Blenheim Grove custom build part 14 – Apartments at House 62!

We’re now inside No. 62, we had some good
news last week, we managed to get planning permission for two flats in here. And the
way it would work, is you would come into this area here, this would be if you like
a kitchen and a diner. I think if it were me I would probably put my kitchen in this
area, and then my living room and TV would be sort of in this area. There’s access
to a garden out there, and then what would happen is you would go upstairs to a bedroom
and a bathroom or you would go downstairs to another bedroom or a bathroom and that
would be a nice two bedroom flat. We’re now upstairs in the upper flat, what
we’re calling 62B, and in 62B, you would broadly… this would be your two bedrooms
and a bathroom. You may be able to squeeze another bathroom in, depends how comfortable
you are with a sort of small bathroom. But this is effectively a kind of opposite way around
house, this is the way I would do it. We’ll go upstairs to where I think the kitchen and
diner should be, so follow me. So we’re now in the top room, this is a
fantastic room because you’ve got a double window here, you’ve got a third window there,
this is what you might call triple aspect if you wanted to keep it open. You might want
to enclose that space as a bathroom. I would probably put my living room there and my kitchen
area there, but of course you could do whichever way you wanted. There’s a nice balcony here. Right, so we’re now outside, and a couple of things to point out to you. We’ve got
the tree in, which is very exciting. And we’ve got this here which is for your bikes. Of
course if you don’t want your bikes there you can put all sort of outsidey stuff that
you don’t need to keep inside. Deck chairs, or inflatable swimming pools, whatever you
want to do. Behind you is a bin store, this is broadly where you’re going to have a
gate along there, there’s going to be kind of big metal gate. These are going to be
clad in a nice grey stone. And then you’re going to come down here, to your enclosed,
and I have to say much warmer out of the wind little downstairs courtyard. There will be
a bit of a railing there, and then under there, your kind of meters and stuff, and then if
you need to access your downstairs, you can do so through there. So all in all, really
coming along! Exciting stuff.

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