Chinese Banyan, complete Bonsai Workshop Part 2, Be the Creator, Feb 2020

Hello Welcome to Complete workshop on Chinese banyan bonsai Part 2 I’ve washed the root ball after removing the plant from the pot I’ll transplant it after correcting the radial roots and aerial roots I’ll reduce the overall length of the roots after combing it Root prune helps new fibrous roots growth …. on each cutting point Which helps bonsai health and well ramification It’s about three years now from last transplantation Last transplant was on March 2017 It’s good to transplant tropical bonsai trees like Ficus once in two years If you want to learn bonsai making Then subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for sure As to teach authentic bonsai making …. This the only Indian bonsai YouTube channel Along with bonsai you’ll get lot more gardening info …. in this channel And Subscription is Free The under soil part of the three cuttings are to be cut now It should be flat to sit straight One specialty of Chinese Banyan … that it grows beautiful radial root structure Because of that the surface root it grows are also in radial shape Which is too effective for bonsai The radial surface roots it has now … I’ll prune most of them now I’ll cut most of them from the starting point It has grown strong radial surface roots At first let’s remove these aerial roots I don’t want to grow aerial roots on it now As i keep getting aerial roots on chinese banyan And If i’ll let them grow now then after few years proportionate thickness of it with the tree will be higher I’ll remove this too Look at this aerial root Came down crossing the trunk straight Observe how it looks better after removing it I’ll remove it too If I let grow surface root like this then … eventually it’ll be thicken and destroy the miniature look of the bonsai Here is another one Every time you prune the bonsai branch or root … then you should think what you desire And work accordingly The more you think appropriate, the better your bonsai will be Bonsai is a Living Art It changes time to time If the changes are according to your wish … then you are a successful bonsai artist Let’s prepare potting soil now Making bonsai soil with Brick chips, Perlite, Vermiculite, Vermi compost and cocopeat mixture You can make you soil according to your choice It should be just well drainage and nutritious I made this cement pot for this Chinese banyan bonsai To make bonsai pot like this easily … Click the thumbnail given at the end of this video Put a layer of soil after covering the drainage hole Make the center of the soil few higher Pot the tree spreading the root ball properly Use small pebbles to align the roots if required I don’t place the tree in center I placed it little off center Finally I’ve to cut back some surface roots No roots should come close to pot wall There must be some space to grow It should be removed now top soil And make the soil well set with root ball No air pocket should remain under That’s all for this episode See you on next episode Till then Goodbye


That is a very interesting Banyan Bonsai, with an impresive nebari for its size,..

Although i cant understand what you are saying somehow it is easy to understand what you are doing as you do it step by step,..

Wonderful job Samar Da.Every part of tree is looking great…A well proportional n beautiful bonsai tree.Root work is simply amazing.
Thank you very much for another helpful video.
Thanks n regards.

Samar da, aap ka eak matra bonsai batney channel hai, yeh bat sahi nahi han, aur bi hai (like bonsai hunter etc). Your videos are very good & informative…. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Amazing…..Samar Jee…. Tomorrow is my off day…I am going to start a new Chinese banyan clamp style bonsai……..Got motivated

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