Best Printer for Art prints and Artists in 2020 | Print your art at Home

so you are looking for a printer that
can turn your artwork and amazing photos into life but you are overwhelmed well I
don’t blame you there are so many printers out there today and picking the
right print as an artist is very hard these days thanks to the vast amount of
printers out there I did hours of research to make this video and I also
wrote a whole blog about the topic so if you need any more in-depth details make
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subscribe so before we start this video I’m gonna tell you about what you need
to know when buying a printer for our prints so the first step is gonna be
determining what size you want to print on so my suggestion is to go and find a
tape measure and find out what size you want the second question is going to be
how often are you going to be printing your art as a home user there are plenty
of options to print your artwork and amazing photos at cheap prices however
if you plan on doing intense printing and maybe what you want to sell your art
prints then you should look into a high-end printer printers on the higher
end will produce gallery quality photos and they will produce them much faster
than the lower end ones they also usually have bigger ink cartridges which
means you won’t have to be refilling them so often and you will usually get
better deals on buying ink when you have bigger ink cartridges another thing you
need to know is make sure you know what paper thickness you’re gonna be printing
on usually the lower end printers have less versatility when it comes to paper
thickness if you are gonna be printing a majority of thick media then usually a
higher-end printer is gonna be a better option now we can get started with the
roundup so coming up in number five we have the abscess on shore color p800
inkjet printer this is a high-end beast of a printer it prints sizes up to 17
inches by 22 inches which is very good it means that you can print most are
projects that you are working on because I doubt that you’re working on something
bigger than 17 by 22 inches now let’s talk about the ink so Epson use a
pigment based ink on this printer pigment-based inks are known to be very
good with art paper dye-based inks are another option however they are not
recommended because they based inks on our paper usually give you a faded look
so for the richer colors and more vibrant look
make sure stick with pigment based ink printers so this printer uses epson’s
ultra chrome HD inks and it ensures vivid colors and superior black density
you see they use a nine color ultra chrome ink system with up to 2880 by
1440 dpi so the inks on this printer make it a very good option for printing
black and white art prints thanks to the three level of black colors Epson even
promised that prints last up to two hundred years for coloured prints and up
to four hundred years for black and white prints so if you want the new
generations to see your art this is definitely a good option Epson also use
big ink tanks so they use eighteen milliliter ink tanks which means that
you get much better value and buying ink because you’re buying more ink rather
than just buying the cartridges and where this printer excels is with its
role media printing capabilities it excels above all the other printers on
this list on role media printing so if you plan on doing role Media printing
definitely stick with this one because it has a cut and roll media option
another good thing about the Epson short color p800
is the fact that it has very good versatility so it handles very versatile
types of media so even if your gonna print some thick things people have
successfully printed on canvas with this printer and it’s very easy to use thanks
to the easy-to-use touchscreen interface and you can print using USB Wi-Fi and
Ethernet the only known con about this printer is it wastes some ink when
switching between black and white mode and color mode coming up to number four we have the
Connaught Pixma Pro 1000 this is the high-end printer King so this is gonna
be the best high-end printer option it is very close to the performance of the
P 800 however it excels in some other areas so first of all let’s talk about
the features it has an amazing anti clogging technology so if you have used
pigment-based in printers before you are gonna know that they clog up a lot
however Canon put an end to this problem by using their anti clogging technology
it uses an extremely fine printhead that is also replaceable this is the main
reason why it’s a better option than the P 800 because if your printer head dies
then your printer dies with it because without a printer head you can’t print
and thankfully cannot thought about this so you don’t have to replace the whole
printer if it goes wrong you just replace the printhead the Canon pro 1000
uses an air feeding system preventing page skewing and ensuring accurate in
placement so basically what that means is kind of used some type of air suction
that makes sure the paper stays put and doesn’t get stuck in the printer which
solves another common problem the ink used in this printer is the lúcia pro
ink system with 11 colors plus chroma optimizer ink system it totals out with
12 colored inks this printer produces extremely accurate and deep blacks
thanks to the many colors of black in the ink system it also comes with a
software called print Studio Pro v2 which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop
this helps you set up your print correctly and it makes sure that you see
what it looks like before you actually print it out you see another common
problem with Prentis is that when you will look at them on the screen they
look amazing and then you print them out and they look like trash however using
this software by panin they solve that problem the Print Studio Pro shows you
exactly what the print is gonna look like on the screen before it comes out
on the paper so you won’t be surprised when you see any problems so you won’t
be wasting ink you are gonna see exactly how your artwork is gonna turn
out on the screen and then if you’re happy with it you can print it out it
also comes with all connectivity options as other printers USB Wi-Fi and Ethernet
you could also print using your phone however the printer is pretty overkill
for that another problem solved by Canon is that this printer does not use extra
ink when switching between modes this printer is intended for professional use
and it will give you amazing results so if you want the best results possible
this is the way to go keep in mind the only problem with this printer is there
is no roll or a media support oh yeah and it’s extremely heavy it weighs 70.5
pounds coming up in number 3 we have the Canon IP 8720 inkjet this is the best
budget printer for artists art prints for photographers you name it it does an
amazing job at a very good price this printer comes with an amazing 6
color ink system with up to 9600 by 2400 dpi and the most cool thing about this
printer is it doesn’t drink ink like others so it’s a cheap printer and the
ink of it is not too expensive so this printer uses chroma Life 100 plus cat
onyx and Canon guarantee art prints that are gonna last up to three hundred years
when stored properly you could also print using your phone with this printer
and it handles papers and media with very good versatility it can definitely
handle papers that are a little thick but if you are going for the extremely
thick papers go for a higher-end one so what’s so cool about this is at this
price we managed to make it look amazing some people even compare its picture
quality to the Pixma Pro 10 so a day budget you are getting extremely good
color quality and it has all connectivity options like other printers
Ethernet USB and Wi-Fi so what separates this print apart from the rest it has an
amazing resolution the resolution on this print
is outstanding it has the highest resolution on this list 9600 by 2400 dpi
you can even print sizes up to 13 by 19 inches so this will definitely cover
most of your art projects and what’s close it doesn’t weigh as much as the
other printers it only weighs 18 pounds and it’s pretty small compared to the
others most people who bought this printer were extremely happy and had no
regrets at all and many compared the results to higher and Prentiss so if
your budget isn’t too high and you just want to print stuff then definitely go
for this printer without any hesitation it is a well-known beast of a printer
the only con I could find about this printer is that it is pretty loud coming
up in number 2 we have the Epson expression eco tank
7750 so this printer is for those people that hate refilling inks if you hate
refilling inks and you just hate buying inks and finding what’s compatible and
getting it and putting it in and all the hassle that comes with ink then you are
gonna love this printer it includes enough ink with the printer to print up
to 40,000 black pages and 9,000 color prints so what that means is that you
are probably gonna use this printer for years without even having to buy any
inks that is pretty amazing and when you do need to buy inks you save up to 80%
on ink costs with low cost easy to refill ink bottles usually you end up
paying half your money just to buy the ink cartridge however with this printer
you only buy a bottle so you don’t spend any extra for the bottle you are buying
the ink itself and not the useless cartridge you see the reason this
printer is very efficient at using inks is it only has five colors of ink so
that leaves you with much less pain or going through swapping and million ink
colors and don’t even worry about it the fact that it has five colors of ink
doesn’t even affect the media quality the quality is amazing of the photos on
this printer it handles papers and media with very good versatility and it is
easy and simple to use thanks to a 2.7 inch color display
you could also enjoy device free printing it has an SD reader and it has
USB slots for easy PC free printing and you could also print using your phone
through Wi-Fi so the quality of the prints of this thing are out of this
world they are very stunning and they have deep saturated blacks so I honestly
don’t know how they got their colors so amazing with five colors but they did it
and if you think of it all colors originate from three colors anyways so
somehow they made something right here all users who bought this printer were
very happy with the color quality although they were skeptical at first
so if convenience matters to you and you want issue free continuous printing then
this is definitely a good option for you coming up in first place is the Canon
Pixma Pro 10 this is the middle range King Canon are doing an amazing job at
solving well-known problems and fringes that’s why they are becoming the best
printers out there so Canon as usual solved a good problem you know the
problem when you print something and it looks nothing like it did
well Canon solved a problem they use Canon optimum image utility and make
sure use exactly what the print will look like before you even print it just
like in the pro 1000 it is gonna prevent you from wasting ink and it means that
you are gonna know how it looks before you print it so
canon use PGI 72 ink tanks on this printer with eight different colors they
used three different black colors to make sure that you represent and the
printhead on the pro ten is gonna be a fine printhead technology delivering up
to four thousand eight hundred dpi print resolution the printer print sizes up to
thirteen by nineteen inches and it uses pigment-based inks which are known to be
amazing for art or for printing on art paper so that will ensure you get the
best quality art prints printing on thicker papers with this printer is not
a problem and many people have successfully used it for printing on
canvas too but make sure you do a quick google search to see if people used it
to print on the art paper you need the color quality of this printer is amazing
and it is used by many photographers as a middle-range printer it will give you
very accurate colorful photos and canons in quality is amazing the even proven
promised shelf life up to one hundred plus years and as the other high-end
printers on this list the black and white prints are very deep rich and
clean so if you are into black and white ah prints this will probably be the best
option you can go for it is a top of the class machine with exceptional build
quality and just to make it clear it has a bigger brother at the same price the
pro 100 but the only difference is that the pro 100 uses dye based inks and that
is not good for our papers pigment-based inks are known to be better for our
paper so make sure to stick with the pro 10 if you enjoyed this video make sure
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Luigi love subscribers every time somebody subscribes Luigi smiles so make
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