Curtain Wash | How To Wash Curtains With Rings In Washing Machine and Iron At Home In Hindi

Greetings!! welcome to Radhe Radhe Production Today we will tell you how you can wash curtains at home These are our previous 3 videos, if you wish you can watch them as well First of all put detergent in a bucket and put water and a chemical called tipon in it you can wash 3-4 curtains in this much quantity of water Then put the curtain inside the tipon solution and soak it completely and let it remain in the tipon solution for around 5-7 minutes if the curtain is very dirty, you can keep it for 10 minutes in the tipon solution as well Pull out the curtain from its top end just like this and squeeze out all the chemical soaked by it so it can be used to wash other clothes During this process, make sure that as minimum as possible quantity of water should be used and water is not being wasted. If you a netted curtain, no need to apply soap but if you have a synthetic cotton fabric curtain, then wherever you see lot of dirt there you can gently apple soap and brush it mildly now wash the curtain in fresh water and then put it in the bucket filled with white vinegar and water Weight of the curtain increases significantly after going in the water that is why you have to take it out just like this, slowly folding it and make sure that the curtain is folded in a way that its metal rings stay on the inside so that when it is out into the washing machine, it doesnt collide with the inside boundaries of the washing machine If the curtain if synthetic cotton, it shall be washed only But if it is raw colour, silk or tussar, it shall be drycleaned after the putting the curtain in the washing machine you have to spin it for a short while at a moderate speed then turn it off and turn it on again. This will prevent the metal rings from getting damaged. Also make sure, if curtain is of raw colour use lesser quantity of the chemical after drying out the curtain in the sun, now we will iron them this process required at least 2 people both of them should hold and stretch one end of the curtain and put a rod through the metal ring holes to fold it make sure all the folds are properly aligned with each other if you dont follow this step, you will have to iron them all over again First of all, soak a thick cotton cloth in water squeeze out properly and spread it flat over the folded curtain and now put hot iron on this putting hot iron on a wet cloth produces steam and that steam goes inside out of the curtains now fold it from one end align the folds spread the wet cloth again and keep hot press over again and just like this, keep repeating the process process shown in fast forward motion to keep the video as short as possible after ironing, dry the curtain under the fan if it is a netted curtain you have to iron it very gently Radhe Radhe. Jai Shree Krishna. Thank You We hope you liked this video


Sir tipon me ye char chiz kon kon se h plz enke name batao n or enhe kitni matra m milana h sir mai aap ka vidio jaroor dekhta hu thank you for idiyaas

Tipon ke jagha par surfxel aap ne batya comment reply mein kya yeh bhi same work karega aur curtain shrink to nshin honge ,ya phir colour to kharab nahin hoga curtain ka

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