Can This Comedian Keep Up With A Bob Ross Tutorial? | The Bob Ross Challenge

(paint brush sound) – Whoo! Whoa! Bring it, Bob! What is going on back there? I’m Mark Stetson. I am one of the co-founders
of The Bob Ross Challenge. The first episode of “The Joy
of Painting” premiered 37 years ago, today. In 2011, my father passed away to lymphoma and when Micah and I were
doing research on Bob Ross, we found that he also died of lymphoma. Every season we’ve had
has been a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Yeah, it’s still a very
important cause for me in my dad’s honor. – [Bob Ross] Hi, I’m Bob Ross. – Wow!
– For the next 13 weeks, I’ll be your host. We start with a vision in our heart
and we put it on canvas. – Oh, come on. Even in this first episode, he’s the
coziest human being on the planet. – You don’t even have to be
blessed by Michelangelo at birth. – Would Michelangelo bless people? – Ready to paint with us? – I’m so ready Bob. – So, let’s do it! Let’s paint a picture! – Okay. – And we’ll begin making little x’s. – So I just made a little mental shift from trying to make my
painting look like his and I started to just enjoy the process
of the paint brush on the canvas, and it’s completely changed everything. (brush cleaning sound) Whoo! Whoa! Knife? Knife time. Look at the design on those pockets. Oh yeah! He was more stylish as a young man! His hair is, like, fluffy and full. His beard is, like, very groovy. What is going on back there? – (Micah) Hold the work! – We gotta move an air
conditioner in here! – Eighty-six the pastas, all of them! – They’re like driving
cars through the set. – It’s like they’re shooting
“Dog Day Afternoon” back there. – [Bob Ross] You’re going
to become a mud-mixer. – A mud-mixer… – You’ve seen a few of those, huh? – I sure have! – I had one earlier this afternoon. – [Bob Ross] You can do it! I know you can. – Bob, stop yelling at me. I can’t tell if it’s just
the quality of the video or whether it’s he’s just, like,
these are a little bit more abstract. – If his picture was a
little clearer, this would look beautiful. – It would’ve made a big difference,
because I can’t see clearly. Whoo! Alright, alright! Bring it, Bob! Balls! – [Bob Ross] Beauty is
everywhere, you only have to look to see it. – Okay, if you stop shouting. – He’s like a little bit apologetic
about how passionate he is. – Yes, yes! I wonder if the producers were like,
“Hey, Bob, stick to painting.” – “Tone it down, buddy.” – I don’t like the sound of this.
Sounds like he’s wrapping up! – [Bob Ross] Happy painting
from all of us here. (peaceful music) – Resuming work in the back!
Resume work! What is…? Beeeeeeeooooooooooooo! All right! The first time around, I thought
that the interesting thing about these videos was going to be, like, the struggle. I almost felt like I had to, like, manifest it for the sake of the, like, quality of what I thought the
videos were gonna be. But, this time I was,
like, I’m gonna let whatever obstacles I find
I’m just going to relax into it. And just ride
Bob’s groovy, cozy energy. I feel way more connected to this painting. I really like
the background colors that he chose. Very cozy. – Yeah. – Bob Ross is a boss.


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