D.I.Y. Miniature Kitchen home decor – Decorazione fai da te con cucina in miniatura

>>Hi and welcome to a new D.I.Y. tutorial today I will show you how to turn an Ikea magnetic spice jar like this one into a cute home decor. I got the idea while scrolling into random pages online and by chance I landed on a japanese web site offering free downloadable templates to create your own paper doll house. I liked the idea so much that I immediately started to think how I could use creatively those templates and… tadaaaa! Here is my decor with a miniature paper kitchen inside! Isn’t it cute? here is what you’ll need for this project: The miniature kitchen furniture templates printed on white cardstock, scaled to 20% This is essential to keep the correct proportions with the magnetic spice jar, some patterned papers, scissors, glue, Ikea magnetic spice jar, and a pencil. Let’s start with the Ikea magnetic spice jar which we need to open to remove the protective paper located under the lid. We will use this paper as a guide to cut a round shape in the correct size from the patterned paper we chose. To do it let’s mark the outline with a pencil then lets’ cut it out, like so. We will use this round piece as a background for our kitchen so let’s apply some glue on the back and let’s adhere it at the bottom of the jar, just like so. As the spice jar is rounded we need to create a flat floor as a base for our miniature furniture To do it let’s use again the protective paper as a guide then let’s flip over the second patterned paper we chose and using the pencil let’s mark the exact outline of the decorative paper and a larger reference line. Now let’s cut off the top side of the circle as we only need two thirds of it to create the floor. Now let’s cut following the wider guide line we traced, like so. Now let’s fold it like so and again like so. Now we need to cut on the bends we just created, like so. We can now start assemblying let’s apply the glue on the little flaps and let’s glue them overlapped like so. The floor is almost ready as last step let’s cut in sunburst the round side. Let’s fold towards the inside the flaps then let’s apply the glue on the back and on each flap and we can adhere the floor inside the spice jar, like so. It’s time to work on the miniature furniture so let’s grab the cardstocks with the templates printed on (you can download them from the japanese web site you’ll find the link on my blog) and let’s start cutting them out. I chose a kitchen, but as you’ll see on the japanese website there’s a lot of choice a living room, a shop…you have a lot of different things to choose from in order to create different decors. Once we cut all the templates we need let’s start assembling to make them tridimensional you just need to fold following the guide lines and apply some glue to secure each piece. As you can see each template has some tiny flaps to make this procedure easier. Now that all the furniture is ready we can start assemblying the decor. To do it let’s simply apply some glue on the bottom of the spice jar and let’s place all the pieces to create a pleasant ensemble, like so. To add some more details let’s use a pen in the color we prefer to write something on the bottom side I decided to write welcome to our kitchen. Et voilà, let’s fit back the lid and our miniature kitchen decor is ready! Here is the finished project perfect to stick to your fridge or to offer as a gift to a friend who loves cooking. By the way these spice jars are perfect to use as photo frames too here is one I made! They’re supereasy to make as you just need to cut the picture to the right size and shape! That’s it for today as usual I hope you liked this project and you got inspired if so please give the video a thumbs up and and share it with all your friends I also remind you that on my blog you’ll find the supplies list together with some other pictures of the finished project and the link to my blog post is as usual in the infobox below. If you should decide to give this project a try and create your miniature kitchen decor, don’t forget to tag me in your pictures using the hashtag #CRAFTINGWITHGIUGIZU Ok, that’s it for today, I send you a big kiss and as usual I’ll talk with you again in my next video…ciao!


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