Cuphead the Musical (feat. Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle & Jacksepticeye) [by Random Encounters]

Elder Kettle: Once upon a time there was a little fella named Cuphead. (kind of sound like jacksepticeye.) He and his brother had a bit of a gambling problem. (oh no) and things kind of got out of hand. [Devil/markiplier: Insert evil laugh] The sleazy townsfolk met together that night to discuss the problem, knowing that Cuphead would soon be coming for them… (why just why is the onion crying) Hilda: You’ve all probably heard the rumors… Cagney: About this plucky little fella named Cuphead! Captain Brineybeard: He’s coming to collect our deals for the devil! (yeah don’t care about that.) Dr. Kahl: and we need to stop him… Hilda: (starting singing) Hey! He’s comin’ this way, so beware! [bird screek] Djimmi: Say! let’s shoot him right out of the air! Ha ha ha! Baroness: I could put him on icing myself! Root Pack: And we three veggies won’t be so good for his health! Goopy: (laugh) Let’s just smash him! Cala: Or whack him with a trout! (screems) Ribby and Croaks: We could thrash him… Brineybeard: And then pour his insides out! [Octopus: spitting noises] (gross) All: We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! We’re gonna make him die! We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! With a big goodbye! (oh my god) We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! We’re gonna make him pay! His debt to the devil… Is comin’ due today! Wally: Aw, just wait ’til I get my wings on that Cuphead! Rumor: I’d like to chip this china… Blind Specter: I’ll see that his life is cut short! [SCREAMS] (:( ) Rumor: While I call in the cops to come bee support! (oh god no please no) Beppi: Why not give him the ride of his life! (Crash, horn beeps twice) Cagney: Then shank that shnook with a briar sharp as a knife! [Maniacal laughing] Dr. Kahl: Let’s use science! (what is that robot in the house?) Werner: And arm ourselves for war! Wally: Sky high violence… Wally Jr.: (high voice of mat pat) Is what Cuphead has in store! All: We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! We’re gonna make him die! Cala: We’re gonna make him fish food! (why is she creeping me out) Werner: And zhen ve’ll make him fry! All: We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! We’re gonna make him pay! His debt to the devil… Is comin’ due today! (hey we didn’t see the cat before) Hilda: One shift of the stars and the tide is sure to turn! (mean to turn into a moon) Ribby and Croaks: Too bad Cuphead’s about to lose big! Grim: Three heads will hunt him till Cuphead feels the burn! Sally: For the rest of his headlining gig! Ha ha! King Dice: They call me King Dice, ’cause that’s who I am! (oh hey there nate) A royal pain whose diabolical plan To close some contracts needs a sucker or two. So come on, Cuphead! Kid, I’m talking to you! Come shake my hand! We got a deal? Good! ‘Cause now it gets real! (uh oh don’t tell me) Devil/markiplier: You agreed to my game and you lost! (yay markiplier turn 🙂 ) You accepted the odds, now you’ll cough up the cost! (uh oh too close to cuphead) Don’t screw with me, kid, or I swear… (or what?) I’ll take my tea from your skull like cheap chinaware! (please dont do it to me. 🙁 ) Phear Lap: Scare him! (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) Mr. Wheezy: Scorch him! (segeret?) Tipsy Troop (Rum): Let’s liquify his brains! ( is aj drunk) Dr. Kahl: Taze him! (why do you have a flame coming out of the taser?) (it’s a rocket booster, whoever was there before…) Grim: Torch him! (burn him BBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNN) Goopy: And then bury his remains! (tombstone goopy?) All: We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! (Darkiplier laugh) We’re gonna make him die! (you mean to kill him) Sally: It’s his final curtain! (angel sally! :L) Blind specter: And the end is ni-IIIIGH! (blind man or a ghost) (both.) All: We’re gonna kill off Cuphead! (why did he pop out of no where) We’re gonna make him pay! (monkey and beard man?) His debt to the devil… (she turn into a evil lady.) King Dice: Is comin’ due today! (once) All: Is comin’ due today! (twice) All: Is comin’ due today! (thrice) All: Is comin’ due today! (4th) Devil: Is comin’ due today. (markiplier 5th/last) [DARKIPLIER END IT ALL] Elder Kettle: And they all lived happily ever after! (what? what happen to jacksepticeye) Wait. No they didn’t. I’m pretty sure those people killed him. (Im sure you did it well.) [Throws book] Oh well! (YAIGHT) Circle of life! Porkrind: Welcome! Buy Random Encounters music and merch down in the description! And ring this bell to be notified when new videos go live! Support new musicals and get exclusive perks by backing us on! Beard salute! [Strained oough] Special thanks to our Patreon Ecounterers, like O.J. Richarson! I ALSO FINISH EDITING THIS!


A HUGE THANK YOU to the whole cast for bringing these awesome characters to life! You guys were great to work with! 😀

And for anyone who hates our animation: we're sorry. You've all had your chance (five long months of it!) to make this first and better. Now you're stuck with this cute little After Effects abomination. <3 We aren't an animation channel any more than Pewdiepie is a YouTube chef… but that makes us even more proud to have created this all on our own! 😀

THAT SAID… If you're an ANIMATOR who WANTS to try doing better… get in touch with us! This channel LOVES doing bigger and better things, and if you can help do them, we'd like to work with you. 🙂 Use our email to send us your work!

I stopped watching at the part where "Let's just smash him" and it started like SMASH HIM!. I'm crying. It's so funny.

How dare you not include my fav boss..

the tutorial
If you dont count that as a boss then I guess peter was my fav (goopy)
Or aj (werner)

You guys stop hating on their animation, it was their first try. And they’re probably not going to do it again. I thing they did great for the first time they did animation. It has a goofy charm to it, and this is coming from someone who does animation. I did even worse when doing animation for the first time.

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