Calculate Wall Bracing – Part 7 – Design Bracing Systems – Walls

GDay and welcome back to Buildsum
and this is part 7 of the series on calculating wall bracing and this time
we’re looking at how many bracing units we actually need for the walls that
we’re going to put in okay so you should be pretty familiar with this information
basically, we needed 26.758 kN of force of resistance in Wind Direction 1 so I’m gonna choose
bracing method H or bracing H with a Method B fixing which gives me a total
resistance of 6.0 kN per metre okay and lets apply the bracing method so each street will be 1.2m wide so 6.0 x 1.2 gives me 7.2 kN per sheet so if I know that I can get 7.2 kN
out of a sheet all I have to do is divide the 26.758 by 7.2and that tells me I need 3.7 sheets of ply to
get my required bracing so I’m going to say I need 4 sheets of ply bracing
fixed using method H or requirement H Method B fixing okay so for sheets on
that for Wind Direction 1, Wind Direction 2
we needed 10.127 kN of resistance again I’m
going to use the same bracing method so not having to worry too much about
changing things through the jobsite so I know it gives me 7.2 kN
per sheet we needed 10.127 so 10.127 divided by 7.2 equals 1.4 so I need 2 sheets in Wind
Direction 2 so there we go all up at the moment I need 6 sheets of ply for
my bracing okay couple other little rules to come up so the minimum length
of any plywood bracing panel should be 900 okay and remember if you change the
width to 900 then you’re bracing capacity it’s going to diminish because
it’s, you know, it’s bracing capacity is metre rate the only exception to that
would be for fixing type or for bracing type H which is ply with minimum width
method a fixing okay you can get down to 600 all right so however for a panel of
600 the bracing capacity should be half that of a 900 panel
so what you have to do to work the bracing capacity out for that is you
would work out what a 900 panel was and you would Harve it okay and then if you
wanted to get really picky and you had a panel length of say 750 you could
calculate okay that capacity right so you’d work out you know what the
difference was between a 900 sheet in a 600 sheet and you could actually
calculate the capacity you would work up incrementally based on the length of
your panel okay but that’s just a little side note so any way we know we need 6
sheets now that’s what it actually works out but there are a couple other little
rules and you have to adhere to and I’ll cover those in the next video. Gday I’m
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