hi guys Becca and welcome to the
carriage house a channel that is all about enriching a hearth and home and
today I have a cozy autumn tour of our little farmhouse here out in the country
and I’ve got our candles lit I had a creamy autumn wild rice and sweet potato
soup that’s simmering on the stove and I’ll have some good relaxing music
playing so I’m hoping they’ll get you into a cozy fall mood and I will be
showing the living room the dining room the kitchen and our guest bedroom the
guest bathroom and even our homeschool room I’ve got that all decorated so as
always say go ahead and grab something cozy to sip on and we’ll go ahead and
start the quick dad tour together I hope you enjoyed this cozy little
farmhouse autumn home tour and thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to
see you in my next video which is always posted on Monday nights and occasionally
I will post in-between so you could hit the notification bell if you’re
interested and be notified when those in between videos are but thank you so much
for those who support this channel and if you are new then welcome here and
happy fall thanks bye


So lovely and cozy as always!! I've been so excited for your tour this year! 🙂 Gorgeous! I am so curious how you get everything done as a mama to several kiddos, homeschooling, and still keep such a tidy house and everything. Would be so interested in a day in the life or routine type of video if you ever wanted to do one of those!

Always love your home tours !! Everything is so pretty , cozy and clean ! That soup looks yummy !!! Tfs Sherry @Queen Beez Vintage

I just stumbled across your channel and was so surprised to hear you say you lived in Iowa, especially with your accent! What area of Iowa do you live in? We just bought a 120 year old house in Williamsburg, so I have been really excited to decorate for fall. I got great inspiration from your videos!

Your silver cat looks like it has eyeliner on. Your black cat and silver cat are beautiful. ???? Your white cat is beautiful too.

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