good morning everyone happy new year I
cannot believe it is already January first I am so excited to be coming back
to my channel with a brand new decluttering cleaning video I was so so
so ready just to start fresh and I’m gonna be tackling many other spaces in
my home so please stay tuned for more of that if you haven’t already please like
this video subscribe and yeah let’s get into today’s video so to start off I am
clearing out this side of the cabinet at the bottom I just had seasoning and as
you see just a whole bunch of oils and just random things and then I’m going to
clear out the next two levels and then you will see me come back and just start
organize it and I spelled spaghetti sticks in it so that’s what I’m showing
you guys so that was pretty cool and anyway so yeah I’m just gonna clear
all that out and then you will see me organize it and to my liking and I’m
gonna stop talking now and I hope you guys enjoy now that I am finishing up scrubbing out
the cabinet I am just going to go back in and like I said just kind of put
everything in a certain area to see what I want to put in there and see like you
know how I want to organize it like my cans in one area my noodles and
spaghetti in one area and rice and my teas and everything I want to area and
you will see how I do all of that here soon so here I think I’ve you know gotten it
to where I like it to my liking and then I realized I didn’t want the oils in
here I want a different spot and you will see which spot I mean I’m here soon
and so here I’m just finishing off the bottom half with all of my seasonings
and salts in syrup and I love how it turned out let me know in the comments
below what you guys think and there’s more to come I absolutely love how it turned out I’m
pretty proud of myself and let me know what you guys think I originally only
wanted to do this side of the cabinet but I realized why not just finish up
and do the rest of the cabinet’s because they are looking like you see now so I
just went on ahead and did this as well and just clearing it out I’m gonna clean
it and fill it up so I decided to put all of my oils and
flour on this side and then the next side I just decided to put my cans up
here and I think it turns out very well and I will show you guys the end product
and then I will be moving on to the last cabinet I will show you the end product
as well I realized I didn’t do that but I decided to tackle this side as well
like I said and this is basically just the candy junk stuff in all of Amelia’s
food and she basically isn’t really eating the toddler food anymore so I can
kind of clear most of that out and just leave some of the snacks and then the
little toddler food that she does still eat and yeah the candy situation just
got totally out of hand so you will see me go ahead and clear everything out
clean it out and sort everything to make it look nicer and throw throw out what
needs to be thrown out okay so here is everything all clean I’m
showing you the aftermath of everything that I took out and yeah I’m just gonna
sort through throw away the things that need thrown away and you will see LA a
couple times just being silly that is my oldest daughter she’s six and
then you will see me talk to my baby amelia but you can’t see her because
she’s so little but yeah i’m just gonna sort through all this and then organize
it as best i can and just make it look nice and neat I am getting ready to finish up the
cabinet and I love how everything turned out let me know your thoughts below and
that is pretty much it for this video I’m going to walk through and show you
what everything looks like I hope you guys enjoyed it please don’t forget to
like this video leave a comment below subscribe if you haven’t and I will see
you all in my next video bye guys and have a Happy New Year

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