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(gentle upbeat music) – 30.7% of our foster youth
will graduate from high school. Only 15% will attend college. And unfortunately, less
than 3% will graduate. As they grow older, by the age of 26, without an advocate,
they are more than likely to have at least one
episode of homelessness. The mission of CASA is
basically to go out to recruit, train, and support our community advocates so that they walk alongside
the journey of a foster youth. If you think about, they’re
children of all ages. Imagine an six-year-old,
11-year-old, a 13-year-old. And in a moment, they
could be a foster youth. So that’s where we come
along, we train our advocates. They’re there for them. Just being, more than just a mentor. They are an arm of our court system, so they have education of rights. They have the ability
to have communications with the child’s attorney, the
judges, the social workers, so that they can be the
eyes and ears of the courts, and actually help the courts to make the best decision for the child. So, for CASA of Fresno Madera counties, we’re established in 1996. 10 years later, we
established the Madera CASA. And since then, every year, we have served more than 300 children. This past year, we
served over 350 children. We have 171 advocates who donated more than 13,000 hours to help foster youth have a better life and really, truly change the trajectory. This is what CASA, our advocates do. They change the trajectory
because without, we know that the statistics
are rather grim for our youth. We’d love to have our community
come together for children. Our foster youth needs
community volunteers. Either community
volunteers, talk about CASA for the awareness, and certainly
to support us financially. (gentle music)

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