Becky Albright, Fiber Artist and Gyotaku Printmaker

As a fiber artist, I have always been fascinated by surface designs of all types. I have been working with fiber art and capturing nature prints for over 15 years and I discovered a technique called Gyotaku about 10 years ago. And after I retired from my teaching career I had time to really develop it, and study it, and work with my Gyotaku. Gyotaku is a traditional Japanese technique that was started in the 1800s by fishermen to record their catches. And that’s what I am continuing to do for people who have trophy fishes. They keep their bragging rights forever, and they have a very unique piece of wall art, in a way that camera cannot capture. It’s a fascinating technique where I take a fish, I clean it up. I paint on the fish. And I do a direct transfer of that to fabric, or in the traditional way, to rice paper. One of the things I really enjoy about my Gyotaku work is capturing the memories for different people. This is an example of a fish that was caught by a ninety four and a half year old woman, and it is now a forever piece of art and it captures their memories. Every fish has a tale. If you would like to see more of my work, you can visit me at my Facebook page or at

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