Decorating a Lake House|Interior Design

Here’s a photo of me standing on the
second-floor balcony, which will overlook the living room of the lake house. This
is August 8th. It was a hundred and four degrees. I was dying. My clients, who I
actually decorated a cabin for in Tennessee, decided that they wanted to
build a vacation home in Hot Springs, Arkansas and called me and asked me if I
would come decorate and help with a few design ideas. I’m out here on the Master Bedroom balcony. People are enjoying the day on their boats. This is not a bad view! So Alice and I have been here for about an
hour and a half. This is about a fourth of the boxes that we’re going to be
unpacking. It’s 30 degrees outside and we are sweating inside. So today is day three and this is
Alice, she is my assistant and my daughter-in-law,
it’s a whole nother video. We’re sitting amongst the fourth load from
Home Goods and TJ Maxx and we’re trying to work between doing our job and all
the workmen coming in and out and tracking in dirt but we’re happy because
today we have sunshine. First day was a little rough. As an assistant her job, the
one job, of the day was to bring coffee. – To which she did not bring out to the lake
house so we were stuck without caffeine. Today we have a pot, so we will check
back in with you later. She’s a little OCD how about messes. I’m standing in the same spot that I
stood five months ago when this was just a shell of a house. Alice and I have
worked probably thirty-five hours in the last three and a half days. So I’ll give
you a tour of everything. Right now, she and I are loading up and we are
heading back to Nashville.


I love it Jennifer, you have done a fantastic job, everything goes so well with the style of the building.

A beautiful retreat, thanks for including the sunset view, I love all the big windows. You guys worked really hard, and did a great job!

I appreciate the musical variety in your background music and the fact that you don't use a canned musical loop. The house is nice too.

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