Creative Painting Techniques ! 12 Back to School DIY Art Ideas

And now, we paint. Oh, not so fast, girl! Argh, Adam couldn’t have found a better
time for chit-chat, huh? Oh, dear… What a… stroke. But maybe… The first brushstroke might have been accidental. What truly matters, though, is a good finish. Soak your pillowcase in soda ash for 30 minutes
and put it wadded up on the baking rack. Start arranging ice cubes on the fabric—anywhere
you like and as many as you can fit. Now sprinkle some dry textile dye, any color
you want. I know, it looks pretty messy now, but bear
with me! You can combine different shades as well! Now let the ice cubes do their magic!~ When melting, water will spread along with the dye, giving the fabric a marvelous cloudy
effect! Now all that’s left is to wash, let it dry,
and fill the case with your pillow. You may have delayed your painting session
on a canvas, but, to be honest, anything works as long as it’s an artful attempt. You see, not all art pieces are framed and
hung on walls From an accidental stroke to a marvelous pillow
case design. Special orange snowflakes, right? And the manifestation of Victoria’s imagination
is finally… Done. Isn’t it a bit too… sketchy…? Um.. no, it looks totally… well… fine. Victoria thinks that she blue it. Our painter here might be feeling quite blue
now. But we can use that to our advantage. You will need a big bottle of acrylic paint,
any color you like. Add some water inside it, we will need to
create the right density. Shake it a bit so the water fully mixes with
the paint. Stick a piece of tape with a thread to the
bottom of the bottle. And now, use a simple camera tripod to hang
up the other end of the thread. Unplug the bottle and… Let it go! What smells like blue paint, but is red? Red paint, duuh! Using simple principles of physics and simple
tools, you can create mesmerizing patterns just like that! That’s a whole new level of splash art! Now, this piece definitely deserves a place
on the wall! Sometimes all it takes is to get into the
right frame of mind. Although this one doesn’t need a frame at
all! [chuckle] Jess, you’re really in an upward spiral! Will you pull off that perfect circle… Suuuuuryyyyyoucan! Seems our karate kid is ready to attend a tournament. Jacob knows karate, kung fu, jujitsu, judo…
and all other words like that! It shouldn’t be too hard, right? Kiiya! Wooo! KIIIYYYYA! Ouch. That is not where the punchline is supposed
to be, buddy… So that is why people go to dojos to learn
martial arts! You need a good cover-up for this failed punch. Now. Grab a sheet of paper and start circling using
a spirograph and a colored pen. Draw the shapes just like that, side by side. It’s best if you draw with a marker or a
colored pen for the perfect thin lines. One by one, and our paper has started blooming
just like a real field of flowers. Get it ready for the exhibition. Well, now it sure looks like you’ve passed
the test with more flying colors than white and brown, Jacob! Flower power, alright! KIYAAA, what a karate chop! Well… As long as she gets the picture and doesn’t
peek behind it, we’re fine! Taxes… Taxes… Oooh, a letter to Victoria! What might that be? And they say that the age of letters has long
passed! An invitation to Emma’s birthday! Gotta buy something for her… Oh… Okay, I guess that’s a no-go. Well, if it has to be DIY, then so be it! Throw down a line of green acrylic paint and
use that letter opener to spread the paint just like that. For a realistic effect, be sure to lift the
blade a bit to create nodes on the bamboo stalk. Wow, bamboo sure grows fast! Once you get the hang of it, the forest will
basically grow by itself! Don’t forget to add some thin branches and
leaves. Frame this beautiful green forest neatly and
get it ready for delivery! Did you really think that Victoria wouldn’t
show up? Well, folks, you were bamboozled! This piece has to be hung on the walls as
soon as possible! A forest does not deserve to lay flat on the
ground, after all! Who would have thought that it would be so
easy to do it yourself! Well, this picture sure brings all our fellow
Pandas together! Wow, such an amazing texture! Jessica can already see this artwork on her
wall right there! Even the size fits! Unique… and exquisite… No way her piggy bank holds such an amount
of savings… [sigh] Just forget it, girl… Better take a bowl and fill it with white
acrylic paint. Add a bit of water. And a splash of treadmill silicone. Mix it all up. And pour the mixture right onto the canvas. Spread it across the surface. This will be the primer for your painting. Now add some more shades, starting from the
center just like that. Doesn’t it look cool already? Now use a palette knife aaaaaand spin it round
and round! Add some more drops of silicone for an extra
touch! Wow, don’t these remind you of small planets
in a galaxy? And let it dry! The possibilities of this technique are as
endless as this mesmerizing spiral! Wow, I can really feel gravity pulling me
towards this galaxy! Sometimes you get really creative when you
just don’t have enough money for a real artist’s work! Jessica is focused on getting rid of this
mess on the floor. But a stick has two ends. Just like this broom is long enough to reach
the fragile contents of the coffee table… Why bother cleaning up one mess if you end
up making another… Are you feeling bouquet, Jess? Get your Guns ’n’ Roses ready, girl! Let’s get crafting! Grab a bowl with half a cup of water in it. Add a full cup of plaster and mix it all up. Now take an artificial flower and take out
whatever center part it has. Dip it straight into the mixture, don’t
be shy, let the excess plaster drip. Take a petal out of the center part, it should
have an even layer just like this one. And submerge it in the mixture as well. Now, put the flower on a baking rack to let
it dry. Oh, and don’t forget the middle petal! Try to spread the whole flower a bit, make
it bloom! Approximately two hours should be enough for
this dripping bunch of petals to become a sturdy and ever-blooming white flower! Just the spot for a candle! We did break a vase, but with crafts like
this, it won’t be missed! Sugar, spice, and everything… nice. All these ingredients plus Chemical X were
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down below! Say, cheeeeese! Just the occasion for the boys to play a bit
of football. Hey, pal, fetch! Just kidding, Adam’s gotta tie his shoelaces. Oh-oh, I don’t think he heard your last
comment! Oh… Um, what’s up? Definitely not this decoration… Now you’ve done it, fellas… Let’s say… Wait, I think an idea has sparkled up! Just grab a stencil of your choice and draw
lines like these using the flame of a Bengal light stick. Don’t put the flame too close though and
be careful with it. You are drawing with the soot that is forming
up during this close encounter between the flame and the paper. Combine it with detailed taps of a paintbrush
– the trees here need some green on them! Meanwhile, the grass will be easily done with
a spongy material. And we’re done! This drawing technique with fire is called
fumage and there’s a billion ways how you can use it! Let your creativity be as free as a wild horse. You surely hoofed it off with style. Well then, the show must go on, but it doesn’t
mean… That you can keep playing! You boys, are grounded. Alright, new month, new page, new beginning! New cake…? Starting with a sharp mind aaaand… A not so sharp pen… It takes time to gather up the motivation
for such handwriting, there’s no way a bent pen is stopping her now! Nothing at hand…
What about Jacob’s? His are full of this delicious sweet… HEY, wait a second! Sweetheart, your cake will wait. For now, a simple fork will do the job! Grab a plastic spoon and fill it with black
ink. Grab the fork and dip it into the ink, did
you write it down? You can still do it – yep, you heard me! Just be sure to use the form of the fork to
your advantage as well! Better get ready for the upcoming Inktober
season, after trying this technique, you will surely want to take on any challenges like this! Wooooow! Jacob’s not even mad about this! Despite that, you still need another hack
on how to eat a cake without a fork… Nevermind, this calligraphy session sure draws
his whole attention! Hey…! Oh… Wow, Emily. You’re GREAT at cleaning up… Way to go cracking your Grandma’s stuffl… You better grab a paper cup and fill it with
acrylic paint and a drop of water. Mix it up. Be sure to prepare more colors the same way. You’ll also need a white empty plate and a trusty strainer spoon! Yep, you heard me! Pour your colors through the spoon, mix different
ones Throw any pigments of your own imagination
straight through the strainer! Magnificent! Artwork’s in progress though! Grab the plate and move the puddle around
it, so the whole surface would be covered. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with this
and keep splashing! After an exhausting splattering process, you
deserve to rest and leave the plate to dry as well! If you intended to trick your Grandma by presenting
this as the same old antique plate you’ve shattered, well, it may not work. But in the end, art has to be always up to
date, right? Hey, Crafty Pandas,
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