BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Tarzan ® Choreography

Hi guys! Hello Facebook world. I’m Drew! I’m Holly! And we’re your co-choreographers for TARZAN the musical. Whoooooo! Tonight we are going to show you what it takes to put on a musical with the dancing world It’s going to be amazing. We’re gonna show you how we teach dances how we clean dances, and maybe even show you some sneak peeks of what you can expect in TARZAN the Musical TARZAN! Whoooooo! So tonight we’re learning the choreography for the bows. So after everyone bows in our show we have a nice little dance break. Here is Holly teaching the choreography to the cast. Ok? And we’re gonna go down and through Ok? So if you’re here (I’m a guy) Ok? I’m taking the right arm, my feet are together I’ve just walked, boom, I’m gonna step. Bring the arm here roll it around and down Not only do these kids have to sing, dance, and act, they also have to sign during the entire show. So we’ve incorporated sign language into all of the choreography. *In learning you will teach* *and in teaching you will learn.* *You’ll find your place beside the ones you love.* Well I think incorporating sign has been really fun and new. Like, I’ve never done any sign in a show before. It’s kind of challenging when you try to put the words to it to like, of course, in musicals you have to sing and dance at the same time But when you have to sign it’s especially hard because you’re signing a different word than you’re singing *Son of man look to the sky* *Lift your spirit, set it free* *Someday you’ll walk tall with pride* *Son of man, a man in time you’ll be* But the cool part about adding it in is that it adds a cool new level to the dances because it’s a more physical thing, but then also adds to the meaning and we’re supposed to, like, be the music so that people who are deaf can see it and, like, understand the style of the music so our dance has been a little bit more showing the signs and the styles and that’s super cool. *music* This show is going to be amazing One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight *music* It has really been a pleasure and I’ve enjoyed every moment So I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at a dance rehearsal for TARZAN. It’s going to be an epic show and you need to make sure that you have tickets to see it. *music*

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