A big thumbs up for few supplies and a great card. I thought it was done, but when you added the white designs on the hearts that was really nice. I like the watercolor and pencil ideas.

What types of pens do you recommend for detail over colored pencil? Are there any types that it will ruin using them with colored pencil? I would appreciate answers from anyone with experience.

Girl, you’re cleaning, AND teaching us color theory with the inks that you’re limited to, AND teaching us to use and learn about the properties of our watercolors all at the same time. I. Just. Can’t. Even.
Cutting down on supplies has a gazillion different teaching moments.

Well done, Kristina in making your own craft card stock. I love your capsule challenge and I love your card. Thanks for sharing your creativity xx

Beautiful card! I love watching your videos because – even though I frequently don’t have the same supplies – I ALWAYS end up with some new ideas I can use! Thanks for sharing!

I am enjoying the "capsule" card kit idea. I am looking at my supplies with a new eye. Your work is always wonderful and shows off different techniques each time. I learn something new each time. Thanks!

I really enjoy watching how you create with limited supplies. Some times having so many supplies actually overwhelmed my creativity. This card is so cute!

What a cute card. Leave it up to you Kristina; to make your own desert storm cardstock….lol. I’m really enjoying seeing you use different inks & stamps.

Love this. When you wanted kraft paper I immediately thought of watercolors to achieve. Then you said it. Thats so great. Im loving this concept. I think I get overwhelmed with my supplies and get frozen. I want to challenge myself next month to do this. Thank you for showing us all we can do with limited supplies. ❤️💯👍🏻

Beautiful cutest card. Love it. So inspiring. I have just set up my craft area with limited supplies. One height adjustable table from Ikea, one 4 drawer small plastic drawers that sits on my fridge. Two magazine file boxes to hold papers and stamp platform and paper trimmer and two small storage boxes to hold dies, stamps, paints, tape etc

What a stunning card I just love those hugging kitties so cute.
Does it help to sketch out your designs first?
I only ask because I am new to card making, and I'm loving it it's better than going to the spa for me..👍👍💖💖💖

I really liked this format of video 😊 This series is also very inspiring because I have a very small collection of craft supplies!

Kristina, I love your Capsule Card concept and whilst I will most likely cheat and use a bit more of my stash your videos are getting me back to actually creating! Thank you! I was hoping you might have a tip with the white gel pen. I tried to semi-recreate this card with stuff in my stash and used dye ink – (SU not Gina K & all three formulations). As I added the white details at the end I was reminded that I always seem to end up with the pen taking on the colour of the ink and not staying white. I've tried the Gelly Rolls and Uniball and Posca Paint pen and they all seem to absorb and get discoloured by the ink underneath. Your cards always seem to have crisp white gel pen details.

That sure worked very well. Sometimes I think I'm intimidated by having too many choices of everything and end up not trying. Good lesson here.

Think this is my fav card this year so far! I love the idea of the capsule crafting but because I make to order I can't really do this. But bringing out just a small number of supply's on to my table for each card is something I can do instead of everything! 🤣 🤣 I hope u keep this going as it is so interesting to see what u come up with

Wow! You are such an inspiration, I love this, particularly the beautiful detail made simple with a gel lay roll pen. Fantastic. 😍

Awesome card Kristina! It's adorable and I love all the details you added to the hearts. You are the queen of white jelly roll details 😊💕

Ingenious way of creating craft CS with your limited supplies! The card looks fab. Hoping your day is absolutely fabulous. Cheers Donna Z 🙂

I like that you were able to use just one stamp set. It seems I’m always dragging out at least 3, trying to find the right design, the right greeting, etc. I’m going to try incorporating some of the simplicity that comes with these capsule sets. Thanks!

Your challenge is really fantastic. I love watching how you deal with your limited supplies and tools. Really awesome !
And your card is so beautiful. But with such adorable models…. 😉 No, just joking, your card is really as fantastic as your challenge and so cute 😍😍😍 !

I love when you add special touches to things, like the white pen detailing. It's so pretty 😍
God bless you Kristina ❤ XOXO

I'm loving this whole series of Capsule Cards. I was getting overwhelmed with my craft supplies and the feeling that I needed the latest-and-greatest-next-best supply. So I "Konmari'd" my craft room, but then what was the next steps. Then you started this series. You have honestly given me validation that my instincts were right to pare down to basics and to use what I have. I had quite a collection of stamps and dies that I was never ever going to use because they actually don't fit my style or I had forgotten about. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. (My husband thanks you too. I'm spending less money. lol)

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