Day 6 Junior Designer Role in your Interior Design Business

Hi there this is Julia Molloy business expert for the design industry hope you guys are doing amazing and i hope that you have been following along on the get organized program with me in february and taking advantage of all these free documents that I’m giving you guys It’s good stuff. So even if you already have it in your office it’s really nice to get it and get a fresh perspective I guarantee anyone I don’t care how long you’ve been in business you will get something out of that copy/paste that put it in your own because these are really standard best practices for the industry so today we’re on to day six of our get organized program and that means we’re on to the next role. Guess which one it is? I bet you guys know it’s to your Junior designer that’s right so I’m kind of building it as you would be building a new fresh Firm okay I’m kind of going in that order of what hires you hire when you can’t always hire every role all at once but I do recommend hiring your admin expediter first in most cases if you are a full-service design firm that does do procurement and then the next one is your junior designer now junior designers unlike the admin expediter really we have a hard time now there are exceptions but most of the time a good junior is At the point in their career where they really are going to need to work full time so finding one part-time generally speaking isn’t an option okay so I look at it as a full-time role okay The good news about that though and I have the job description here you can download it on my site you can see that day six do you sign your description of duties okay I want, to talk about this because I have a lot of people kind of ready for a junior or maybe think they might be ready but are unsure about that extra payroll cost okay, now as I mentioned in the last video the admin expediter role if you are billing out for expediting time even if it’s at a reduced rate they are generally speaking a net zero they should be billing out about thirty percent of their time plus or minus on expediting freeing up at least five hours for you to convert to billable and when you add those numbers up – their weekly payroll they generally speaking are going to cost you zero dollars okay the junior designer and the designer role comprise your design team and generally speaking you start out with the junior and you play both the principal designer and the designer role so you’re kind of running the project and implementing the project with the assistance of your junior designer now I want you to think about the numbers here I walk people through this all the time because it is scary to hire and I get I’m speaking to those of you out there that are building their team not those who Have been in business for a while and already have a structure? The design team is unlike a normal hire okay because they are net positive hires they make you money they are your money machine the design team if they should be working to capacity was which is at least 70% billable time if they are not billing out 70% of your time if their time then something is going wrong okay so That’s when we look at process flow and efficiencies and their ability, to source and do their job well and structure that you’ve established for the firm those kinds of things if they’re not billing at least by our minimum 70% of their time then something else is wrong okay but assuming that they are hitting their 70% plus in billable time what, we do is we figure out, how much time they are freeing up for you to actually bill it your available rate plus their billable rate 70% full-time that means they’re billing out at 28 I think if I’m recalling its twenty-eight point five hours a week in the forty hour week and you take their billable rate let’s just say it’s $85 for $95 now or something like that when we end up doing the math you end up making About a thousand to twelve hundred fifteen hundred dollars a month excuse me a week on that role if you add their billable time plus whatever you are going to bill out more because you have that person Doing other things for you and you’re billing out you have enough work that you have your own level of services that you’re providing? and you have enough work to bill out your own time as well and So when we do the math on this it’s pretty exciting because that means that you’re really most of the time you’re making 4500 to 6500 dollars More a month by having this role on because it is not it doesn’t cost you money they Make you money because they’re billable So I want you to start thinking about it they your design team is your your money machine so that’s why getting a an office that has a strong support of your admin expediter to keep the everything on billable time and everyone working very smoothly and then get your design team in place man I mean that’s magic you guys make a lot of money cherry-pick your projects it’s it’s a it’s a beautiful thing so I Guess that’s what I have to say about that I say The the caveat to hiring the junior in having that billable time that 70% is just You have to be at a place in your business where You do have enough work so you have to be able to feed this junior designer enough work and have enough so that if they are doing their job of you know helping with CAD creating project binders Doing sourcing picking up you know pulls at the hardware store cfa’s memo samples helping with installs like all that stuff there’s a lot of little stuff you don’t realize if you have them doing that there’s still enough work for you on the principle and designer level tasks that You, know things are just moving faster for your clients which is good and it’s freeing up more time for you to do marketing and Kind of think luxury service and all of those things but you have to have a full enough pipeline To to keep this person busy plus you busy too if you don’t have that then you need to work on some marketing and client attraction and that kind of thing But if you are busy and you’re not getting to all your projects quickly enough people are waiting too long and you are working like crazy if you’re afraid of hiring then don’t be just make sure your junior designer is billing out at least 70% of their time And there’s structural things that’s again why I do the business blueprint because you have to have some structure in place for them To be proactive for you so there’s back-end work as a CEO that needs to be done in order for you to be well positioned to make this hire so that you’re not just task you know sending an individual spoon-feeding of tasks and you know we’ve already been down that road where you know You don’t have enough structure you don’t have a way for them? to be proactive for you and you’re telling them what to do and then you’re looking at what they did and then tell them why it was wrong and then fixing it and by the time you do all that you could have just done it like five times and it’s just really grueling So we don’t want that we want the proper structure in your firm and position yourself, so that you are able to provide a great environment and a great structure to bring on board a junior and they have everything they need to To do a really great job For you so anyway that’s what I have to say about the junior designer role go ahead and download it on my site complementary doc at Julia Molloy dot com forward slash shop ok thanks so much for joining me today and don’t forget to be BOLD be BOLD!

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