the way lol 😂

Since you dont like the "yellow whitish " carpet double it like the girl did in one of the design vrs design in the yellow DIY rope light fixture. Episode

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