CLEAN WITH ME | Taking down + organizing Christmas decor! ✨

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a happy day so far and a happy
start to your 2020 can’t believe it’s 2020 so crazy
but unfortunately the time has come for me to take down that beautiful beautiful
tree and all of my other Christmas decorations
it is currently New Year’s Eve so it’s fat it’s about 4 it was almost 5 o’clock
right now but we’re not going to our New Year’s Eve party until like 10:00 so I
still have plenty of time to tidy up put all the Christmas decor away and just
make our little home so crisp and clean so we can wake up on the New Year with a
beautiful clean space so that is what I’m gonna be doing today so I’m gonna
take you guys along for a little clean with me and I’ll show you how I store
everything especially living in a small place Brandon and I we live in a
one-bedroom one-bath apartment so we don’t have like a ton of room thankfully
it is a nice size a but we have to get creative when it comes to storing our
Christmas decor and this is my first year storing Christmas decor in this
apartment and I acquired quite a bit more this year so should be interesting
we’re gonna try our best and let’s get going so I’m gonna wait to take down the
tree until the very last second that’s gonna be the last thing we do and then
we’ll have to vacuum because all the little pine needles and whatnot but
basically my plan is to just make a huge pile of all the decorations right here
and then I will try to fit them in our little container that we stored
everything in last year and hopefully it’ll all fit but if not I’ll have to
find other ways to or other spaces to put the items in this is a good before
and after for clean with me because look at this
messy messy messy messy and there’s our IR fryer got a clean bat and then this
is all the goodies I need to pack up oh mylanta
oh mylanta Brannen just took down our decorations
box because we keep it in our closet like on the top of our shelves and I was
not expecting to be this full like it’s already full my goal is to fit all my
Christmas stuff in here and he said good luck so this will definitely be
interesting but hmm okay so we have all these extra Christmas lights I guess I
should test these out to see if they work and then we have a bunch of fall
stuff and this fall stuff yep false yes I just need to go through everything
oh yeah and in fall I decided to save our training supply that I bought so
like our fall change cleaning supply but I’m not gonna do that this time and I’m
actually going to take this out and just put it under the sink so that we can use
it now because I like that idea of saving it for the season but it’s just
not that practical with story and everything and especially if we end up
moving this upcoming year so I’ll keep this little soap but these two will just
go ahead and use so we don’t have to leave them packed up and move them and I
can just get new ones next season before I get started I want to make some fuel
to accompanying me and keep me up till like 1:00 a.m. tonight cuz but I still
have my little hot cocoa the kitchens messing up my air fryer out but I still
have our little hot cocoa sandwich sadly I will be taking down today but I think
I’m gonna make a like hot cocoa latte so if you saw my coffee DIY Christmas
coffee DIYs video you know what I’m talking about but I actually made a
frappe but I’m just gonna do like a hot version of it and I’m gonna make that
and not all keep me company and keep me going but I wanted to show you I’m
actually making cold Brit right now with this cold brew maker that my mom got me
for Christmas so I still have to fill it up all the way but it’s pretty cool I
have to leave it in the fridge for 8 to 12 hours so that it can brew but I think
it’s going to be really really me and that’s gonna be perfect for my
afternoon cups of coffee because in the morning I really really love warm coffee
and then in the afternoon I love cold coffee like I just coffee and so it’s
gonna be super yummy but today I’m kind of in the mood for a cosy drink cuz it’s
a little chilly outside and I just found safe so I’m gonna do tablespoon and a half of
coffee and then I’m gonna infuse a little hot cocoa in my coffee and I
actually have some coffee left over from this morning which I just got grounds in
awesome but I’m just gonna about it all together oh no put some at the top chew and mix
all together once man water it’s done heats up quite a bit I’m not gonna save
this you guys gotta come over and drink hot cocoa with me Trading it one more kiss with the
mistletoe currently in the process of making another cup of coffee cuz my
first one tasted so bad I don’t know what went wrong
I think it was my coffee leftovers from this morning because this morning when I
made coffee I added mint extract my coffee and it
tasted good this morning like I just thought it was a tiny bit but I think
since there was only a little bit left all the mint extract was just sitting at
the bottom and it just tasted too strong and like chemically so round two here we
go welcome box that was part of a gift that
my dad gave us and I’m gonna use it to store our ornaments because I don’t have
like a little box for them yet and I’ll probably have some extra room because we
don’t have too many ornaments and so I’ll put like our little coffee mugs and
stuff I’ll wrap them up and then I’ll put them in there hey so we still have a lot left even
though this little container is pretty much full I have a few little nooks and
crannies I can kind of shove a few more items in but stuff like that like it is
just not gonna fit so she was all my big pumpkins from fall so I’ll try my best
to fit some more but these little guys I will just hide in different corners over
her apartment like in the utility closet and under our bed which Brandon does not
like he loves all of it to be in one place but just gotta make it work also I
wanted to put like my Christmas PJs and my slippers and all that good stuff with
my decorations cuz I I really don’t need to wear until Christmas rolls around
next year so I think I’ll be able to squeeze a few of these things in this
container but then the rest I’ll just put in a baggie and then place with like
my tree and my pillows under the bed goodnight the utility closet this is
what I’m talking about it’s just like where your air vent is this Jeff usually
there’s linen apartments but there’s like this extra room back here on both
sides we have some boxes for moving but like there’s definitely room look at
that I mean it’s not ideal but I can find a few things record I was a time I was just wrestling with
the Christmas knife for about 15 minutes um if we ever well we will probably get
a bigger treat that’s a six-foot tree and it’s super super cute for our little
apartment in fact I think when we get a house we’ll want to get like a taller
tree and a bigger tree and then we can put that one like in our master bedroom
or something like that but I’m gonna get a pre lit one for short because with a
smaller tree its yeah it was a little frustrating to untangle the lights but
it wasn’t that big of a deal but if it was like a nine-foot tree it would be
very very tricky so I think pre lit is the way to go but then what if the
lights died I guess you could just put new lights around I don’t know decisions
but this is where we’re at it’s looking so boring without the chui I’m gonna
need to get some new decorations maybe a little IKEA vlog I actually really do
want to go to Ikea soon to get some more organization storage bins and stuff like
that and I want to like redo our fridge and make it super super cool with like a
bunch of containers and stuff like Pinterest E so let me know if you guys
would like to see that in a video but this is a situation I’m gonna wait till
Brandon gets home because I’m having some trouble taking the legs off of the
tree on the bottom so I’m gonna see if he knows if there’s a secret to it or if
I’m just like being a little weakling but I’m gonna wait for him and then this
is our pile of other decorations I’m going to take all these like textiles
this is the tree skirt and then I have my Christmas blanket in PJs and pillows
and probably put these in a garbage bag or a big retail bag and then shove them
under the bed taking over he was actually the throw
organizer I have nothing on him he didn’t approve of my organizing so we
had to readjust okay friends that is all I have left in me I have to conserve my
energy because it’s only like 8:30 p.m. and I feel so tired and it’s still got a
garden party and celebrate the new year so it might take a little nap but that
was very productive and we have a nice clean apartment I still have some
problem areas like my closet and all the blankets I need to hide under the bed
but I’m gonna leave that for another day but let me know if you guys enjoyed
these videos I want to do a shot with me at IKEA for organization and I want to
do a closet clean-out and I want to do a fridge organization video so let me know
if you guys would want to see those because I’m gonna be doing them the next
couple of weeks to kick off the new year and get all organized so excited for
that lots more fun cleaning satisfying and Spode to come but I love you guys so
much thank you for watching I hope you have a beautiful 2020 and I’ll see you
super soon thank you


This was just what I needed to get motivated to take down my Christmas decor! I find it so sad to get rid of the beautiful decor, but excited to have a fresh space again for the new year 😊❤️

I am trying to fill our home with spring goodies so I don’t miss the Christmas goodies going away as much. 😁😁😁🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼

Hi Allison can you pls do a 2020 night or morning routine I love your vids so much keep up Allison cause your so inspirational you deserve a billion sub's 😀😀😀😀

Happy new years!!

Also! For the pjs and pillows you could probably use vacuum seal bags? They were such a life saver and space saver when it came to moving my clothes to another state

Your videos are always so uplifting and encouraging! I wish that I discovered your channel sooner than later since it's always bring so much joy in my heart

yesssssssssssssssss!!! i would definitely want a organization video/fridge video!! and an ikea vlog/ cleaning videos, you are the best Allison!! thank you for just being YOU!!

Taking down decorations is always hard so the fact that you make it so easy for yourself and I love to see you do it and it really motivates me so much

Allison can you please share what app you use to edit your thumb nails? And maybe one day how you edit your YouTube videos? I’m so obsessed with how you edit and I’d love to know what you use to do so!

Haha my husband sometimes has to "readjust" my organizing especially with bulky items 😃 if you do get a pre-lit tree and the lights go out, they do have a gadget that tells you exactly where the outage is so you could quickly replace that bulb. It is very handy! 🎄 Would love any organizing tips!

you should definitely get seperate bins for each holiday, thats what we do! we get the big ones from walmart and they’re perfect!:)

I love your videos so much!! You really inspired me to take my Christmas stuff down. Im So happy and excited for your new channel!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I definitely understand the boring feeling after Christmas decorations go. This year I was so bummed!
Also, you made me so nervous when you showed your utility closet! I would be so scared of creating a fire hazard! But I'm pretty paranoid about that sort of thing, Haha.

I know here in Florida it won’t be hot cocoa drinking weather too much longer, but you can drink hot cocoa all winter have no fear! 😊✨ also your hair and makeup was on point in this video and the last! What lip color is this I love it 😍

Love your videos so much. You can always just do winter will make your home cozy until spring. And it never hurts to get paperwhites and dream of spring. Why cant we all still have cocoa past christmas.

I would love to see a fridge video❤️ ❤️❤️I love how u are always urself on camera HAPPY NEW YEAR

Allison, thanks veryyy much for all your inspiring, positive vibes and your humour. I like your Videos so much! And the Music you choose..;) Lovely Grettings from Germany

I do that with my Fall/winter cleaning stuff, but I just keep it under the sink lol (in the kitchen/bathroom)

You're not supposed to store anything in that closet. It's not meant to use for storage, you could possibly start a fire.

Our apartment keeps a lock on ours, only the maintenance staff has the key for it for that reason (because tenants would use it for storage) so they locked them up.

We were so sad to take down all of our Christmas decorations! 😭But now our apartment feels so fresh and clean for 2020. 😌

Cool, wow, we love holiday videos😍Beautiful💜Guys did you know that Christians who follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate Christmas on January 7 !?! In my contry Christmas is coming! And I made my Christmas video: "How Girls Get Ready For Christmas?"
Can I invite you guys to see it, I am waiting for your opinion! If you want subscribe, I am doing more for you, let's grow together💝Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 everyone!💝 Blessings! Health, love, happiness, big successes, I wish all your dreams come true! 💝

I just took down my decor as well and we have very minimum storage space as well so I was like uhmm… where do things go 😂 I also feel like my house is so empty now haha

I loveee the cleaning motivations videos… when I feel to lasy to clean, I just start such a video, watch it and then make myself on work. So this video came on the perfect time. Thank you💕

Hi Allison! It’s one of your new fans! So I’ve been watching your morning, night, Sunday, etc routines and you always mention devotions and bible studies. I noticed that you were on your phone doing this part of your day. What apps do you use? I would love to know. All day I’ve been looking for the best app and i haven’t really been able to find one. Can you help? I need your help!! Please please please PLEASE respond. Love you bye!

I love your music in the background. It’s so much more pleasant to listen to in the background of cleaning than most of the stuff I hear😂 and thanks for doing lots of talking between. When I clean I like to be able to listen to the person I’m “watching” because I can’t actually watch while cleaning. When it’s all music I’m like….. I should’ve just turned on my own music. Lol btw I hope you have a happy new year! Love your resolutions video too. Intentional is a good word for this year😍

Our apartment is small too so I'm having the same troubles currently😂🤦‍♀️ also, I would love seeing your ikea/pinterest decorations ideas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!💕

Your house is so adorable anyway so if you take your Christmas decorations down your house it’s going to be adorable anyway

Hi! can you report back on how you’re liking your new cold brew coffee maker. After seeing yours, I’m considering getting one because it’s such a good idea! Just curious if you think it’s worth it! 💕☕️

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