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Unless that day I’m too sad to do anything If I feel like destroying the life of a “virgin boy” then… I’ll show him what it’s like to be with a spicy woman So the next time you date
there should be a blind To prevent him from seeing this side of you
Otherwise it’s a total failure – Oh! Many have told me that as well I don’t know why – You’re just like my supervising teacher
back in secondary school One rumor about you that hasn’t stopped to this moment I am gay I am gay.. But are you gay? On the occasion of being on this show
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Dustin On The Go! Hello everyone, my name’s Cao Thien Trang
And I’m very happy to be here on Love Is Blind I’m currently working as a model
and soon I’ll become an actress Right now I’m 26 years old.. Soon I’ll turn 27 I’m feeling a bit old I hope I could find a friend when coming to Love Is Blind Maybe I could meet my soulmate
in this show if I’m lucky enough 3 words to describe me… Straightforward A bit crazy Volatile There’s a saying that I really like “Bad girl ain’t good but good girl ain’t fun” Meaning In Vietnamese I’d rather be fun than be good I like the word “suitable”
more than the word “cool” I enjoy hearing people say
“Oh! She looks kind of cool.” I don’t think I’d like hearing… “Oh! This necklace suits her.
She would be suitable for that…” I’m not the kind of person
who live by people’s expectations I’d like to meet someone who is at least… 6 years older than me Men at that age are masculine
and have a very kind heart They’re progressive I’m not looking for an Alpha male But I prefer someone who
could protect his women No matter how strong…
she is on her own Hello Ms. Mieu! Today we’re going to meet a new guest A special character that Dustin
and I have brought to Love Is Blind Introducing, Cao Thien Trang I can do a lot of things It means I tend to try everything I tried becoming a VJ Then I realized it’s not for me Because my voice is horrible My thinking speed sometimes
doesn’t match my speaking It won’t make sense So you interrupted yourself? – Yeah I did I once tried out for the competition
“Tieng Hat Mang Non” or something in grade 9 I realized that I’m not good at singing Then I auditioned for a sitcom
but it still didn’t work out Because I couldn’t make
the exaggerated expressions work So basically I’ve.. experienced plenty of things I also tried opening my own business
I was in charged of lots of fields People often tell me “Trang! You’re very pretty and
have great talents but you lack focus” So for me I still haven’t found out What I excel in Because I could do anything I kind of enjoy acting I also enjoy modeling I run a traveling blog
I also like to travel I work on my own business as well
as bringing a better appearance to others I’m just scared that one day, I might.. Not find myself still being
able to do something else Wandering around in life and
asking who I am and what I could do We’ve all been through that “What do I like now?” That’s one of the toughest
questions to youngsters “What do I like now?” Youngsters are still full of energy
so they like to do many things You get to travel if you work in the travel industry
And you’ll be famous being a model That creates a problem Most of them thought they love to do arts When in reality they actually want to be famous
there’s no bit of love for the art in them They have no knowledge of movies.. Music no idea how to think emotionally “They like to be the artist
but with no passion for the art itself” So, the real question is… “What do I like?” There’s one answer of yours that I think is correct You help people do this and that So the reversed question is… “Which, amongst the things I enjoy, would need me?” You’ll give it an irreplaceable value – Yeah I want to show off my status
and demand that other people… One, if we aren’t “fit for each other”… Then please save the time
and go elsewhere Two, if you think we could work it out… Please stay Continue to exchange
our energy and thoughts This is the question I once asked myself Back then..
I like lots of stuff Right now I still don’t know what my job is Right now I’m sitting here and I’m a… Useless citizen… The most useless of all
I have no occupation I’m unemployed Gosh, you’re talking about a whole different thing…
It’s just some title issues I believe that you know what you’re doing… – No You don’t know?
– No! Then why are you here?
– I don’t know anything Dustin hired me to sit here and
talk to this girl, and it’s just for fun Aren’t you supposed to be the guru?
Dustin hired me to sit here and
talk to this girl, and it’s just for fun Aren’t you supposed to be the guru? He hired me so I just go for it Right now I’m jobless so
I’ll do anything that people pay me to do I always ask Dustin… That show, that format
Will I be able to make it great? Will anyone replace me? Then I only accept this position
when I know that if I was to be replaced… – Remember Dustin Your show will be in jeopardy if I’m gone If you have a companion… In life… Who, together with you, can ask and answer
or help you answer those questions Is that who you’re looking for? – Yeah, that’s exactly who I’m looking for Get her out of here Because it’s very risky Now… Because Dustin enjoys those
who have a beautiful appearance And those people are extraordinarily pretty pretty.. So if you’re looking for someone to lean on then.. You should turn to “Shark”
– No, I think… I was a little disappointed in “Shark” recently, about… – The case about Van Phi, right?
– Yeah… – What’s wrong?
– But… No! For me… I came to Dustin’s show because of its quality I know I’m here to meet Ms. Huyen Coco
Ms. Trac Thuy Mieu and Dustin It means that these people When I follow them
I know their way of thinking I need to find someone Who, first of all…
They need to have a good mindset It’s hard talking to someone who doesn’t have it Are you a… Do not translate “Brain ***” Someone who’s attracted to a special gender… Not because of their appearance, or their sexuality But because of their brains Are you that type of person? I like to talk with people
who can play mind me Otherwise, I get bored easily Send her to “Shark Tank” to find date While others looking for shiny guys You’re looking for a lover
according to the wrinkles on their brains – Exactly They need to know how to think first – Smart
– Yeah, smart Secondly, they need to be
able to lead their women Act sort of like a guide Thirdly, they need to have a warm heart They have to love all that are around, that’s what I’m after Are you looking for a scientist, or a college professor While that scientist, or college professor… Has to possess an essence of leadership That’s got to be college professor Scientists usually don’t share their knowledge… They just discuss it, professionally But a person with a warm heart
means he usually watches aulacese opera A super sensitive person… Who cries in front of everything and
sings a lot of verses before they die – That’s being emotional
Who cries in front of everything and
sings a lot of verses before they die Who cries in front of everything and
sings a lot of verses before they die Oops… How are we supposed to find a college
professor who likes TV series, and aulacese opera Whenever you go out on a date, you’ll only
manage to meet 1 out of 3 categories I see that every time I go dating… Thinking back to my most recent relationship It was completely wrong After we dated, I realized that… “Trang! You’re nothing like what you told him” I see that about myself What I said… what I’m searching for It’s not necessarily what turns me on I can have a crush on someone
who is physically attractive, a bad boy Or someone who is very generous and kind To sum up, all the guys I’ve dated are diverse You tried dating like you’re
experimenting what you like Who do you like, Trang? When women look for someone to date They usually ask themselves
“What type of men do I like?” But they don’t think about… “How happy will I make those men?” You target those… For those who have watched “Sex and the city” Mr. Big.. Is the most ideal When you’re lucky enough to find the one… But you feel nothing… That means you’re thinking the wrong way We don’t just think We feel… We don’t just establish our minds
but also our emotions To find a Mr. Big The perfect guy like you want
while using your mind – Yes While in the dating forest That’s a whole bunch of wild animals
running frantically to follow their hearts You’re willing to love a guy
who’s spoiled and very dumb Plays games all the time But you think his world is so cool
because yours is too logical You want to jump in and be spoiled with him – You’re so cool!
– Even I think I’m cool I once had some Mr. Big in my life We were so close to getting married
it was only 4 days away… And I rejected him After I stopped my marriage… I spend the rest of my life dating… Really sorry to those who dated me at the time… They were all losers – Yeah, I can understand that But their world were amazing
– Yeah, I get it Or they were so naive that allowed us to join them We have to start things all over again with them Or it makes us feel powerful
when we get to teach them We have to direct our relationship… Without the help of a perfect guy But back then I was frantically following my heart At first I thought “Shark Tank”
would be more suitable for you But you’re actually fit for Love Is Blind
You need to have some blind moments.. and let your guard down And this, people, is the perfect candidate
for the judging panels in TV shows Super picky Always make the opposite side question themselves…
“Are you good enough for me?” This is a huge pressure for those who date you So the next time you date
there should be a blind To prevent him from seeing this side of you
Otherwise it’s a total failure – Oh! Many have told me that as well I don’t know why – You’re just like my supervising teacher
back in secondary school Looking at you, it reminds me of her
– That hurts, really hurts We just need a few words
If I don’t find him suitable then he’s out I’m not going to waste my time I can spend that time doing other things Or I’d rather entertain myself
than spending time with people like that Unless that day I’m too sad to do anything If I feel like destroying the life of a “virgin boy” then… I’ll show him what it’s like to be with a spicy woman I’ll spend time… – Then she’ll brush it off and walks away, leaving the boy sobbing My virginity is gone, give it back Give it back I’m probably a “troublemaker” I like the drama, which means… “Oh! This girl is full of drama…”
– You prefer the major changes Because I think I can learn from
the major changes in life I need a man who can keep me awake Wake me up! Like coffee I think I need a coffee-like man in my life I hope our show today could… Find you that man….shake
Shake your neck like this. Wake up! Freshen up You’re in need of a gift from life But when you open the box… Trang! Don’t judge it based on your normal mindset Your normal mindset People often think…. Adventuring in love means
being with many people I think that while adventuring in love
we first should consider.. the many types of lovers Some come here to meet a totally unexpected person But for others I think The moment they talk through the blind
or the moment their identities are revealed Take on a new role Be a new person Allow the leading role to be shifted
between the two of you, from time to time That’s the most valuable change for a girl, not “I just met a new guy, a new type I’ve gotten some experience” Be different That’s what people often say Be different from the crowd Try to live your life differently Today let’s live as if you’re
absolutely an emotional girl In the foggy forest of Love Is Blind You’ll be hunting with your eyes closed Find an attractive rabbit Blinds up Try being another girl Only then will you be free from the “self obsession”
that you’ve mentioned in the beginning The obsession about your rules You and many other girls out there
are too young to be setting boundaries You make some rules, then break them
that’s being adventurous in life – Good luck
– Thank you Hi all I’m Su Thanh Thuan, 28 years old I’m working at a Vietnamese
real estate corporation People normally call me Ryan My hobbies are quite straightforward I like taking pictures and travelling I consider myself a friendly person who is considerate in all of my relationships and considerate of other people I would like to get to know someone who is around my age or older than me Whose gender is female The person I want to be with should be funny and
have a strong personality You already made an appointment
with Dustin and Love Is Blind since the very first episode But love hasn’t come yet I know Or are you still hesitating about something? I went to great lengths to
invite you here on the show Now… I dedicate most of my time to work How long has it been since
the last time you dated? My last date was 20/10 last year How did that relationship end? It ended because of our differences Our generation gap and… our perspectives are different Everyone has a different
perspective regarding our business Due to the differences in our work type
her business was different from mine you just mentioned “generation gap” I am quite sensitive to the word “generation gap” I am also. I’m waiting to ask him about
“generation gap” but I’ll let you do it What was the specific problem regarding
“generation gap” in that relationship? She is younger than me But personally … I have a tendency to be more attracted
to someone who is older than me That was the first relationship in
which my partner was younger than me I saw that she was still immature… in her way of thinking and her actions as well I consider myself as a perfectionist So … I was quite picky at choosing my partner Wait a moment …
Three of us are all Libras – All Libras
– Really? This episode can be called “Perfectionists” because all of our guests are Libras – We should be proud of it
– FYI Our male Libra here encountered
a problem regarding “generation gap” And his partner’s immaturity And maybe… That lady… I guess, was she clingy? Did she ask for your
100% time investment in the relationship? She… She was perfect for you then She didn’t ask for it but
her actions showed otherwise So when you didn’t give
her enough attention, she fell out of love So you want.. ..your partner to entrust in you and always be there Loyalty in love is voluntary So no need to worry about it Have you ever … committed an affair? – Even just a thought of it?
– Just a thought? Yes – But you controlled it well right?
– Yes, I could control it You must have a high level of self-control Eh! Looking at his profile, he used to be a buyer of Louboutin in Vietnam You must be really brave to give up
the flashy fashion industry to .. – He used to be a model – Yeah I first knew Ryan when
I was “TopMan-TopShop”’s host He used to be a model back then When I first saw him coming out… I thought “Is he straight or gay?” He has a really attractive metrosexuality Not only Dustin but most people… Questioned my sexuality when we first met Back then when I was young … Those days when I was still a model People often questioned my sexuality My reaction.. at that time… was to try proving my worth I always tried to prove that I wasn’t that someone
people assumed me to be But now I’ve become more mature I realise that I don’t need to do so And back in those days when I was still in the fashion industry I realised that there was something called metrosexual You are a quite conservative metrosexual You are open-minded on the surface Because you don’t judge people But you are strict to yourself and
you set high standards for yourself There’s a misunderstanding
about metrosexual people Metrosexual people are
mostly open-minded but Most metrosexual people that
I’ve met are quite conservative … with themselves to keep themselves within
the line of “metrosexual” and not to fall into any extreme It means that you enjoy doing things that might not be
considered “extreme manly” Like not putting on too much perfume Not thinking hard about matching
these sneakers with that sweater … Metrosexual people are perfectionists about their appearance and they like grooming themselves
unlike those who are straight But at the same time
you don’t want to cross the line You are aware of your manliness
and you are strict with yourselves You have a high level of self-control Even I am older than you
I can imagine that a girl that you date must understand this You need a male’s authority in a relationship But you don’t want to force anything The scariest thing is that if
you don’t receive the authority you want You can fall out of love easily Am I right? Yes, mostly right Almost right?
What have I said wrong? It’s not wrong, it’s just… To be honest.. I don’t expect you to know me
well already on our first encounter I can become a different person when I get closer to the other one in a relationship Really? How are you then? I used to be afraid of people saying me that I was gay But now I don’t really care about it In a relationship, when you become closer with the other person, do you also flirt… Or… are you straightforward in how you.. express yourself? I build up a relationship
based on our mutual interests and importantly, fashion styles It makes me feel that in our daily encounters or dates… That person also cares They must also strive towards
a perfectionist lifestyle It makes me feel more amorous in that relationship – Really?
– But … But I don’t really ask for it… If she has, it so wonderful – If not?
– If not… She must have twice
as beautiful as a heart? I will need some time to see
if they have other attractive qualities You are not the type who
will do one night stands – Yes for sure You don’t even need
a second to think – He said that right when I finished my sentence
– Really? So you have never experienced
it before? Or you think… Because I heard this question
many times before People would think of me As a womanizer I also agree with this but… Seducing women an
being loved by women are two different things I need a relationship that can give me feelings If a girl caters for every of your feelings in a one night stand, would you like to Take over and go from A to Z or… A to G, in that night? – No.. The most important thing is
whether I can accept it or not So you don’t believe in love at first sight? – Nope – It’s raining now
– Never You… Have you ever got a Cupid’s loveshot? You saw a girl passing by and then.. Yes … But it’s just an appreciation of beauty It’s not love at first sight I believe Uhm It’s hard for me to have romantic feelings for someone His instincts are under lock and key He has his instincts under control Your manly qualities that you choose to keep for your metrosexual are all about your authority Giving up all the flashy lights of a fashion industry to work in a real estate industry is brave for those who have good looks Since doing fashion is glamorous You are famous, you can dress well and Lucrative offers are everywhere But.. You chose to step away from
the glamorous life in front of the camera You didn’t feel comfortable You were not comfortable with that And it is one of your manly traits that you hold onto firmly But you are selective when
it comes to personal rules They are other manly traits, including dominance You have eliminated it quite successfully are aware of when you should
only be an admirer of a painting and when you should be an investor and a collector
who would like to possess that painting I tend to exaggerate a lot but
to put it simply, you are quite annoying It would be hard for.. those ladies to find passion in
your first dates even when they try to their best to please you That’s a thing.. Though I assume that you are a gentleman to ladies.. your girlfriend will feel
a lack of amorous feelings quite often Have you ever been a fool in love, to the extent
that you broke your own personal rules? – Yes I have But what stayed on my mind now are good memories I don’t want to talk much about the not-so-good memories He’s gonna love the quality of
his relationship more than his partner It’s gonna make or break a relationship Is that true love though? I’m quite unsure about what I truly want Many people, including me, Assume that True love is blind Even Xuan Dieu couldn’t define what love is And we have the same burning question But we don’t question ourselves A true love must fit you perfectly A true love must be a perfect love What would be a perfect pair of shoes? It must suit me And fit you perfectly But sometimes It’s out of control You told me that you were buyer of Christian Louboutin in Vietnam When I was still a reporter
I had to write about Christian Louboutin I remember that he had this impressive saying “A pair of shoes that doesn’t make a woman’s
foot in pain is not a good pair of shoes” – Excellent A love that doesn’t make us break our rules
and suffer in pain is not a true love A rose that doesn’t make us
sting when we touch its thorns Is not a true rose And a pair of shoes that doesn’t make
you suffer is simply just a pair of sneakers Not a pair of Louboutin Perfect – I totally agree Sometimes, we thought that
we were gonna do this and that in this relationship to make it right But when we were actually in love, things were totally different from what we thought – We were blind…
– There was no right and wrong – Right But that’s when you fall in love You have no control at all.. Why people say “falling for you”? When you fall, there is nothing holding you back You’re in cloud nine Sorry in advance but
you have to censor this for me You’re gonna be like: *** You break all of your rules And I believe that I guess, it happened to you before And because of that incident
you chose to stay reserved But it doesn’t mean that
it’s not gonna happen again – True If it’s gonna happen again
will you feel anxious? I think that it has taught me a lesson So if it’s gonna happen again.. I have to be more prepared But I don’t know if it’s gonna make me out of mind once again. Who knows? – We don’t know who we were
– Right But are you ready?
– I am Right? Are you the one who takes a lead in a relationship? Lead in a relationship I think I’m not I also think you’re not
– I’m not Because I follow my heart
so I think I don’t take a lead in a relationship No, it’s like tango You take one step And you pull the other closer
and you take one step back You can’t always be the one
who takes a lead You’re gonna push against the wall
if you try taking a lead all the time Bum It’s hard to explain this but If you want to say you are
in love with someone you can use the verb “fall” in English You are in love
I’m falling in love Many people have said
that they have fallen in love But not too many people can proudly say that “I have experienced this feeling … Jumping into love I’m jumping into love” The action “fall” is passive while the action “jump” truly expresses
a state of being crazy in love In someone’s love history even if he jumps to the bottom of love he won’t die There’s no harm doing that So why don’t you jump? Can I make this lil spoiler? Can I? Dustin? Let’s see what it is about The person that you’re gonna meet soon You need.. to break a rule Being less laid back Shout out to Dustin and the logistics team to set up
this comfortable chair for you You can sit there comfortably thanks to that chair You.. always keep yourself like that – Yes But now let’s imagine that you’re sitting
on edge and you have to keep balance And you need to take a lead I think that women especially ladies who are funny and intelligent need a director Let us be your actors You guys need to take
control and direct each other Bring the atmosphere up when you need to and console her when you need to keep a distance when she’s too close to you But keep her close enough When she has no time When she wants to meet you
let’s make things difficult for her Let’s spice things up It takes two to tango I think I’m still lacking You should.. take the first step As you’re gonna pushed in the next step – Yes So you have to Initiate so that the other person
knows you’re interested in her And then… Just enjoy Don’t you think that you have
to take a lead all the time Wish you luck for this blind date It should be interesting And like chi Mieu said.. “Tango” Takes two to tango Back and forth And… It takes courage to jump Are you gonna fall in love or jump into love? That’s it – Thank you so much – Thank you chi Mieu, thank you Ryan – Hi! My name is Trang
– Hello Trang! I’m Thuan Usually everyone will
call me Ryan Let’s have a shot, shall we? This is Paloma made with
Tequila Jose Cuervo And Grapefruit Lemonade from Thomas Henry Cheers! If it’s me then I want to meet a person with
sense of humor and a bit of a character If you are speaking of a funny
person with a strong personality then it must be me.. But anyways… I really like the guru of this show I am a fan of Trac Thuy Mieu So if I can set up a meeting with
someone then it will be with Ms. Mieu Because there is a wide
range of fields she can talk about And I personally think that Ms.Mieu has
something alluring to herself and also has… A flexible way of talking and
has that depth of a mature woman Ms.Mieu is also pretty nonchalant
so I like Ms.Mieu Maybe I can’t think of a particular person right now But out of curiosity and to feel|
interesting then that person will be Trang Wow! That’s good Thank you! I think about a year and a half ago I’m like a party girl And I always like going to party Always want to spend time with friends That period of time was really fun I can name a list of clubs but
it will seems like I was a playgirl But now I barely go to any club But I really like a place called Rabbit Hole It’s a place that you can talk Then you can listen to Jazz music which is very funny But it doesn’t matter where you
go but rather who you go with So to me even going to a very shabby club But I am going with an amazing person Then it will turn into
something very fascinating About me.. These recent 3 years I’ve spent my whole time on working So if I really have to spend time on clubs or bars My first choice will be partying with friends Either parties after wedding ceremony or
some special occasions then I will go A place that I think is amazing
then it’s Raking And Hellen I have heard of it through Dustin’s show Dustin had reviewed all of
the best places in Sai Gon Why do you prefer Raking And Hellen? I like the atmosphere and drinks there – What do you like best?
– What drink do I like best? Negroni The drink that I always order at the bar That means that you are a loyal person With drinks and the place serving that kind of drink What about lovers? This you will find out sooner or later – Okay And now… You guys will put your hands in
the box and guess the first object Pineapple That’s correct, 1 point for you The second object – Kiwi Oh my! Two points Excellent! Then the third object You can hand it to her
so both of you can feel it Here Trang, feel it Stretchy Yeah, uhm… This thing is like slime Slime is the magical stretchy thing? Right? Or is it… Oh wait a second… this is the thing we
used to play when we were kids Bingo! This thing has a name…
if you can get the name right – It has a creamy color
– Creamy color? – It represents…
– What’s its name? I don’t know its name Let just skip Skip The fourth object Okay, really!? Really? Guys? Here you can… feel it
I know what it is Oh. I know, but you should say it No you should say it
– It’s a bit sensitive It’s really nothing, and it’s a sensitive thing
that depends on how you put it Uhm… Breast Petals Breast Petals.. Correct
You guys got 3 out of 5 The last one
Hands out? 1 2 3 Tada What is it? Eww.. What is it? You got it? Sex toy? – Sex toy? Really!?
– What’s your final answer? Wait, are you sure? Is that right, are you sure?
– I have never used it so I don’t know What’s your final answer? Please tell me that’s not an eel An eel What’s your final answer? I have the same answer, an eel Uhm, an eel Correct!
– Unbelievable When you’re playing the game
what do you think about the other Trang was pretty sensitive I think Trang has already
mastered the game Any game I think that you have
an extraordinary imagination – For example? Sex toy? I don’t think there is a kind of
sex toy that is slimy – Like that
– Because, because… Dustin is an interesting person With many tricks so I must
go along with it I highly appreciate your imagination You guys have won the previous challenge And you both will receive a reward Your reward is gift exchange Your gift is right behind the tree behind your seat Look around! Okay, you can open your gift and read the note What a surprise I hope that I am interesting enough
so that we can become … – Sign Can you fill in the …? For now I don’t have enough data to fill in the blank But with the data I’m currently having Then I think we can
become really good friends My gift is quite unique because
not many people are using it It’s a watch called Pomodoro It will help you plan a work session The most effective work session
is about 25 minutes long So you can set the watch to 25 or 30 minutes
or the amount of time that is suitable for you After that session you can have a 5-minute break Then set another session According to a scientific research
and according to my own experience it can… Save you a lot of time Also it can increase your work efficiency I think that you are the kind of person
that barely goes to a bar or club… Not much involving in social events then
this clock is very suitable for you Thank you Trang for such a thoughtful gift And I have received Ryan’s gift A scented candle Very surprising… I almost end up
giving you a pair of pillow cases Also from this brand But fortunately I
switch to a different gift There’s a slight coincidence Hello em! You don’t even know my age yet? “Em” (to address a younger or female one) Out there millions of people are passing each other But you and me are here
at this very moment is a destiny right? This scented candle
I hope will bring a relaxing feeling and mindfulness every night Wow, I really like the ways you have with words First is the usage for the word “mindfulness” I really enjoy the way you use this word Second is “em” Thank you, really… “Anh”! To be honest I don’t know… How old are you
I don’t even know anything But by calling you “em” I think it is a way to show your respect to a lady I think so Thank you, I agree One rumor about you that hasn’t stopped to this moment I am gay I am gay.. Am gay Why does that rumor exist? I spend a lot of time to take care of my appearance Always want to look stylish in front of others So their first impression about me is… Also from my manner everyone tends to
think I’m gay from the first impression But are you gay? On the occasion of being on this show I want to
announce to everyone that I’m straight, not gay And in my file I’ve written
that I’m interested in women How about you? – I have a…
– You have a really nice voice I have some questions for you That is… Taking care of your appearance means Spending a lot of time everyday on
your appearance when you go out – Correct Even in the simplest task like going downstairs
to buy some groceries or to go to the shopping mall Buying some stuff then you would also polish your looks? – Maybe not I just polish in some… Situation, or some important meetings So are you a person with patience? I can wait For how long? It will depend on the situation Do other persons patiently wait for you to perfect your look? No, I know that I spend a lot of time on my look So first I have to arrange a suitable amount of time So by the time of the meeting
I wouldn’t keep them Waiting How about you? Rumors about me? Oh my god, there are so many
like a Truc Nhan’s song I’m stuck up, I’m rude
I’m scary, I’m cold I encounter with a lot of men, I have lovers Usually, how do you deal with those rumors? Eagerly! Honestly I think that they must
care a lot about me to make up these rumors – Right Plus there is this psychological
factors about rumors that They must be stalking me They feel like they are not as brilliant as me
so they make up those rumors So they can feel less
insecure with themselves I think those people who
make up many rumors about me In my opinion they should be pitied rather than hated Let’s begin now 1 2 3
Time clock Eat it 10 pieces! Falling isn’t counted
Dropping isn’t counted Don’t use your hands Dropped, not counted, again Quickly, quickly, quickly Where is the mouth?
Where is it? – Too encroached, too encroached
– Hurry up – Where? Where? Where?
– Here it is Hurry, come on Eat without opening your mouth too large Falling is … Falling isn’t counted. Right Right.. Next, got one I got a pile in my mouth
– You only need to take one bite OK.. That’s right, You only need to take one bite I will bite the rest That’s it, 2 already You shouldn’t bite, you should keep it
so that Thuan can bite it But my mouth is too full Swallow, swallow, swallow I could not swallow I’ll change into 5, then – You should change it to 2 ones.
– Time is up? – Timeout
– Timeout Lose For you 2, Is this game easy or not? For me, it is quite difficult
because this cake is quite dry So I can’t swallow it Well, your loss is well deserved Physically, to shorten the distance
something must get closer. But I didn’t dare to get too close So it has a certain level of difficulty If there’s a glass of water on hand, maybe But I think I would give up on this game.
I should’ve lost in the first place. I invite you 1 glass Fined? Please Cheers !! For me, I think social network is just one thing to entertain It isn’t my real life To let me always stare at it.
To let me live socially What I want is that… Those that I want to aim for… They are true feelings. They aren’t just the things
expressed on social networks Even though sometimes I get a lot of
likes or comments from people Positive comments, the funs
they make me very happy. Then I thought it was just a thing
that I use to entertain in life According to your thought
how a social network will.. Depend on the way you use it
or the way you choose it to? For example, I have friends
whose social network are very nonsensical They will be very happy They only have jokes on their social networks But there are people who choose social network
to show their opinions and perspectives they use social media to shape their audience For example, they are very concerned
about the environment There are people who have
very good critical thinking. About social issues As I see, social networks… It’s not as virtual as people say Because it is a very colorful picture Of a lot of personalities on it About how my true self
in real life look like I can look through a person’s social network
to guess a bit of their personality If their social media has funny posts,
it means that they will be funny in real life If their social network is too flashy… It seems that this person…
If it is to look deep inside psychology They are emotionally deprived.
They are in need of love. And sometimes they have inferiority complex
so that they have to show off a lot. If a person is sharp, when they look at social media, then they can judge someone to a certain extent So I think that social networking
is also something that… I need to research and to understand more If you like a girl but
she doesn’t show too much on social networks Or on social media she shows off
as if she’s very slutty How will you respond? So from the beginning
you have answered your questions It already has this idea This means that you don’t matter Because we’re watching it
as a channel for entertainment What I want to know them
is in real life Will you spend money to buy tickets of
Vietnamese movies or foreign movies 1.. 2.. 3 Foreign 1 point The reason that I chose foreign films
is because of the script refinement As well as the acting skills of
the actors that I want to learn It will sometimes go deeper Not because Vietnamese movies are not good But now in Vietnam movie industry, it will still .. Lacks a lot of characteristics that we could learn And it will have a lot of issues
related to acting techniques Or coming up with something
that we need to catch up the world I agree with you. Also, I want to see the world out there What are they thinking?
What are they doing? More or less, through the screen, they will show it. For example, if I ever appear in a movie Will you be ready to buy tickets to see it? Oh my God! Really?
Will you be ready to buy tickets to see it? Oh my God! Really? -Yes…
– Of course, yes. For real? So will you buy one ticket
or many tickets I will definitely go see with colleagues Oh My office is very happy Because every month, there will be one or
two sessions for everyone to watch movies together And if it is a movie which you play a role in
then certainly, I will recommend to everyone Thank you! With the same amount of money, will you buy
a brandname item or many normal items? 1.. 2.. 3 – Brand name
– Buy many items Why? I will choose beauty It doesn’t have to have a brand But its beauty has to suit me,
I’ll choose it. I think that I choose the brand
not because of the self-expression But because of its quality The ability of the value
to go with me in the long run. Being in fashion industry for
a very long time, I understand that .. The pricing of a brand’s product
doesn’t lie in the fact that… where it comes from,
but it is in the material .. And all the stories .. about itself, what makes
the brand so long-lasting Take a selfie together
or take turns shooting each other? 1.. 2.. 3 – Sharing a selfie
– Selfie 2 points 1 more point and you will win Want to own yourself
or want to work for a monthly salary? 1.. 2.. 3 Self-employed You guys have won You have got 1 more gift Cover your eyes and hug each other for 10 seconds Ehh… Hear the heart beat and.. Pull out the curtain You have 10 seconds 10 9…
– But I have to know where he is. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Let go each other Then back to your seat Oh this lady is quite tall This guy is 1m76 tall I’m 1m84 tall Yehh, I can feel it Firstly, I think Thuan is very fragrant Big and tall.. As for whether he is black and smelly, I couldn’t say he is smelly black or not… Because I was blindfolded, so don’t know But my common sense marks 3 on 4 points
for being tall, big, black and fragrant. A hug… It converges all of my feelings
and thoughts about Trang About what we are talking to Just a simple word, I feel close. Like a mother? – No. Or something else? I quite like a book of Ms. Phan Y Yen Name is.. “Not pretty, not smart,
not discontent the world” Then there is a chapter inside “I don’t need your money” But its point is clear like this For a woman, I think it is.. I don’t matter that… This person, how much money
he earns each month But I will take seriously that Whether in the future
their financial capability will improve. When two people know each other, the investment
level must be commensurate with each other That is, if there is no investment in
terms of money, it must be emotional And if it’s even not emotion anymore Then they must have a very good sense
to take care of the other. For me then.. The financial situation of a man is important I don’t agree with that Talking about financial, It has been everyone’s pressure of life Because I am a man, I should have
my own responsibility for that relationship Restrict as much as possible… To let financial matter affects our loves So I’ll ask a question that I saw.. In the past, it caused a lot of
controversy in social networks On the first date, will the man pay or we split up? I will actively invite and If I’m the one who invite, I will pay for that date If that is the second time,
I will want to split up The reason is because firstly,
I don’t want to owe someone too much Especially in terms of money Because money can be earned But to owe someone something
that can’t be paid is very annoying The second problem is… As I said, for example,
If I have feelings for that person I don’t want that person
to be under pressure that is OH! In this relationship, I’m the only one .. who is building emotion. If it was related to material and money Money is the easiest thing to measure
and the easiest thing to divide among all things. Talk about love, I think that’s my opinion and
I’ll want to be fair on a relationship. And I want to make
that person feel respected 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. – Hello Trang
– Hi Thuan. For a while now … Although we didn’t see each other But I heard your voice,
and I gave you 5 points for it 5 points?
Is it on a 10-point scale? Meeting each other will have more emotions I should have been drinking right from the first minute But I created thrills
for the show Love Is Blind or Love is.. It is synonymous with many different words Including friendship,
love or anything But I think that .. It is like the greeting from earlier
I said in that card… I hope that I’m interesting enough.. To become something with Ryan Truly put my emotions in I want to really drink the wine glass or not But.. Through the whole process I really feel that
this girl is quite interesting More or less, there are points
that I want to know. Do you want to have a second date
after this first meeting? Of course, yes OK So, this is a gift for the 2nd meeting of you two First is a bottle of
Tradicional Tequila Jose Cuervo Anyone can keep it But hopefully you two will drink
this Tequila together I feel that I am unsteady. Let me take this. And this is a special gift
for Trang from MOI cosmetic And MOI chose the Drunking Love for you. – Thank you.
-Especially for you And here are 2 gifts from Lam Moc Botanicals Yellow is for Trang Blue is for Ryan Hey you do what you do.
I don’t care, I’ve created the opportunity Does that mean you have to deposit it for me? Other than that, we still have
many opportunities to get to know each other – Thanks Thank you for coming to
The Dustin On The Go show Err.. Wrong.. Love Is Blind In the show of Dustin On The Go See you in the next show To join Love is Blind, fill out the casting form in the post below
and send a minute self introduction video to our email [email protected] Don’t forget to subscribe
Dustin On The Go channel for watching more episodes See ya!


MỌI NGƯỜI NGHĨ RẰNG, TRANG VÀ RYAN ĐÁNG LẼ CÓ NÊN UỐNG LY CUỐI CÙNG ĐỂ KÉO RÈM HAY KHÔNG? Câu hỏi mở để bà con góp ý thêm cho LIB cho các tập sau nha 🧐🥰

Trang ơi. Trang nói tiếng anh rất dỡ Trang ơi, nói tiếng Việt đi, đừng có khua chiêng mua trống nữa nghe Trang…

Nhìn là biết Ryan là kiểu người vô cùng tinh tế, tỉ mỉ không chỉ về ngoại hình, chuyện tình cảm chắc cũng vậy!!!

Mong rằng sau này a Ryan sẽ tìm đc ng đàn ông của cuộc đời mình. Nhìn a chứ e ko bh nghĩ a là thẳng luôn á. -.-

Mong team ra nhiều tập nhanh hơn. M hỉu là sản xuất 1 tập đòi hỏi nhiều công sức và sự đầu tư nghiêm túc của team nhé♥️♥️♥️

Thật sự xem nhiều show có chị Miêu , văn nói của chị siêu hay và vui siêu khủng khiếp :)))) love chị ❤️❤️❤️

cái từ chị Miêu dùng brainfucker chính là sapiosexual á. người bị hấp dẫn bởi tri thức và trí thông minh

Bây giờ thì e đã hiểu vì sao A Dustin đăng tấm hình của bạn Ryan lên và hỏi he gonna dating with boy or girl?? 😁😂😁😂 E thích cá tính và quan điểm của Trang và Ryan and cặp này siêu hợp về ngoài hình thú vị về cá tính và đồng điệu về tư duy maybe 😍😍😍 Thank you Love is Blind👍👍

Chờ hoài mới có video từ Dustin. Theo bản thân e cảm nhận thì nếu đổi được tính cách của hai khách mời thì em nghĩ họ sẽ là một cặp tuyệt vời. Bạn nam em cảm thấy có chút mệt mỏi khi nói chuyện với bạn nữ.

Cám ơn Anh đã mang lại những videos tuyệt vời.

Hồi trc coi Trang trong NTop mình nghĩ Trang có tài thật đấy nhưng sao lại chịu hạ mình để tạo hình tượng k đẹp như v…hóa ra cô ấy cũng k khác những Người not star ngoài kia dùng những chiêu trò tầm thường ai cũng làm đc…. tưởng đâu sang là sang tới cùng chứ…hóa ra là sang trên nền tảng đại chúng 😊… âu chúng ta đều có ước mơ, tham vọng … ai cũng cần thay đổi dù như nào đi nữa …k mấy ai chịu đc áp lực dư luận như Tr nên v cũng đáng phục…. nay thấy Trang đầm hơn nhiều… chắc tình yêu làm dịu con tim 🤗 chúc Trang thành công trên con đg mình chọn👏

Cảm thấy a Thuận khi đến chương trình đã sẵn sàng cho một mối quan hệ mới và e đâu có thấy a giống gay đâu ạ :3

có ai coi như tui ko :3 là tới lúc Miêu nói là tui bật tiếng lên nghe, còn tới bà Trang thì phải tắt tiếng đi hoặc bấm tua qua ko … nghe bả nói thấy như kiểu người trong đầu trống rỗng mà thích thể hiện ta đây rất gì và này nọ -_-

🙁 nói nghe nè, tiếng Anh mình không hay nhưng mình muốn nói câu gì đó đã chuẩn bị trước thì cũng nên xem pronounce như thế nào đọc cho đúng nha 🙁 chứ nghe z ẹ lắm , nha chị Trang

THANK YOU. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Hmm đây là ý kiến riêng của mình nhé.
1. Khoa học không phải là tuyệt đối, khoa học chỉ là một trong nhiều phương pháp để đến gần với cách vận hành của vũ trụ nên trong cuộc nói chuyện, cách khẳng định mình là một người hiểu biết bằng việc dùng quá nhiều cụm từ như "theo vật lý, theo khoa học.. " thì theo mình đó chưa phải là một cách tinh tế.
2. Mình nghĩ khi ai đó đặt vấn đề về mình (không nói đến đúng sai) thì tức là phải có dữ liệu từ mình phản chiếu tới họ. Thay vì tự nghĩ bản thân là chân lý và tự tin nghĩ rằng họ đang dưới mình, ghen tị mình, đáng thương nên mới đặt vấn đề như vậy, thì trước tiên hãy tự nhìn nhận lại mình. Mọi sự va chạm đều để mình hiểu quỹ đạo của bản thân và nhìn nhận lại mình không đồng nghĩa với việc chịu chi phối cảm xúc bởi người khác.
3. Xin lỗi nhưng mình phải nói rằng trong chương trình này Trang nói và giải thích quá nhiều, điều đó dễ khiến Trang bớt đi phần hấp dẫn.
4. Sòng phẳng không có nghĩa là 50:50, đôi khi 80:20 vẫn là sòng phẳng và tôn trọng.
Btw, mình rất thích Love is blind và trong tập này mình quá trời thích cách anh chị dẫn dắt khách mời.

Tập này thì nhân vật nữ ko thú vị gì hết, nói về mình thì rất hay nhưng trong cách ứng xử và hành động thì đi ngược với lời nói. Cô ấy tự Tin nhưng lại không thuộc típ phụ nữ độc lập về suy nghĩ, Cô ấy đặt ra vài câu hỏi rất vớ vấn.. Không thích cô này, chị Miêu đặt ra những câu hỏi rất hay và đầy thú vị mang tính thẳng thắn

Coi comment ở dưới mà toàn thấy các chị gái không ưa chị Trang thôi à. Mình hiếm thấy đàn ông ghen ghét chà đạp lên nhau vậy lắm. Phụ nữ đòi nữ quyền, nhưng bản thân phụ nữ lại phân biệt đối xử với nhau thì thật đáng buồn. Chị Trang ko thuộc tuýp con gái nết na Á đông ko có nghĩa chị ấy đáng ghét. Cùng là phụ nữ, hãy tôn trọng và ủng hộ nhau.

Cảm thấy bạn nữ không được ý tứ, tinh tế lắm. Dù đây không phải là một cuộc thi nhưng cảm thấy rất ganh đua và khoe mẽ. Bạn nam có vẻ người lớn và chín chắn, cảm giác như 1 ng lớn và 1 đứa con nít đang cố gắng thể hiện bản thân. Thùng rỗng kêu to, có vẻ như Trang cần constant support và attention.

e cực kì thích có 1 người bạn như a Dustin hoặc chị Huyền Coco và 1 ng "má" như chị Miêu hihhihi!!!

tập nào cũng hay huhu :))) c Trang nói chuyện thông minh thật đấy huhu, đôi này đẹp đôi ghê, hi vọng sẽ đến với nhau này :)))

Cá nhân em cảm thấy tập này mọi thứ đều hay trừ CTT ra. Từ văn phong cho đến suy nghĩ, tư duy, thế giới quan của CTT nó không thú vị như những gì bạn kể…

Haha cho thấy chị ấy lên đây 1 công đôi việc là để tìm ngyeu và GIỚI THỊU SẢN PHẨM🤣🤣🤣🤣

nếu so sánh Trang như một cuốn sách thì có thể nói rằng sách bán chạy chưa hẳn là cuốn sách hayyy

Đàn ông trả trc đi. Sau này lấy nhau tất cả bữa ăn phụ nữ đều phải trả tiền. Thằng nào cưa đôi thằng đó keo. Con nào trả phụ con đó khờ kkkkk

Trang thích "bad girl ain't good but good girl ain't fun"
Trang dịch: "một cô gái tốt không có ngoan, nhưng mà một cô gái ngoan thì không có vui" :v
kênh của Dustin đa số đều có engsub, thích ghê <3

Đúng là Trang hơi bộc trực nhưng cá tính dzậy cũng vui mà! Mừng vì 2 bạn qđ dating! Nghe khúc nhạc kết ch trình rùng cả người ^^

Dustin ơi, mình thấy Dustin phát âm các loại thức uống chuẩn mà, Dustin thả lỏng giọng lại khi nói TA một tí thì nghe tự nhiên và hay hơn nhé 😘. Love the show 🍻😊

chương trình này quả thật giống như 1 cuốn sách. Hy vọng sớm sẽ có nhiều bạn biết đến để xem và trải nghiệm

Sau khi xem tập này thì ấn tượng trong mình là “Oh, cuối cùng cũng tìm thấy một người có tư tưởng và tự nghiêm khắc với chính bản thân mình như vậy – Mr.Ryan”
Mặc dù mình là nữ :)))

Đây là tập hay nhất trong tất cả các tập của LIB, thích nhất luôn, quá đáng yêu và ngọt ngào.

Theo mình thì bạn Trang đang cố gắng tỏ ra mình trưởng thành, nhưng bản chất thì lại chưa đủ trưởng thành, cách diễn đạt vụng về, đặc biệt là cố ý tỏ ra hiện đại bằng cách đệm quá nhiều từ tiếng Anh vào, nhưng riêng mình lại cảm giác việc đệm tiếng Anh quá nhiều sẽ thành kệch cỡm. Tiếng Việt mình diễn giải ý nghĩa và độ sâu rộng cụ thể và hay hơn tiếng Anh nhiều lần, mắc mới gì cứ phải vào LIB là các bạn lại thi nhau vay mượn tiếng Anh liên tục , cứ như cố chứng tỏ "ê gái, chế có học IN LÍT PHO TU ĐAY đó nha mạy". Đồng ý bạn NSX Dustin là người sinh sống hay đi học ở nước ngoài, nhưng rõ ràng đây là chương trình sản xuất chủ yếu dành cho đối tượng khán giả Việt Nam mà.

Bạn Thuận nhìn sơ cũng biết là đang đề phòng, ko chia sẻ cởi mở, chỉ nói sơ sơ về vấn đề đang đề cập, kết thúc = cười hẩy 1 cái đẹp chai má hú, nhưng sau đó thì tạo cảm giác NHẠT TOẸT. Mình khẳng định bạn Thuận đang cố giữ cho mình hình tượng đẹp đẽ, ko dám nhấn mạnh 1 cái gì đó = wan điểm cá nhân vì sợ bị đánh giá thế này thế kia, ko dám thể hiện cái ít hay về mình vì sợ hình tượng đẹp đẽ mình đang cố xây dựng sẽ banh xác. Nếu bạn đến LIB để tìm kiếm tình yêu hay tình bạn thì cởi mở 1 xíu cũng đâu sao, còn mà muốn tìm kiếm sự xuất hiện trên cộng đồng mạng thì đâu cần đến LIB làm gì, thiếu gì chỗ cho người cao to đẹp trai như bạn gây đc sự chú ý.

Thực sự là LIB tập này đã phí mất 2 suất ứng cử viên đến show để đc "LÊN TI VI" , trong khi còn nhiều hồ sơ của nhiều bạn đang thực sự mong muốn tìm đc tình yêu trong cái cuộc đời cô đơn này.

Mình là khán giả của LIB, thích mới ghi bình luận nghe có vẻ hơi nặng nề 1 tý, nhưng tính mình thấy sao nói vậy, có thể đúng có thể sai. Nếu bạn nào trong team NSX hoặc quản lý Series Dustin on the Go có đọc mà thấy bất mãn thì RÁNG CHỊU.

Cá nhân mình thì thấy Trang chỉ hợp cặp với đại gia. Trong chương trình này Trang chưa bộc lộ hết tính cách con người mình. Còn Ryan có thể chỉ hợp với những nữ doanh nhân (thông minh, tự chủ về cuộc sống và là cô gái theo thiên hướng của gia đình).

Cao Thiên Trang Có Bồ Người Nhật nhé :))
Còn Ông Này Không Gay Chắc Tổ Nghàng nó quật à :)))

Thể hiện bản thân và cá tính thật sự mong manh. Như 1 bìa sách đẹp chưa chắc nội dung đã sâu sắc. Theo dõi nhiều tập, T là phụ nữ thiếu tinh tế nhất.

Khi trái tim rung động thì mọi tiêu chuẩn, nguyên tắc hay hình mẫu đều không còn quan trọng!
Hai bạn thật đáng yêu quá!

Mình đoán Ryan sẽ hợp với một cô gái đã bước qua một vài nỗi đau hoặc thử thách trong cuộc đời (ví dụ như trách nhiệm gia đình, công việc, bị phụ tình…) nhưng cô ấy vẫn giữ một chút lạc quan, một chút ngây thơ, không nhìn đời quá khắc nghiệt, không quá già dặn trong suy nghĩ thì sẽ khơi gợi bản năng bảo vệ của bạn.
Trang thì cần vài năm nữa để dịu lại, chắc phải một anh chú trên 40, có bản lĩnh mới cầm cương bạn được, mình mạnh dạn đoán sẽ phải là đối tác làm ăn của công ty bạn, có thời gian làm việc chung, phải làm bạn ghét trước (ghét này là phải ghét kiểu: nó nói đúng quá mình cãi không được nên ghét, chứ ko phải kỉu ghét kinh thường) và bạn không nghĩ mình sẽ thích người này, thì bạn sẽ mắc vào lưới tình. =]]]

qua nói chuyện cái thấy đúng trai thẳng thật:—))) mọi ng đừng gán cho ngta gay nữa, thấy kỳ kỳ khi áp đặt ng khác thế á

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