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patterns. Ok well thank you so much. something with candles.
What is this? It’s an awesome technique on the
candles and it’s really kind of magic, so I can’t wait to show you. We’re just
taking an ordinary candle. It doesn’t have to be a very expensive candle,
so we just have–and you can use a solid color which is going to work best. And
then we’re going to take tissue paper and I’ve cut it about the width of the
candle. And then I’ve just picked out a stamp. Now you can use any kind of
rubber stamp that you want. This one happens to be the music notes. And we
are going to stamp on the tissue paper. I’m hoping that my ink is really nice and
moist there. So I’m going to take and I’m just going to lay it on
the tissue paper. And press down all over–Okay. And
some of this we’re going to cover up so we just want to make sure you’ve
got your ink on here good. It doesn’t matter if it overlaps, so we’re
going to take and stamp our entire piece. And of course you’ve measured around
the diameter of the candle first? Right. And it’s going to overlap a little bit.
So now what we want to do though, is we want to set this aside. I’m going
to give you that. We want to set this aside because we want this ink to dry
really well before we go to our next step, so I’m going to give you that. Here
we have a piece that we already have stamped. Now here’s where the magic
comes in. I’m going to take my candle and I’m just going to lay it down with the
tissue paper and I’m going to start it–i found out that this is the easiest way
to do it. Now I’m just using a heat gun. It’s going to be a little
noisy. We’re going to turn this on. Oh that’s not too bad. No it’s not, is it?
And we are going to hold it and what’s going happen is the actual wax from
the candle is going to start coming through and you can see this happening.
It’s going to start coming through the tissue paper.
And it’s
actually going to soak in. And look it’s melting. So we’re just
going to kind of leave it and go a little bit at a time and go up and down. and
we’re going to completely melt that on. Now what I’d like to do is I’d like to go
back and just kind of you know, smooth it out a little bit. What’s good about
rolling it is you can keep it tighter. The first time I tried it I had it standing up and
what happens is then the tissue got a little crinkled.
You know, that
would have a nice effect too. It is. So you can see, here’s just a little
bit of–that you see how the wax is melting. But you know, you could do
this with just any kind of–. Of course, a colored candle, you could use that
too. But it’s nice when you use them this way. So we’re going to keep going.
And of course, colored tissue too, or tissue with sparkle in it.
Well I’m
going to show you when we’re done with this one because actually
if you don’t want to go through as much trouble as stamping it–so see when we
get down here at the end, we want to kind of smooth it and hold it a
little bit as we go along. That is so–I mean I would have been
looking for a glue, Jo. I have to tell ya. But you know, now when you’ve done this
enough–this is tissue paper. So the candles are for decorative
purposes only, I would think, or–? Yes. So I want to show you this now.
So you can see– Now there’s a couple little creases but what’s happened is
where the wax has kind of melted a little unevenly. But look how cool that
That is gorgeous. It really is. You know, if you wanted to, you could
go back in the end and antique it or whatever but we’re just going to add
some more decorative paper. So I’ve just taken a pretty piece of scrapbook
paper and I’ve put some tape on one end and what we’re going to do is
we’re going to–you can add ribbon or whatever. So we’re just going to wrap
this around our candle. Let’s see if I’ve got it here in the center. We’ll put that on.
And then we’re just going to take a pretty piece of ribbon. Now one of the
things that I’m going to show you too is we have–you know they are just such
beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can get today. And what’s fun is maybe you
would think about using one of your grandmother’s brooches or something
like that.
I was just going to say, they look like something my grandmother used
to wear. But we can also we can even get things like this from the store, right?
Oh yes. That’s what all of this is, you know. So we’re just going to take and
we’re just going to kind of tie a piece of ribbon around here. And you could
attach it–if you wanted to–you could attach it and put it on with a piece of glue
too. So I’m just going to trim this off in the back. But I want to show you.
Some of the pieces of jewelry when you get them, they have different places
where there are pins and there’s this. But you can just take a wire cutter and
always make sure that when you’re backs off of something, that you hold
your hand over it.
So it doesn’t fly? I fling stuff across–I’ll be doing
something at home and I’ll hear something ping. I’ve just shoved that all
the way across the room. So, that plus you don’t want to get hit in the eye.
That’s true. We always have to be careful when we’re crafting right?
Absolutely. You gotta have industrial strength sometimes. So I’ve taken all
the pieces off but then look we have just some pretty pearl headed pins and
because this already has pearls in it, look what we’re going to do. We’re going
to take and we’re going to–let me shove it through this way. We’re
going to put it this way and then we’re just going to take the pin and
we’re going to push it through. And it goes right into the candle.
–the candle and look you’ve just got another one, then put it at the bottom
and look what a beautiful finished piece we have.
What a great gift.
And you know what this would cost if you went and bought it at the store. You
know, and you’ve made it for a fraction of the cost. But look at one
of our other little tricks. This is another candle that we did. But if you don’t
want to go into the trouble of actually printing on the tissue paper, this is just
a print tissue paper that we put on the same way and then just put some pretty
ribbon around it. And these are just brads that we stuck into the candle.
That is so cool. But you know what’s really cool? I love your candle holder for
this candle here. It’s an upturned wine glass! Absolutely. You don’t have to go
out and buy a really expensive candle.The coolest ideas,
Jo. Thank you so much. You’re quite welcome.


dust collectors .But there is a way to light them,you can open a hole around the match,so it burns inside and doesnt drip outside.

I'm sorry but I have to totally agree with meowlyness on this one…
There's no point , if you can't use it as a candle. It is now just an ornament.

there is another method of transferring image to candle, have a look!

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