Christmas mini cupcake bauble decorations How To Cake Tutorial

In this video, we’re just going to decorate some little miniature cupcakes and it’s quite quick and easy to do We are going to make them look like Christmas baubles and it’s something that’s quite nice to do with the children I’ve just got some normal fondant that we are going to roll out You don’t want it too thick and what I am going to do is just cut out a circle for each cupcake I am just using miniature ones, you could do it on big cupcakes I’m just using a cutter that’s a little bit bigger than my cupcake so I will cut two out and I am just going to stick them on with a little bit of buttercream so I’ve just got some chocolate buttercream you don’t want very much on otherwise you will find when we put the icing on it will just squeeze out the sides. We are going to put our cupcake in the center and then we are going to just gently push our fondant all the way round so that it touches the edge of the bun cases and, if not very smooth, just gently rub it in your hand to smooth of the top of a little bit and make it a little bit rounded now, with these ones it looks nicer if your cupcakes risen rather then flat it’s quite nice as it gives it a rounded effect if not, you can just put a bit more buttercream on so that you can get a bit of a dome shape on the top What we are going to do now, is just give them a little bit of patterning I am going to leave one plain and what I will do is put a pattern on the other I am going to have a red and a bronze coloured colour scheme I have this metallic food paint here that’s a rainbow dust one that I am just going to paint on you can paint on patterns free hand or what I am going to do is, I have a little circle cutter and I’m just going to put some indentations in so I’m not pressing too hard, just enough that it’s going to leave a little dot I’m not sure how well you can see those on the camera and they are going to be my guidelines now for when I am painting on I’m just going to paint within that circle now like so, and I will do that on all the dots. So when we have done that, we’re going to put the ends of our Christmas baubles on I’m just using red because I am going to paint it with the edible food colour again but you can use a grey or a yellowy or gold colour fondant I have rolled it, but it’s a bit thicker then what it was for when I did the top for the cupcake, and I’ve just got a slightly larger round cutter, and this is a plunger cutter this one I have maybe rolled out my icing a little too thick for the cutter So we’ve just got a round shape and what we are going to do is put a bit of water on the back of that or you can use edible glue and I am going to stick it just on one edge of my cupcake like that and I’m just going to push it in to make sure it’s stuck down Don’t worry if you get a hole in it like I’ve done because we will put another bit that goes into that hole in a minute and we will do the same on the other one So, I have a another one here that you can see I have painted a pattern on and I’ve put a little loop on, that’s what we are going to do with these now and again I am just going to take the same colour now, if you struggle to do it with normal fondant, just use a bit of modelling paste So, I am going to roll it nice and thin and I am going put just a bit of water in that hole we have made there try and bring it to a bit of a loop place that, in the hole there, like that for the edge of our bauble, so, we will do that again You might want to let them dry a little bit before painting them up just to make sure we don’t knock these end bits, but we are just going to paint these now so that they look metalic so I am going to do the round bit we stuck on, and the loop as well If you let yours dry, it will be a little bit easier to paint up then what this one is and of course you don’t have to paint them you can just make them straight in the colour you want them to be So that’s one done so you will see I have done them in a variety of different patterns, these are just painted on and then its nice to just have some plain this one I have just used a gold metallic spray for So, I will finish painting these up and I will show a picture at the end Thank you for watching! If you liked this video, and want to see more, please click on the images of the other videos suggested also, please do subscribe to my channel using the button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can also visit my cake website and my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas


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