Before & After: Darina Breaks the Rules with a Stylish Bedroom Paint Project

Rules are meant to be broken. Hi, my name is Darina and this is my daughter
Scarlett, and welcome to our home in Murrieta, California. I was set on doing everything like a farmhouse
style. But as we moved in and I actually got to see
every room, I decided to kind of mix everything up. My bedroom before was really plain. It was missing something. It really needed that wow factor. Now, the room has so much character when you
walk into it and you see that beautiful lush color. It’s like a canopy over my bed. When I have guests coming over it’s like
that breath-taker, like “I’ve never seen something like that before,” and I love
that because doing things the way that people have always done it, it’s boring. It’s so fun to step out of your comfort
zone and bend the rules a little bit. I think it’s me.

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