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(upbeat electronic music) – Hi everyone, I’m Melea. Welcome back to another
episode of my show. Today we are talking about organizing. Something that we all need to do and this is the time of year to do it in order to do it super cheap. So I thought I would share
some of the ways that we organize some of my
kids art supply cabinet. The ways we did it for
cheap, where we found them, some cool functional
ideas to make it all work. Anyway, hopefully it
will help you guys with your own house and organizing and maybe your own kids supplies. The best part is, is
these ideas can be used anywhere in your house,
they don’t have to be used in a cabinet or for art supplies like I’m showing you guys in this video but either way they should help you guys save some money and get organized at the same time. So let’s get started. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, before we get
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give this video a like. Okay, so we’re talking
about organizing today because January and February is the time to get organized with your house. We kind of get in this after Christmas spring cleaning mode. It’s also when all the stores do all their crazy discounts on storage bins, organizing supplies, all the Christmas organizing stuff goes on clearance so you can use some of
those if you want to but as I was thinking
gosh what in my house can I organize to show these guys how to do it for cheap? My kids art supply closet. Guys, it’s so bad. Here is a picture of what it looked like. As you can see there are,
I mean it’s super messy. They just throw things in there, they don’t put things away. And mostly because there’s
nowhere to put anything right, they just kind of throw it in there because everything doesn’t have a place. Once everything has a
place, then it’s gonna be easy for them to put away. I don’t know about you
guys but I really like my kids to be able to be as
independent as possible, get things out by themselves,
put everything away by themsevles, pick up by themselves. It helps them out and
it helps mommy out too, because then I don’t have
to do everything, right? So I’m going to show you
guys the cabinet right now. You saw what it looked like. This is what it looks like now. Totally different, right? Like it looks totally different. So I’m going to show you
guys what I did exactly to make this all work,
because I think you guys are going to die because
a lot of these solutitons were only a dollar and I did not find them at the dollar store. So let me show you guys what I did, so you guys can incorporate
some of this stuff into your house and
hopefully save some money and get organized. So first of all I want
to show you guys all this stuff. All these super cute pails
were a dollar at Target. I found a bunch of them
in the Target dollar spot, I also found them back in
the party supply section, so if you can’t find
them in the Target dollar spot, go back there and check. But I got them in a
bunch of different colors so I could show you guys
what they looked like. It kind of makes it a little
more fun and colorful. I have crayons in here,
I have markers in one, I have stamps in one, I have pencils. I have a little bit of everything. The reason why I did
this for my kids at least is because sometimes they’ll be like, hey mom, can we color? and I’ll be like yeah, and they say, but can we color with markers this time? And if I’m being a nice mom, because I hate my kids
coloring with markers because they get on everything, I’ll say, yep, you can go get the marker tin. So all I have to do is
come and get the marker tin and they can take it
over and they can color. Or I’ll say nope, today you guys have to color with crayons. So they can come and get a crayon tin and it’s super easy for little
kids to put everything away because they just have
to put everything back in the tin and put it back on the shelf. Another thing I want to
show you guys are these stainless steel tins. These are from IKEA. They’re about 4 bucks I want to say, 4.99 or 3.99 or something like that. I like these because they’re not your typical plastic bins. They’re easily changeable into other parts of your house for home decor. So when you’re done using them here you can interchange them other places. Okay so the next shelf is all paper stuff, so the first thing I want to show you guys is this. I came up with this idea on my own and I am not crafty at all. There might be an easier way to do this you guys can comment if there is, but this is what I did. So as you guys notice right here, this is a metal rod that I actually purchased at a Home Depot. It was like $2.79, super cheap. All I did was I cut it and I put it in the little holes that you guys have on the side of the cabinets for shelving, and just slammed it in there, and put my roll of butcher paper on there. The butcher paper I actually got at IKEA. It’s I want to say like
three or four bucks. This way if I need butcher paper I can just take it off and just use it. Then it’s high enough up out of the way that I can grab it if I need to but I can still put things underneath. This is where my paper is. You can find things in the filing section for super cheap, even at the dollar store if you wanted. This one I actually got at Target and I want to say it was about five bucks. I like it because I like stainless steel for some reason so I get a lot of stainless steel stuff. And then all my construction paper and things like that for the kids. When they want to color they can come and get the paper and
the coloring supplies and I can be like, go color. And when you’re done you
have to put it all back and they know exactly where it goes. That’s my most favorite
part about organizing is the kids know exactly
where everything goes, right? Okay so the next shelf I actually bought these ones at Target. These were the most expensive thing out of everything I purchased in here, but again, the design of these buckets is so much different
than what I have seen. I believe the Hobby Lobby has something similar right now. These are plastic, they come in a bunch of different colors. I saw white, black, like a teal color, I believe gray at Target. These were about 5.50 I believe. Again, I think it’s something
I can use multiple places so I wasn’t worried about that, obviously I’m not going to spend $10.00 on a small container,
but five bucks was great. So as you guys see, hopefully
it won’t all spill out, this is all the Play-Doh
that my kids have, so I put all the Play-Doh in this area. On my top shelf I also have all of the playing cards or things like that that the kids might want to play with. A lot of these I actually
found in the Target dollar spot, so don’t forget to look there because some of my kids’ favorite games are actually from there. The dominoes game, the Frozen dominoes game is from there. I have Playskool flash
cards that I got from there. Doc McStuffins playing cards, Minnie Mouse playing cards. I even found things like
Old Maid at the dollar spot so there’s lots of things at Target that you guys can grab. So I put all those games in here so when they say hey mom can we play a game yeah, you can go get it. On the top shelf, and
if you’ll notice it’s on the top shelf for a reason is all of the glue, and the tape and the scissors, and hole punches. This is like a level three item, I guess is why I put it on the top shelf, because these items they can not play with unless they ask mommy, and they know the top shelf is not open, they can’t just go in whenever they want. I don’t care when they go
and get the coloring stuff as long as they tell me they’re coloring, but if they’re going to go up here and say hey mom I want to get the glue or I want to get scissors, I
definitely want to know when they have a pair of scissors, right? Moms, I know you feel me.
Same goes with Play-Doh. If they’re going to play with Play-Doh I need to make sure that we are good to go on Play-Doh and we’ve got a situation set up
because they’re gonna need the cookie cutters out,
and like the plastic knives and all that kind of stuff
to play with their Play-Doh, and I want to make sure
everything goes back the right way or they’re going to be mixing Play-Doh and then they’re going to be mad, then I’m going to have
to buy new Play-Doh, we don’t want that to happen. So these are level three,
you can’t play with these unless you ask mommy type of things. So you guys probably have items like that at your house too that are
totally the same thing. Anyway, that is my entire art closet. And again, this is the before shot. Clearly it looks way
better than it did before. So head over to Target, grab some of these cute little pails, or IKEA or even Home Depot to grab a little metal rod to put on some butcher paper. I know there’s a lot of stores who have colored butcher paper so you easily could put one or two or three even rolls of butcher paper and just pull them out when your kids need them. If you guys have any tips
that you guys have used or any places you’ve
grabbed some awesome deals on organizing supplies,
please leave it below in the comment section so other people can benefit from that too. I love it when we’re all working together and sharing ideas and tips together because as moms we totally need to do that so we can save some time
and save some money. So thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to check out
one of my other videos that you might have missed
coming up right now. Bye guys. (upbeat electronic music)


Ok everyone! What is YOUR favorite place to score storage containers, bins and other organization items? COMMENT BELOW and Share!?

When my son was younger, he's 28 now, he had a LOT of action figures that came with lots of different small parts. So I bought him a tackle box to help him sort and store these extra items and then they wouldn't get lost. Thanks for the great ideas! :o)

Yes thank you for sharing this! I have my kids stuff pretty organized but I need to put them where they can easily reach them that way I don't always have to come and take everything out.

Thrift stores and dollar tree are other good places, especially for kids whose needs change so much. We store all the play doh with IKEA kids knives and some cookie cutters so it's just a one bucket grab for mom. Cabinet looks great!! Thanks for your ideas

Is that a good cabinet for kids to reach what they need? Do your kids have to climb the counter? I'm thinking of doing the same but maybe in a lower area.

Dollar Tree/Dollar General,Wal-Mart the last two only when on clearance.Lat season big lots had great deals in fact there still intact,and little more durable than others mentioned.Thanks Malea!

I so want that ticket to ride game you have, really been wanting to buy it. Love all the tips, those metal pales from the dollar spot of target do work so well in organizing pens!

Love these ideas!!! I like to buy cute fabrics/canvas bins from Ross or tj maxx to organize my bathroom closets and pantry!

I don't have enough cabinets to have a kids craft one so I put a shoe organizer on the inside of my coat closet and made that my craft organizer.

Everything looks great. Love the Dollar Tree & Target. Also any place that may have storage items on clearance LOL. Thanks for sharing

Big Lots also has similar bins to those you got at target and they're a few dollars less, usually around $3. Also keep an eye at goodwill. Target often donates things to them.

I feel like I'm missing out not having access to a Target!! We have Walmart and Kmart… and kmart is going out of business!! Good thing for the dollar store and online shopping! thanks for the tips! I'm excited to continue organizing. off to lowes to get a rod for my paper roll.

Loved this video! I love all the colors. I like having spots for everything. Now I want to find a place in my home to do something similar.

I bought storage baskets at the Dollar Tree to organize things in my camp trailer! No more salt and pepper rolling around in the cupboard! Lol. I used one basket for my kids' camping toys and we call it the "bucket of fun!" Haha!!

?Don't you just love how Target has such cute things for just a buck!?! I love the way you organized all the coloring supplies. Being able to tell your kids "just garb a bucket" is brilliant! Thanks for the tip!! ?

Garage sales often have organizational supplies. Labeling your bins with printable labels of pictures and words helps when multiple items get spilled at once. Also, wax or parchment paper taped to the bottom will help when a few months go by and the containers get messy.

OMG!!! Melea! I just LOVE watching your videos!!!!! You are SO human!!! You crack me up!!! ANYWAY…I LOVED your butcher paper idea!!! CLEVER!! I myself get the little shoe box totes WITH LIDS! I also have a huge system in my storage room with wire rack shelves and put everything in plastic totes with lids! I have a few different sizes and have everything from lined paper to markers to highlighters to pencils (I completely filled a shoebox sized tote with mechanical pencils purchased during the back to school sales for $.01 each!!!) to binders to glue (another full shoebox of glue sticks!)! My "before" picture would have been A LOT worse than yours, but now is so completely organized that even my kids can find what they need without a meltdown and every time I go in the room everything is sealed up nicely! My kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!

So even to get the paper, are they climbing on the counter? I love this idea and need to get my cupboards organized but I don't like my kids on my counters.

I am a big clearance shopper and it's usually the first place I check and I've found containers from Shopko, Michael's, and Smith's and the stores you mentioned. Thank you so much for all you do Melea, I know how time consuming it can be, especially with little ones.

My favorite organization supply store is Lowes or Home Depot where you can get see thru boxes and a label maker (dorky but practical) to organize everything!

I love The Container Store. There's not as many deals, per se, as maybe some other stores. But I've always loved what I've gotten from there.

My favorite place is the container store. They have all the organization items you need for your home. It's a bit pricey but things go on sale.

Dollar tree has baskets similar to the white ones!
I have one that I keep in the back of my car with extra diapers, wipes, clothes etc.

It's THE DOLLAR TREE! DUH. I'd never pay more than a buck 4 that stupid lil basket. I've outfitted my entire home with Dollar Tree baskets & bins. For my art supplies, bathroom & kitchen cabinet organization, closet, etc. Shower rod under kitchen sink 2 hang all cleaning bottles above containers & baskets. Target will suck u dry. Dollar Tree. Look into it.

hi i'm a crafter and i'd like to organize my art and craft supplies in a way like yours. thank you for the inspiration

My kids and I have something like this down in our school room.  We labeled our cups.  Great idea with the paper.  Nice and organized:) $

I love the idea of getting organizing containers that you can repurpose in other areas of your home like the stainless steel containers! $

I love the pails. This would be great to use at home or in the classroom. I love how bright the pails are.$

I love any organizations videos! I have to get some of those Target bins. Please do more of these videos! $

No Target or Ikea any where near the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan! we have dollar tree, family dollar, big lots, walmart, Meijer, tjmax and kohl's only!! hobby lobby is 2 hours away and round trip $8 to cross the Mackinac bridge!!!

This is super helpful for me because I love crafting and my mom says that if I want to keep my craft area in the front room of our house, I have to keep it tidy and organised.

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