Beginner Exercises For ABS At Home | Valentines Day AB Workout | Frank Wall Fitness

– Awesome job! I hope you enjoyed that
beginner ab workout. If you were anything like me
when I first starting training, exercise is hard. When you see everybody else
on YouTube and Instagram doing these killer workouts,
heck yeah it’s motivating, but it’s hard to follow. I hope you enjoyed today’s workout even if you’re intermediate
and you wanted a little bit of a slower paced workout, or if you’re just a
beginner first starting off. This is for you. It was 45 seconds on with 15 seconds off, and I felt the exercises weren’t too bad. I’m not dying over here
but for some of you, this could be a little bit harder. Probably the most challenging for me was the alternating arm
reach on the knee plank. That was a little
difficult but not too bad. That was probably the worst part for me. So, even with these exercises,
as long as they’re even for a beginner, you
could still practice them if you’re intermediate or advanced, and just work with your form
and work on your technique. So, if you’re new here. Thank you so much for watching. Please go ahead and subscribe,
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