Carving Abstract Wood Sculptures – Art, Woodworking

Just in case you cannot tell, I have been
sick all week. It has taken a toll on my voice. I have been down for the count all week due
to this cold I have. I have not been working in the garage. I need to get started on a commission. A very special repeat patron commissioned
this piece back in April. She gave me a deposit to buy the wood, which
is this piece of walnut right here. This piece of wood has been sitting in the
garage for six to eight months now. The patron had a very specific request that
it be two, tall, thin sculptures. I did a prototype for this several months
ago. Ultimately, I am going to draw a design on
the front and carve it. Then I will cut it in two pieces. I am going to deliver it in person.


Really nice, Cam. Looks beautiful in their house. I hope by now you're doing much better. I'm looking forward to more of your videos this year.

Oh wow… I would have loved to commission some art like that from you… If only I had lived over the seas closer to where you are

Boysoboys, that's a transAtlantic cold – I've had it for the last month at least. In your chest, and completely tired out? Can't shake it off? Hoo boy… May I ask, how long does the carving procedure take once you have decided what to do? Thanks for sharing Cammie, your channel has definitely inspired me to try some carving this year.

That turned out great. Looks like that new cutting disc did great for you. I've considered picking it up, just haven't jumped on it yet.

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