Couples Try DIY Wedding Decorations

– We’ve actually made
titty tassels before. – (laughs) Pretty cool (upbeat music)
(hinges creak) – I’m getting married in a couple weeks, and I’m super excited. For many reasons, not least
of which is to be done with wedding planning. Wedding planning is not
for the faint of heart. There are so many details, your emotions are all wrapped up in it, and everything is so goddamned expensive. I started to think maybe I
should just DIY it a lot more, and so I searched on Pinterest for the easiest wedding
decorations you could make. I found a bunch, and then I realized I do not have the emotional
bandwidth at this time to even begin to start a DIY project. So, I’m making my coworkers
and friends try it. I got a married couple,
I got an engaged couple. Let’s see what they can do. – We are planning a wedding,
and it is horrifying. – We got married last year. We had our one-year
anniversary this Summer. – Yeah, we did. – It’s a lot. – Yeah, there is so much to do. There are so many tiny details. – We have both South
Asian and African Family. It was three days, as well. – I have a ton of DIY stuff pinned. – Yeah. – But, I also know myself, and I know I’m not that
good at making things. – But there were these
just huge 3-D flowers that I wanted to make.
(man laughs) I even did a practice
round of making them, but it totally was a disaster. – I think I’ll be better than Sarah. – He’s probably right. (laughs) (rock music) – It looks like it’s tassels that hang like this from a string. – Two at once, or one first and then figure it out.
– Ooh, yeah yeah yeah, let’s do some layers! – No, I didn’t mean two, I
mean two at once, like you — – Nah, nah, let’s do layers! – Fold a piece of tissue paper in half, and then half the other way. Cut strips toward the
fold to create fringe, leaving about one inch
uncut at the fold line. – You know.
– We’re already going off the script.
– Yeah, yeah. – Partway through my first
piece of tissue paper, and I’m already over it. – Like, these are for a wedding, can you please take this seriously? – Mine are way thicker than yours. Like, mine are thick. – That’s good cuts? – They’re better than mine. – What’s does fringe mean? I
don’t know what that means. – Funny like, blunt-rolling technique,
(laughs) like with tassels at the end of it. – No, but, what’s the next step? – I don’t know, I feel
like you just tie it. – They make a loop? – That’ll have to do I think.
(snickers) – Ooh!
– Tassels! – I think it would take
at least 8 hours to make a wedding’s worth
– There’s no way. – of these tassels. – But it doesn’t look very good. – They don’t look good at all. – We’re not gonna make tassels. (scoffs) (old timey music) – We’re about to do like
DIY flower centerpieces out of paper. And I’m actually interested in this. – I knew flowers would be expensive, but I didn’t realize how expensive! – Yeap. Yeah. – I’ve heard of people
making fabric flowers. I’m considering it. – I think we wanna make the petal. A bunch of petals and
then we tie them together. Alright, so let’s just make some petals. – It’s starting to look like a flower. – Yeah, brag about it. – How do you change directions? – Just like… you know, just like, flow! – Just to show you what Sarah just did. She used the instructions
portion of the tape– – I’m so stressed out, like… (sighs) – They were like this, and then the next picture’s
like a beautiful flower. I don’t know how…
(laughs) I don’t know how it got there. – Go for it, go for it. – I’m, like, gonna go
on Pinterest and unpin everything I ever pinned. – Wow!
– I think these look beautiful (laughs) – Hope you’re getting Sarah muttering under her breath
while she makes flowers. – We are not done! – I refuse to make another one. – No! (laughs)
– I’ll help you, though. – Whoa. (laughs)
– Yours is so bad! – That’s way too much work! Real flowers, it’s a plant based material. (tropical music) – We are now going to
make marbled votives. – This is the votive. – You put a candle in it. – You just like, drop, drop, drop. Roll, roll, roll. Done! – Put a few drops of
nail polish in the water. (yelps) – All coming off on the toothpick! – You’re probably going too fast. (laughs)
– Oh… I ruined it. – Please gently dip below the surface. – Ooh… roll. (laughs) – Ooh!
– Okay, roll… Ay! Boom!
– Really sick, actually! (laughs mockingly) – Oh, boy… – Oh, man, you spent so
much more time on it. And yours looks equally as shitty. (claps)
– Looks like rainbow throw-up. – I’d say the lesson
learned on this one is don’t do it. (classical music) – Some of this DIY stuff is like… I get that you need to have
decorations at your wedding, but like, you know… you
can chill out a little bit. – It’s like communal joy
and also communal suffering through DIY projects.
(laughs) – Even when it’s not DIY. – Do you have any faith in me to DIY anything at our wedding? – Uh, maybe like an outfit for our dog. (laughs) – But if you’re into it, definitely do it, because it’ll make your wedding really unique and personalized. – None of this matters, because… It’s just a wedding. – What?!?
(laughs) I’m just kidding. Like, what is a baby but, like, the world’s most important DIY project? – That’s a stretch. (classical music) (hinges creak)


that's kinda the trade off with wedding stuff. u can either spend money so u don't have to do it yourself or spend hours making something so u can save money

I don't understand the whole experience wedding thing. Save all that money for expensive decorations and use it for the honeymoon.
Some of these decorations look really tacky.

Am i the only one who isn't doing a wedding and im just doing a dinner basically and im saving the wedding money for the honey moon as ill enjoy that more than the wedding for sure

I'm planning things for my future wedding and I don't even have a boyfriend. The good thing is that gather the stuff I like but I leave lots of room for him. I personally would be fine with him getting the Rehearsal dinner all to himself but if he says he's not good at it I'll just surprise him with stuff he likes.

It also helps if you are crafty to begin with. I did diy for my wedding favors but I have been crafting since high school. I made pillow boxes and decorated them with small flowers. I made the invitations for my brothers wedding and it came off of pinterest. I make wedding cakes, so these crafts, for me, are doable.

I'm a 15 year old aspiring singer 🎤 trying to grow my channel and I'd appreciate so much if you'd check it out! I know these type of comments are so annoying but it's just so hard to grow your channel in such a competitive market, thankyou and I hope u have a lovely day ❤️😊

It takes patience and practice to diy. Just throwing people together of course its gonna come out bad. Keep doing the diy and eventually it'll come out the way it should.

Hey guys! I'm a very small YouTuber trying to get out there! I just posted "Doing my sisters makeup" and it's hella funny😂 if you sub, I sub back💗

For my sisters wedding she got those punchers from the craft shop and hand made all her confetti from harry potter and the hobbit books and tissue paper. She also made paper roses out of the books and made a post box for the cards, had bunting hand made by her family. There was probably more but I've forgotten now even though it was a week ago.
Also this was the same year she was dealing with her mum having terminal cancer, moving flats, having a really bad accident etc. I'm so proud of her.

When she said "I have a married couple, and an engaged couple." who else thought that she was gonna bring in Keith + Becky and Ned + Ariel? I got so excited and now I'm sad 🙁

My wedding will consist of waking up in my pajamas, going to the courthouse, leaving with marriage papers, and then celebrating by getting mcdonalds.

If you really love DIY and you are good at it, then it's fine to include some for your wedding. It would be very cool to see your creations at the most important day of your life.

Ive never understood why people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding. Get married at the courthouse and eat food with your close friends and family.

I diy'd my entire wedding honestly. Made paper flowers, made my own shoes, candles, and just kept everything really simple to keep it cheap yet unique.

My husband and I diy'ed centerpieces. They were a glass, water in it, water beads, waterproof remote controlled lights that flash color, and fake floating candles on the top. Two on each table, one taller, one shorter, on a round mirror. It looked awesome.

Two weeks of planning, $600 later, my husband and I got married…if you choose a great venue with great guests, the decorations are totally unnecessary!

Weddings are only as expensive as you make them. Modern day society has tricked you into thinking you need to have big weddings when in reality you should just head down to the court and call it a day

Why is the girl in yellow so negative and keeps putting her man down! Maybe they should work on their relationship before thinking about getting married. Not trying to be rude just calling it as I see it

Videos like this, people talking about all the planning and expense of weddings, make me so glad we eloped. My husband and I had a court house service, went out to dinner after, bought a cheese cake for our celebratory cake, and got drunk af. Way happier than paying out the wazoo to be around people. If you really do love each other, and you're not religious, you don't need some fancy thing to prove that to anyone else.

This is almost certainly because I'm the product of a biracial couple, but I find it so weird when couples look like they could be siblings. Both couples looked similar in their major features.

Does Sarah aka the girl in the yellow not have a whole series dedicated to her being single and trying to date ???? Fake news, im on to you buzzfeed

I dyied the bouquets for the bridesmaids and my own plus the flowers for the men. Made the guest's favours myself and my sister, mum, grandma and aunt diyed the whole decorations. It was absolutely worth it and I think you just need to have the right diy. I didn't want a bouquet that would wilt and so I googled a little and in the end I made bouquets out of Harry Potter bookpages (it hurt to ruin the books but seeing the bouquets – SO worth it!) and ribbon.

I got engaged 2 days ago in universal studios horror nights! Go see it on my channel and please comment tips for wedding planning. ❤

The diys the choose for them to work on were terrible! There are much easier and nicer looking ones on pinterest!

Isnt Buzzfeed LA?? flower district ?? I drove from san diego to los angeles to pick up flowers for my cousins wedding and it was soooooooo much cheaper

Ok, did anybody else think of new and Ariel when they mentioned a married couple? I've been watching too much of the Try Guys 😂

You know it's kind you making yhe desicion to have that many "so many little details". I know society pressure but it's your wedding.

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