Create your own stencils With the Scan n Cut + Home Decor Canvas with Nuvo Expanding Mousse

We all have those glory days memories
and times of our life we want to be sure and remember I’m julie fei-fan balzer
and our first guest is Alexandra Stapleton with a really cool memory
canvass hi I love this this is beautiful and I look a great way to incorporate a
photo into your home decor it really is it’s a really fun project and today
we’re gonna be creating our own stencils whoo now you’re speaking my language
let’s do it okay so I’m gonna be using my electronic cutter I’ve already loaded
in a really pretty butterfly design and I’m just using an acrylic shape you can
see here it’s just called a stencil blank sheet so I put it on my mat and
I’m just gonna set it cutting well we’re gonna be playing with some fun paints
here I don’t really like making my own stencils because then you can customize
the size you can customize exactly how you know what the design is like you
don’t have to go searching through the store to find the right thing right you
just make it exactly and the great thing with this is you end up with two parts
so I have this pretty butterfly but then I have the blank and you can see on the
sample I’ve done it two ways I have the blank and I have the lazy butterfly so
you can use both parts of those stencils as well super cool so let’s use one of
them I’m going to use a special mousse so this mousse adds texture but we’re
going to heat it and then something special happens to it now this is the
white version there are colors as well kind of pearlized as a medley it’s not a
flat white like like gesso or modeling paste or something right that has my
Corrine it’s he’s gonna have a beautiful shimmer and we’re gonna add some powders
that has even more mica to add even more shimmer because I’m all about the
glitter and shimmer in my project so basically when you add those whoa that
did not turn the color I thought it was going to that was amazing I thought of
just gonna be a very pale purple so they’re all the pinks and blues is a
color bus so we have purple pink blue just a spritz of water on that and then
I’m just going to work in with my palette knife and you can see here so
this actually look reminds me of like coloring like royal icing or frosting or
something like that where you are really just however much you put in
you know your food coloring or whatever the same idea right that’s gonna change
the color yes and the more you work in the more solid if I work in less you can
see I get kind of all of those I live there again in color oh my gosh
yes so right now are you working on a piece of glass to mix so this is a glass
mat and then this is a nonstick mat okay it makes easy clear up so I what I’m
gonna do is just like icing a cake look at that color variation where it’s not
one this is the people always say like why do you mix your own colors and I am
a huge proponent of it because I think that when you use a color straight out
of a tube or a can what you’re getting is somebody else’s flat color when you
mix your own colors that’s when the magic happens and you really are putting
yourself into the art yes I like to do when I use these outline stencils is I
go to bit over the edge so you get to see that outline and I do want to point
out Alexandra something that you did that I think shows the expert crafter
you are which is even when stuff shifts you don’t panic you don’t worry you just
put it back down if it’s not perfect that’s not the goal
no and that’s something about mixed-media now you know I’m not a
mixed-media artist my we are all mixed-media artist
well I’m a bit too formal I’m a card maker normally so there’s some cards at
the front there and that’s normally what I do but I have real fun at playing with
these mediums and it was kind of nice to do something a little bit different so
you can see here this is beautiful you’ve got some wonderful shimmer in
here and I put a crackle base down so it really kind of highlights the the
shimmers and things in there and now I’m gonna take my heat gun and I’m gonna
heat it and if you watch it’s gonna change it’s gonna go a little bit dull
but something else is going to happen to it
makes the magic happen so is there any rules about how close or far with the
heat then you want to be no you probably around about an inch away and you don’t
want to use a hairdryer this is a special heat gun it gets for about 400
degrees and it’s about to start going I can kind of stop just a change like when
you’re using embossing powder and ooh I can see it traveling down basically it’s
getting so much stir like it’s both darkening and it’s it’s not quite like a
pratfall finish it’s more like alligator skin or little bumps of some kind I
would say that’s super cool so is that so it’s drying it I assume as it dries
it it does this now if you didn’t use a heat gun if you like let’s say left it
overnight would it work or it has to be heat activated it has to be heat
activated I’m gonna just leave that half for now you can really see the
comparison now between this side and that’s it the color is so much richer
and deeper and the texture is amazing exactly but what you’ll find is if you
left this to dry overnight and then heated it you’ll get a different effect
from the heat really it’s really fun to play around with heck how thick it is
how dry it is and you’ll find you get different textures in there this is a
glitter duster so this is controlled glitter there is no such thing as
controlled glitter look oh my gosh it’s just adding like fairy sparkles on it
and it’s just gonna stick where the glue is just gonna sit where the glue is this
was a clear glue so anywhere that the glitter hasn’t stuck to and you just get
that little hint so cool and there’s no big mess I don’t need a piece of paper
and then worry about putting it back in so how do we include now the photo right
the the time of our life the memory you want to remember into our campus so I
used a die cut and this is a two piece die cut that I used here so I did the
first one I can’t just as a blank and make my photo on and then the second one
I used the blank and the oval that was in the middle so that’s how I got this
and I added some double-sided adhesive which means I can then just peel off
this top piece are you basically gonna create a sandwich now so that you didn’t
need to be neat and nice or anything like that about cutting the photo
because it’s just gonna fit right in there
exactly SuperDuper easy I love that so then this will fit perfectly on top
because it’s nice and symmetrical and then you can just add it onto the canvas
you can have something so special and unique I love it and you can decorate it
any way you like and it seems like our stencil is done yes I can’t wait to see
that but now of course we can make so many more different projects and you can
reuse these stencils over and over again that is the nice thing of course about a
plastic stencil which is that you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty or
wet or anything like that because it’s meant to be used and abused yes the
stencils even on paper make a piece of art in themselves too and they can
incorporate them as collage I mean it just keeps going and going in if we look
at some of the finished ones I can see how you have incorporated the photos
whether somebody has a whimsical style or a more sort of artsy style it is one
of those things that you hang in your house and people want to get closer look
at it touch it is it okay if people touch it touch it okay and we even you I
can see some gilding on the edges just a lot of really fun textural techniques
they get people excited


Hello, can you please tell me the coupon code for LDRS? I click the link in the description but it just brings me to the site. I go to checkout & nothing happens. Also the Ellen Hudson coupon never works either. I put it i. Exactly & I do not have mamma elephant in my cart & still doesn't work. 🤔🤔🤔 Thank you for your time! ❤😘

Hi Alexandra! I’ve had this show programmed on my DVR and it never recorded. I know with some cable companies there are several PBS channels and I guess I don’t get the channel you were on. So thank you thank you for posting it here! Loved this show and so enjoyed watching. You are great for and on television! What product did you use to make your stencil? Is there any specific kind of cut file needed to make stencils? Can you make a stencil on a Cricut Maker? That is the machine I use! Thank you again for this technique video!! Love it! ~ katz b

I also make stencils with my Cricut. I love how you changed the color of the Expanding Mousse using Color Bursts!!! I really need to get some of that Expanding Mousse and give that a try…..awesome effect!!! Beautiful canvas! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hugs…Janie

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