Custom Wall Murals – Transition a Childs Room

You’ve wished the parents farewell. You’ve
made sure all the kids have received their, “thanks for coming present.” And now,
as you’re cleaning up the plastic plates and the party hats that say, “Happy 5th
birthday Big Girl,” you realize that your little baby is just that: a big girl. While
taking her new toys into her room, you realize that her room still looks like a nursery and
definitely not the big girl room that your little angel needs now that she’s sleeping
in a bed and not a cradle, but with wall murals, transformation from nursery to
the room your big girl deserves is easier than you think. Incorporating a wall mural into your kid’s
wall décor allows you to take what your child likes the most, and make it a part of their
every day world. And you can do it in a major way.
Does he like Thomas the Tank Engine? How about a wall mural of a train station?
Is your daughter a Cinderella fan? Make her room into a magical castle, so every time
she comes into her room she thinks she is in a Brothers Grimm story! Now, I understand that when you think of kids’
wall decor you may not be thinking of a cartoon-like wall mural. Perhaps you have something else
entirely different in mind. This is the beauty of using a custom wall mural for your kid’s
decor. With printed wall murals the options for what’s available are endless.
Perhaps you maybe you were looking for a way to create an atmosphere of peace, calm, and
tranquility in their room. A wall mural can also take care of this for you because unlike
paint, wall murals can easily create atmospheres that single color paint schemes just can’t
do.With SignGrafx wall murals, all you need is creativity and the right concepts. Your
wall mural will also give your room the custom, personalized feel you were hoping to get in
an easy to make and easy to install way. Using a wall mural to turn your Nursery into a “big
girl room,” is a simple, easy and customized solution Everyone’s worried about the safety of their
kids. SignGrafx is aware of this and has produced products that aren’t harmful or problematic
for installation in a child’s bedroom. Our murals are printed on non reactive materials
and go on the wall with simple wallpaper paste. There’s no need to worry about safety when
it comes to using our custom wall murals in any portion of your home. And Installation
couldn’t be simpler. Sign Grafx has numerous free installation videos that show you just
how easy the installation process is! If you’re ready to learn about how SignGrafx
wall murals can help you transform your room’s decor, call us at 1-800-392-9860, email us
at [email protected], or just visit our website at signgrafx.comand let us talk about
how we can help you change that nursery into an incredibly magical room for your son or

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