Bobby Berk Spills The Secrets To A Spa-Like Home Office | House Beautiful

– Color for me, makes me crazy (inspirational music) So some of my tips for
making a home office is to really make it
you, make it personal. Even though you are doing work in it, you still want it to be a
space that inspires you. I’m inspired by neutral
tones and great pattern. I like the room to be very neutral and then layer in nice warm tones. The right art is always
very important in a space. In here I decided to go very neutral, just blacks and ivories. But to do it very geometric
with a lot of pattern so we have this really
cool piece here that has some lines and some circles. And then this is actually one
of my art pieces that I did It’s just a really cool piece
because it’s not too busy there’s not too much
pattern, it’s just enough to give the right texture
and depth to the wall. So you’re getting beautiful
texture, you’re getting layers you’re getting pattern but it’s
not overwhelming with color because color for me, makes me crazy and I need to be relaxed. I want this to feel like an office spa. So often home offices
are on the smaller side So in here, I wanted to make the room feel larger than it was So I took the drapes and I did them all the way up to the ceilings so that way it makes the ceilings feel higher even though they’re not. I also did the drapes all
the way from wall to wall which made the space feel even
wider than it already was. When putting together a
home office a lot of times people put their desk against a wall because they think “Oh,
I want more space so “I’m gonna put everything
around the perimeter” For me though, even though
this room wasn’t that large I still wanted to float the
desk in the middle of the room because it just gave a
better flow and it allowed me to face the desk towards the view which is ultimately the star of this room. The thing that sold my husband and I on this house is the view. Every room you go to has
the most amazing view of the California hills
which is ultimately why we moved to California. (inspirational music) Useful storage is super important in not just a home office,
but especially a small space I found this beautiful vintage piece that not only has a lot of small drawers which is great for an office because you can keep
things super organized. But it also has three large cabinets with additional adjustable shelves inside that allow me to store
all of my work stuff and then also allows my husband to store all the papers he refuses to get rid of. So although this is a smaller space I still want it to function
for multiple purposes. So it’s not just about me
sitting at the desk working, often I have my team members come here and we have little mini meetings. So I wanted there to be a
cute little space across from the desk for team members to sit. Sometimes I want to curl up
in a corner on my laptop or with a book and so I wanted to make sure I had a nice cozy chair. This one is local here in L.A. It’s made by Foreman
Brothers and it’s beautiful. It combines nice ironwork
and beautiful brown leather to just make for a super
comfy little corner chair. (inspirational music)


I agree it is a lovely space and that we should tailor our spaces to our personal tastes. That said, I would be so depressed to work in a colorless space…

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