Danger Act Gone Wrong ALL HELL BRAKES LOOSE on LIVE TV!!! America’s Got Talent 2017

I call it the death drop Tyra, Tyra, suspended high, above the stage Damien will climb into a simple wooden box He will then be handcuffed and the lid, will be nailed completely shut, by his assistants. The only support keeping that box in the air is this rope. Looped through those pulleys and secured here directly, above this blowtorch. *Chains Clanking* *Handcuffs Clicking* -And to make it even more dangerous there will be fire. Damien must escape, before the rope burns through and the box comes crashing down into three solid still spikes. Annihilating anything or anyone inside of it. Damien are you ready? Light the blowtorch, please. *Cheering* *Chains Clanking* SIMON: Is that it? Is that it? He’s going to appear somewhere Of course he is. Is he behind us appear from, someone he’s behind this. Is he dead or alive? Did something really go wrong this time? *MEL B HITS X* Woah Woah! Something went wrong! Oh that’s. Yeah, you don’t do that! HOWIE: Are you out of your mind?!! MEL B: Well its the worst that’s happened since then! HOWIE: The guy, is stuck in a, box over fire and you hit an X PRODUCER: Can we be quiet everybody? Shhh. MEL B: But what went wrong then?? TYRA: Okay, okay everybody, okay okay lalalalalalala Ay Ay Ay Ya! There was a technical problem that was not Damien’s fault, I’m bringing Englewood up into Hollywood tonight Things happened, it was not his fault Simon, I’m sure you’ve experienced things, before live crazy, stuff happening how, does this make you feel right? Now I’m kind of imagining this would be like Mel B’s wedding nights a lot of a lot of ant- *gasping* *Cheering* A lot of anticipation Not much promise or delivery Mel B is out this is live tv? This is live TV y’all, This is LIVETV!

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