Curtains – How to Install – Hanging an S-Fold Curtain

Hi i’m michael from iseekblinds. In
this video today we’re going to hang our curtain. We’re going to transform your home and make everything look fantastic so there’s a couple of steps that we need
to do. The first thing we need to do is fit the wands. Which is the wand that
it’s going to open and close the sheer curtain and or the block out curtain.
We’re then going to fit the hooks onto the curtain tape and I’m going to
describe that and show you and then we’re actually going to hang the curtain
and finish the job so you can be done. So the first thing we can do is fit
the Wands. Now I’ve just got a pair of long nose pliers here just makes it a
lot easier just to open up that little lock just there. So once that’s in the
open position, when I go over to the track you can see the tracks got this
wander runner here and it’s got that little piece of metal that hangs down so
if I just put that in position there like that, you can now see that I’ve got
my wand fitted and I’ve got full control of the curtains from back to forth. So
this track here today is a center open so you may only have a wand on one end
or you might have two but you can see with the wands that you’ve got, about how
to install those. So now that the wands installed, the next thing we need to do is
fit the hooks onto the sheer curtain itself. Now this is a curtain that we’re
going to install and when we do this – I’m going to actually take one out – Once we do this here Sal, can you just come down with that – you can see that there’s a
half a box, one box, two boxes, and on the third box you’re going to see that
little gray mark just there. So that’s exactly where we start. So we get our
hook and we put it straight through the hole there where that little mark is and
then we turn it around. You can see I’ve got the hook installed. Can you see that
Sal? Okay now with the rest of the hooks here we’ve got one, two, three, four, five
empty boxes and then we install another little hook then we’ve got one, two, three,
four, five and then we store the hook. Now we’ve got a little marking on exactly
where those hook positions are for those plastic
hooks and you can see as I go along the length of this curtain here I’ve got
five spaces and then I end up exactly the same on the end with half a box,
one, two, and then the hook in the third box there. But it’s all marked for you
and it’s ready to go. So once you’ve installed those hooks, all we’re going to
do is hang the curtain. You can see today I’m just wearing some gloves so that I
don’t want to mark the curtain now. Some of the curtains can be quite heavy,
so if you take the weight of the actual sheer curtain over your shoulder as I’m
doing here, it just makes it nice and easy and it’s not so hard on your hands. So once my hooks are installed, I’ve just just got to fit those onto the runners. I like
to start with the curtain so the runners all the way across. All I’m going to do
with my hook there is just clip it into the runner like that. Now it’s really
important that you don’t miss one because if you do miss one, then you’re
going to go back and start all over again and take them off, so don’t miss one. If I keep going through here it’s nice and simple, just clipping those
through. The amount of hooks that you’re going to have, are going to perfectly
match the runners that are here in the track. And we’re going to miss our wand
and then we’re going to put one in the last one just there. So our curtains are now installed and I can let that hang down. So you can see
that’s now positioned itself perfectly in that perfect wave fold
format so it’s really easy to do but just take the weight of the curtain over
your shoulder, or have someone lift the weight of the curtain because otherwise
your forearms will just kill you by the time you get to the end. So you can
see now it’s taken a perfect shape and it’s returning beautifully back to the
wall and goes back front back front back front back front and again in the middle
here it’s returning exactly back to the wall so I know that I haven’t missed one
okay. So this is a centre open I’m going to move
that track again across to the middle and I’m going to take my second curtain just
here and I’m just going to show you exactly how that fits. So again the hooks
have been fitted and you can see I’ve got that spacing that I talked about
earlier. So we’re going to take the weight of the curtain over my shoulder and I’m
just going to install the rest of these. So start from one end. It doesn’t really
matter what end you start from but I’m going to start and I’m going to click that
into the first runner there and finish the job. So this is now starting to
come to life and I’ve got just a few more to go and you can see once again
that the amount of hooks match up perfectly with the runners. And that guy there is fitted.
See how this is now not correct, it’s not hanging in
that perfect sort of wave file format. So what I’m going to do is start from my
end front back, front back, front back. I’m going to push that into position front back. And you can see the curtain has now taken that beautiful wave fold
you see I return to the ends at either end. I now push that to the side, you see
my stack is now perfect and the curtain is draping perfectly and I’ve now
completed installation. So that was the center open. If we’re doing a left hand
stack or a right hand stack or a free floating the process is exactly the same
and job’s done. Thanks!


Hi there,
I have double wheel runners /gliders in curtain track . Am i able to hang S wave curtain with plastic hooks into that runners?

Fantastic video. Lovely that it's made by an Aussie too. Thanks for making my first foray, at 49, into curtain production easy! Making the curtains next from a velvet fabric and using curtains weights. Any tips on how to hem these in? I've purchased the weights by the total width of the window and doubled it.

Great video! I’m from the US. I don’t suppose you would know of a company in the US that I can order the track hardware (inside or ceiling mount), And the curtain tape?

Hi! I like the type of your curtain rail.. can you send me a website perhaps who sells same rail online, preferably that ships internationally. Thanks!

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