Beef Curtains – Dirty Signs With Kristin

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs With Kristin! My awesome phrase for you today is “Beef curtains.” How do you like that visual imagery? So to say this, we’re actually gonna say “beef curtains.” So we’re gonna start off with “beef.” Um, you’re gonna make a Y handshape and put it at the side of your forehead, kind of like you’re making a horn. Um, and then to say “curtains,” you’re gonna make two 4 handshapes. They’re gonna start uh, towards the top and then swoop down and back up, and then down. So you’re pretty much drawing curtains. So we’re gonna put that together, and say [BEEF] [CURTAINS] Hooray! [CLAPPING] Thanks for watching!


My instincts told me what beef curtains meant. I still went to urban dictionary. My instincts were correct.
Oh dear.

Seeing as you have 11,000 subscribers, I would like to put it to you to get a better camera. Just a thought.

A. 11,000 subscribers = $0.00
B. 11,000 subscribers appear to be happy with the current camera
C. Hooray!

She could be making 6,000 a year or more doing this for 30 seconds a video. She could be making a ton more if she did more videos. Trust me on this.

Oh holy crap, I know. With every video I post, I get more frustrated with my current setup, which is just the built-in camera on my laptop. Getting a better camera is on the ToDo list, but I'll try and make it a priority. Comments like this (constructive) help me get more motivated for it, so thanks!!

Great question!! Sign language is different in almost every country. Here in the US, we use American Sign Language, or ASL. This is different from British Sign Language (used in Britain), Auslan (used in Australia), Deutsche Gebärdensprache (used in Germany), etc. ASL is not derived from English (it actually borrows quite a bit from French Sign Language), so signing is not even the same between different English-speaking countries. Hope I helped! 🙂

This is completely conceptually inaccurate. You are signing (literally) "cow curtain" which makes no sense and does not clarify what this term means in English.

Seriouly all you guys think this is cool, its an insult to our deaf culture. Kirstin now we all know what you look like. Your face will be remembered. I feel sorry for you like really.

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