Come rasare un muro rovinato o macchiato. Wall decoration #4

Good morning Sirs I’m houseman (l’uomo di casa) like you see today I have work clothes today we talk about walls this wall had a mold problem but today we don’t talk about mold but the mold left a huge stain and I have to put skim coat When we have to put skim coat? when the wall is soiled spotty when there are many paint’s layer when we see many defects holes in this case we use skim coat before paint the wall today we do that skim coating it’s easy operation anyone can do it anyone then like subscribe and share good vision at all good I sanded the wall for remove this huge stain now I use skim coat probably you have to sanding too before use skim coat becouse we have to remove all the imperfection to prepare the wall after sanding you have a problem the powder and if there are many powder the skim coat do not stick so, before start you have to clean the wall …how? if there is not humidity you can use fixative is the same fixative for that you use before paint the wall… fixative then one layer of fixative in the wall wait 1 or 2 hours and start to skim coat but my wall have a problem with humidity and I won’t use fixative because it’s make with glue and I can get worse my humidity problem and I won’t it because I want resolve my mold problem then now I remove powder with wet cloth or a broom you can do what do you want but remove powder after that…start the work good now talk about materials I use this skim coat rasocote 5 plus is plaster-based it’s a good material pro-material I paid 7,90 euros for 25 kg pay attention to the cost it’s not a expensive material don’t buy small bag because small bag are more expensive look for it in a building warehouse 25 kg bag of skim coat plaster-based but if you work in bathroom you have to look for concrete-based ok, now we have to prepare the skim coat if you read on the bag there are the information for the quantity of water that we need for this material are 600 ml/kg now I show you what you have to do good this is trowel you need it to put skim coat you keep it in this way now I show you a easy way to do this work it’s very easy anyone can do it if anyone say no… it’s not the truth if the work is not perfect you can sand after no problem ok now look at me put the skim coat in this way… not many in one side of trowel now you have to put and pull I show you start like this and now I show you you have to leave a little bit of skim coat and pull leave and pull in the corner is the same leave and pull if there are imperfections like this this material is wonderful look at me when it dry it’s perfect we can repair all the wall imperfection stains skim coat is the solution now wait after 24 hours skim coat is dry but maybe there are some imperfections like this now it’s not a problem because the skim coat is plaster we can sand it and recover it not many this is 100 sand paper ok all it’s good if we have orbital sander we can use it it’s easier and faster and spectacular the professional people say that if you put skim coat in good way you don’t need to sanding but we don’t care we do this work homemade… sanding it’s not a problem good after painting this is the result all it’s white ok maybe I talked too much than like subscribe and share and we will see to the next videooooo


Bel lavoro complimenti! Mi tornerà utile quest’estate quando dovrò pitturare la soffitta. Solo una curiosità, avevi esperienze lavorative precedenti dove hai imparato a fare le varie riparazioni che si vedono sul canale o hai fatto tutto da autodidatta? Nel caso dell’autodidatta hai per caso dei libri da consigliare per approcciarsi alla materia?

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